JT-SHT-1600 High Speed Paper Roll To Sheeting Machine

1600mm Unwinding Width
  • All parameters can be displayed on the touch screen
  • Frequency inverter motor
  • Automatic braking device
  • Automatic sheet counting system
 ItemJT-SHT-1600 High Speed Paper Roll To Sheeting Machine
 Max. Unwinding width 1550mm
 Max. Unwinding Diameter 1200mm
 Sheeting Length 0-999mm
 Sheeting Width 50mm-1250mm
 Max. Speed 100cuts/min
 Precision ±0.15mm
 Rated Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
 Rated Voltage Three-phase, four-wire, 380V/220V
 Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft 3” (76mm) air expanding shaft (size customizable)
 Dimension 3000mm x 2000mm x 1300mm
 Weight 4000Kg
JT-SHT-1600 high speed paper roll to sheeting machine is suitable for cutting different size paper, such as burger paper, A4 paper, regular papers, glass paper, plastic film (PVC, OPP, PET, CPP), aluminum foil.
 1. Adopts Weinview PLC and Touch Screen and meter counter. All the working parameters can be displayed on the control monitor. Only need to set up the material thickness and initial tension data, the Micro-computer will calculate the accord data, and keep the machine working automatically until the end.
 2. Adopts with frequency inverter motor which is used to control the sheeting cutter movement, solid stable.
 3. Adopts with Servo motor from Yaskawa for the material feeding. The precision can be highly controlled by 0.2mm.
 4. Adopts with automatic braking device: 20kg/ m2 * 1PC to control the material feeding tension.
 5. Adopts with specially treated alloy sheeting cutter, which has merit for long working life and endurance.
 6. Adopts automatic tension control system which is used to keep constant tension for material working.
 7. Equipped with an auto counting system.
 8. All the electric circuit is in conformity with the CE certification.
 9. Equipped with an emergency stop switch to realize the emergency stop at any point of the machine.
 10. Adopts air blower to blow waste material off. (It’s for thinner materials)

JT-SHT-1600 High Speed Paper Roll To Sheeting Machine

Last update time:18/11/2022

The Jota JT-SHT-1600 is an extended-width version of the JT-SHT-1100 high-speed paper roll-to-sheeting machine.

As the maximum unwinding width of the JT-SHT-1600 paper sheet cutter is up to 1600mm and the A4 paper size is 210mm x 297mm, 7 sheets of A4 paper per cut are possible.


From the perspective of output, A4 paper sheets produced by the JT-SHT-1600 paper roll to sheet cutting machine per unit time is definitely more than that of the JT-SHT-1100 kraft paper roll cutter, there is no doubt about it.

Some customers also purchase JT-SHT-1600 roll to sheet cutting machines for cutting quarto paper.

Because the print size of quarto paper is larger, the requirements for the cross-cutting size of the paper roll to an A4 sheet cutting machine are also greater.

The maximum printing size of the Komori four-color offset printing machine in Japan is 1320mm x 960mm, and the Jota JT-SHT-1600 paper reel to sheet cutting machine can meet this size requirement.

Some quarto sheets have a size of 376mm*265mm, a slitting station can be added to the JT-SHT-1600 roll to sheet cutter, slit the mother roll material into 4 pieces, 1 mother material equals 4 finished sheets, to increase the output.

An Indian customer has purchased two 1600mm wide roll to sheet paper cutting machines for cross-cutting medical X-Ray PET plastic film materials.

The body, unwinding shaft, drive roller, cross-cutting knife, etc., of the wider JT-SHT-1600 machine need to be lengthened, and the number of slitting knives needs to be increased, but the machine’s performance is just as notable as that of the narrower JT-SHT-1100.

JT-SHT-1600 has the same selling points and advantages as JT-SHT-1100.

From the control system, JT-SHT-1600 is controlled by a Mitsubishi PLC microcomputer.

The high-quality PLC can accurately control the operation of each part of the machine, ensuring the smooth and orderly operation of the machine.

In addition, the JT-SHT-1600 paper roll sheeter machine is also equipped with a color image touch screen. The operator can set various parameters directly on the touch screen, which is convenient and fast.

The control system is like the brain of the machine.

The brain of the kraft paper roll cutter machine also needs the cooperation of the machine’s other parts, to realize the normal operation of the machine.

The other parts of the JT-SHT-1600 A4 paper cutting machine include the unwinding part, conveying part, slitting part, cross-cutting part, and so on.

JT-SHT-1600 A3 paper cutter’s unwinding part is mainly used for loading jumbo rolls, and adopts automatic pneumatic loading, which can effectively save the operator’s time and energy spent on the material loading process.


The material feeding is driven by a special servo motor to ensure that the length of each feed is in line with the cross-cut length required by the customer.

To your knowledge, the 1600mm wide roll to sheet cutting machine has a wider working width, it will have a higher productivity output. Yes, it is right, but it is not suitable for all the materials.

Its paper thickness working range is 50 -500gsm. If the paper thickness is out of the range, it is hard to work. Because the paper feeding by a pair of NIP rollers, which has a diameter of 100mm. and hardness is 70 degrees.

From the photo, you could see it is cylindrical. The reality is rubber NIP roller is cone type, the middle of the roller is bigger, and the end side is smaller.

poster paper sheeting machine

When the pressure air cylinder comes down, the NIP roller could clamp the material tightly for feeding. it is

But if your paper is thin like the hamburger paper. it is a thickness of 25-30gsm.

The NIP rollers are inadequate to clamp the paper. So we would like to recommend our other hamburger sandwich paper cutting machine. Our engineer specially designs it for you.

The 1600mm wide roll to sheet cutting machine is more suitable for kraft paper roll cutting.  As you know, the kraft paper thickness mainly is 100 to 500gsm.

In this range, the NIP roller can work in high efficiency. So we can treat it as the kraft paper roll cutter.

Also, it is suitable for paper board roll cutting. The paper board is a basic material for carton packaging. Mainly all the paper board needs to be converted into a small sheet format for offset printing, then for die cutting to be formed in a carton box format.

If you are a new beginner, you can think about this type of 1600mm wide roll to sheet cutting machine for your flexible packaging factory.

But if you have a long history of packaging, this type of kraft paper roll cutter can’t meet your requirement, due to its speed of only 100 cuts/min.

Then, you can think about our high speed rotary sheet cutting machine, it’s has a speed of 300 cuts per min. And it can work 2 rolls, 4 rolls, and 6 rolls at one time.

This kind of rotary sheeter machine can convert the output of around 20 tons to 30 tons per day.

What’s more, the SHT-1600 Automatic Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine is suitable for adhesive sticker paper sheeting.  Because this is a layer of sensitive pressure acrylic or hot melt in the middle of adhesive sticky paper.

So it must be adopted to choose a scissor-type sheeting cutter. The rotary sheeter cutter was not suitable for the adhesive sticker.

The adhesive sticker paper thickness is mainly around 150 to 200gsm. If you install a set of round disc slitting cutters. It comes to a slitting cum sheet cutting machine.

The big sticker paper rolls firstly will be slitted into 2 columns or 3 columns, then will be sheeted into a certain length. Like this size 787 x 565mm for offset printing.

It is a high-efficiency solution for sticker paper.

In Bangladesh, we have a good friend customer who had a test for innovations. They put two narrow rolls on the 1600mm sheeting machines simultaneously.  Two rolls of the adhesive sticky paper roll could be a sheet at one time on the sheeting device. Finally, they got a good result.

In this way, the sheeting productivities are double times.

What’s more,  we have customers from India and USA who bought our sheeting machine for some coated plastic film sheet converting like the X-ray film, photographic copy paper film.

If you have this kind of requirement, please inform us in advance. We need to make some special treatment on the surface of the roller. All the rollers should be well chromium treated which could avoid scratching the surface of the highly sensitive X-ray film.

In order to protect flexible materials such as paper and film, the two NIP rollers are made of rubber.


When the material is fed to the slitting blades, it will be slit into ribbons of different widths. Different numbers of slitting blades can be customized according to your size requirements.


After slitting, it enters the cross-cutting section. A large cross-cutting knife is introduced into the cross-cutting section. The cross-cutting knife is controlled by a special motor to ensure that the cross-cutting force is large enough, and the cross-cutting is fast and without burrs.

Moreover, the up and down movement of the cross-cutting knife is realized by the bilateral linear guideway and slide block imported from Japan, which ensures a smooth and unobstructed cross-cutting process.


If you want to know more about the JT-SHT-1600 ream cutter, please send an inquiry on our company’s website, our company’s sales will provide you with professional and detailed answers as soon as possible.

High-Speed Paper Roll to Sheeting Machine FAQ Guide

High-Speed Paper Roll to Sheeting Machine


The paper mill industry has been growing over the years. You may have come across different machines that you can utilize in your paper mill business.

Have you ever thought of increasing your business capacity? What about upgrading to the latest technology? These are some pertinent questions that we are aiming at answering.

We understand running a paper milling business is not a walk in the park. It needs immense input and constant innovations. Above all, you need the right machinery to run the business.

Any paper milling industry involves cutting jumbo paper rolls into different end products. The different end products also require machines that are configured in different ways.

For instance, if your paper milling business is dealing with the production of A4 size paper sheets, you will be required to have a machine that is configured to produce A4 size paper. The same will apply if you need to produce thermal roll papers.

For each category of machines, you will need in your paper mill business, you will find in different sizes. The various paper milling machines also come in different shapes, sizes, configurations, and parameters.

The number of customers and orders you are processing in your paper mill will also determine the machines you will be using. That is where our high-speed paper roll to sheeting machine comes in handy.

This is a paper sheeter machine that will help you cut paper jumbo rolls into different sizes. It particularly works perfectly in high-capacity paper mill businesses.

Let us look more into this machine and the immense benefits you will get from using it.

The High-Speed Paper Roll to Sheeting Machine

High-speed paper sheeting machine delivers as promised. This is the best sheeting machine for increasing output. Our faster sheeting machine is an upgrade.

You can do more with the high-speed paper roll to sheeting machine. By doing more we mean;

  • The high-speed paper roll to sheeting machine cuter has been optimized. This means it can cut a bigger width compared to your typical machine.
  • The unwinding width has been optimized up to 1600mm. This means that the high-speed paper roll to sheeting machine accepts a far much wider paper jumbo roll. Consequently, your output will increase automatically. Your business thriving is our ultimate goal.
  • The enhanced high-speedpaper roll to sheeting machine can produce 7 sheets of A4 paper output per 1 cut. That is an absolute upgrade. Imagine being able to meet thousands of orders per hour. That is what we mean by “Doing More”.

Compared with what is in the market, we are confident that the high-speed paper roll to sheeting machine will meet your specific business needs.

The sheeting machine output per unit time of a specific paper sheet product is high. If you set it to produce only A5 papers, expect a high output compared with a machine of the same caliber.

The best part of the machine is that it accepts a wide variety of paper materials. It can also produce a wide variety of paper sheets. These include:

  • Hot dog paper
  • Baking paper
  • A4 copy paper
  • Hamburger paper
  • Photocopy paper
  • Kraft paper
  • Paper film
  • Aluminum foil
  • Medical X-RayPET plastic film materials

The list of the various applications of the high-speed paper roll to sheeting machine can go on and on. The bottom line is that you will get to do more. You will get to increase your capacity, customer base, and wider customer portfolio.

Some larger size papers such as the quarter paper will require you to have a high-speed paper roll to sheeting machine. This is because you can easily adjust it to cutting large pieces of paper such as quarto paper. The machine can meet large paper-size requirements. It is built for performance and optimized output.

You will be amazed that you can find other categories of paper sheeter machines. This is besides the paper roll to the sheeting machine. All serve different purposes depending on the individual machine configurations. Some of the machines that you can find in the market include but are not limited to:

  • Wrapping paper rolls sheeter machine
  • Automatic hamburger paper roll to sheet cutting machine
  • Double-layer sandwich paper roll-top sheet cutting machine
  • A4, A5, A3 paper sheeter machine
  • Automatic paper roll to sheet cutting machine
  • Dual synchronize rotary blades folio-size sheeter
  • Paper roll to sheet rotary cutter
  • High-speedrotary blade paper roll to sheet cutting machine

The High-Speed Paper Roll to Sheeting Machine Working Principle

For JT-SHT-1600, a wider machine, its body, unwinding shaft, drive roller, cross-cutting knife, etc. must be lengthened, and the number of slitting knives must be increased, but the machine’s performance is the same as JT-SHT-1100.

The working principle of the paper roll to sheeting machine can be easily understood by understanding its various sections. The various sections of a high-speed paper sheeting machine include the unwinding transmission, slitting, sheeting, control, and waste disposal sections.

Unwinding Section

The unwinding section of a high-speed machine is very important. This is where the parent jumbo paper roll is loaded onto the sheeting machine. Some of the important processes that you should keep in mind when it comes to the unwinding section include:

  • The unwinding part is the starting part of the paper reel cutting machine. Its main function is to carry the parent roll.
  • The jumbo paper roll is unwounded at this section and fed into the unwinder drum.
  • After the paper jumbo has been loaded onto the paper sheeter machine, it is fed into the slitting and sheeting chamber. The high-speed paper machine is installed with a pneumatic control fully automatic jumbo roll loading system.
  • The unwind stand holds the parent roll into place. For a high-speed machine, this process is automated. This means you will not need an extra hand to load the jumbo paper roll onto the sheeting machine.
  • You will only need to put the air-expanding shaft through the material jumbo roll. After that, you clamp the two sides of the jumbo paper roll with unwind stand A press of a button will raise the jumbo paper roll to the required unwinding height.
Transmission Section

The transmission section is where the material or the web is fed into the material feeding section. These are usually the slitter and sheeting chambers. The transmission section is what differentiates the high-speed machine from other paper mill machines. Some of the aspects that you should put in mind when it comes to the transmission section include:

  • For the paper web to enter the slitter head, it needs to be stable. The unstable paper web will lead to poor quality paper sheets and rough edges. That is why the high-speed paper sheeting machine is equipped with a NIP roller.
  • For the transmission of materials, it is important to avoid material deviation during the transmission process.
  • The NIP roller is specifically important in holding into place thin paper sheets. It helps avoid the jumbo paper sheet from deviating and also ensures that proper tension is maintained. The NIP roller allows for cross-cutting of the paper sheet.
  • The NIP roller is also made of rubber. Rubber is ideal for clamping down the paper web into place. It is ideal because it at the same time allows for the movement of the paper web into the slitting head smoothly. It also controls the width of the paper to be cut.
  • Another important aspect to consider in the transmission section are the web guides. These ensure that material does not deviate and enters the NIP plate ata set angle. It is important to avoid material deviation during the transmission process. If the material deviates, it will affect the final slitting and cross-cutting accuracy.

Slitting Section

The slitting section is where the jumbo paper roll is slitted into different sizes. The high-speed paper sheeting machine can be set to cut different sizes of paper. These may include A4, A3, A5, hamburger paper, or sandwich paper. The best thing is that you will not need to use different machines to get the different paper products.

It is worth noting that the slitting section slits the jumbo paper roll into a continuous width. The width is according to the set configuration of the high-speed paper sheeting machine and the type of the final product. Some of the aspects of the slitting process include:

  • The slitting process utilizes a series of rotating round disc cutters. The round disc cutters cut the paper sheet in a continuous motion.
  • The round disc cutters can be adjusted to cut the required widths. The paper sheeting machines usea shear cutting method or rotary cutting method. You have the liberty to choose the best slitting method that you will need for your high-speed paper sheeting machine.
  • The slitting process is also automated. This means that setting the disc cutters to cut specific widths is automated. Through a press of a button, you get clean, slitted paper sheets.
Sheeting Section

The slitting and sheeting processes are integrated. The sheeting process involves cutting the slitted paper sheets into the required lengths. The sheeter head can be adjusted to cut paper sheets of different lengths depending on your needs. Most of the common paper sheet types are A4 photocopy paper.

Some of the aspects of the sheeting section include;

  • The high-speed machine is equipped with a blade cutter. The blade cutter works through up and down movement. The sheeting process can reach speeds up to 300cuts per minute.
  • A number of assorted paper and other material products can be sheeted. The sheeting machine is flexible and can be configured to accept the specific material.
  • The alloy cutter of the high-speed sheeting machine is madefrom durable metal. This makes it hard to break and at the same time easy to sharpen. It ensures that you do not need to keep on changing the alloy sheeting cutter.
  • Another aspect of the sheeting section is the auto counting system. This ensures that the machine cuts a specificnumber of paper sheets. The sheets can then be stacked or packaged together.

Control Section

The control section is basically how to operate the high-speed machine. The machine is fully automated. This means you will not need to control any aspect of the machine manually.

From starting the machine to switching it off, you will not need to have to carry out those functions manually. The machine comes equipped with a screen monitor which can be customized to be a touch screen. Here all the parameters and configurations of the machine can be accessed.

Some of the major functions of the control section are:

  • Loading and unloading of the paper jumbo roll.
  • Adjusting thematerial tension.
  • Material thickness and angle adjustment.
  • Switching the high-speed machine on and off.
  • Adjusting the slitting and sheeting speed.
  • Setting the auto counting module and the number of paper sheets per stack.
  • Problem or electrical faults identification.
  • Maintenance and servicing

Waste Disposal Section

The high-speed paper sheeterhas a blower installed. The blower ensures that all the material debris is blown out of the sheeter. This will avoid clogging on your machine which when left unabated, will lead to machine break down.

Composition Of High-Speed Paper Sheeting Machine

Machine Parts

You must get to understand the various parts of the machine. The knowledge comes in handy especially when you need to buy or replace faulty or worn-out parts of your paper sheeting machine. The basic components of a high-speed machine include:

  1. Unwinding stand: The unwinding stand holds the jumbo paper roll into place.
  2. Unwinding Shafts: the unwinding shaft is where the paper jumbo roll is held for the unwinding to take place. You can adjust the unwinding width and diameter of the paper sheeting machine. It usually comes with a maximum unwinding diameter of 1200mm and a maximum unwinding width of 1550mm.
  3. Rollers: The rollers are essential in ensuring that the paper web travels smoothly to the slitter head. They are also used in ensuring the slitted and stacked paper sheets roll to the packaging area.
  4. NIP roller and plate: NIP rollers and plate ensure that the jumbo paper roll or the web enters the slitting or sheeting chamber smoothly. They also ensure the correct material tension is achieved. NIP rollers are ideal, especially in material feeding for thin paper materials. It ensures that the thin paper material does not break in the process of slitting.
  5. Round disc cutters: the round disc cutters are found on the slitter head. These can usually be adjusted to cut the required paper widths.
  6. Alloy sheeting cutter/ cross-cutting knife: the cross-cutting knife cuts the slitted paper sheets into the required lengths. This is achieved through up and down movements that are pre-set. You will get paper sheets cut to the exact mm as required.
  7. Stacking table: this is mainly an addition to the high-speed paper sheeting machine. Here, cut paper sheeters are stacked together according to the required paper sheet counts. A packaging machine can be incorporated after the stacking table.
  8. Control system: the control system of the sheeting machine is where the paper sheeting machine operator manages all the functions of the paper sheeting machine. It is centralized and can be used in many functions such as switching the machine on and off.
  9. Servo motors: these ensure that the length of each feed is in line with the cross-cut length required by the customer.
  10. Bidirectional linear guide rail and slide block: enables the up and down movement of the cross-cutting knife
  11. Blower: the blower is an integral component of the high-speed paper sheeting machine. It ensures all the debris is blown out of the paper sheeting machine. This serves to avoid blockage or clogging of the paper sheeting machine systems. It also ensures that your paper sheeting machine works optimally.

Advanced Technology High-Speed Paper Roll to Sheeting Machine

The high-speed paper sheeting machine employs the latest technology in the market. You are guaranteed value for your money. The machine has been built for durability and efficiency. Both the working mechanisms and the components have been upgraded to the latest in the market. Some of the technological aspects of the high-speed sheeting machine include:

Wein-view PLC and Touch Screen and meter counter

All the parameters can be set up and displayed on the screen. All the working parameters can be displayed on the control monitor. It is ideal for 100% automation of the high-speed paper sheeting machine. You will only need to set the material thickness and the tension data. The rest of the machine will do by itself.

The High-speed machine is controlled by a microcomputer. The high-quality PLC can accurately control the operation of each part of the machine, ensuring the smooth and orderly operation of the machine. The screen equipped on the high-speed sheeting machine is a color image touch screen. This is a fast and convenient control setup compared to what is currently in the market.

The Wein-view PLC and Touch Screen can do more for you. For instance, it can calculate data, interpret it and command the machine on what to do using the input data. It is also a centralized system that controls all the machine parameters and configurations.

Frequency inverter motor

The frequency inverter motor controls the sheeting blade up and down movement. It ensures stable and precise sheet cutting. This ensures that you get clean cuts for your paper sheets. The high-speed machine is also equipped with a web guide.

The web guide ensures material tension and that the web does not deviate. A deviation of the web material will lead it to tear. A well-maintained tension means smooth and clean cuts. The web guide system is mainly composed of an ultrasonic edge sensor and a linear guide. It also consists of a precision linear actuator and an edge position controller. These serve to guide the web into the slitter head.

Servo motor from Yaskawa

The servo motors from Yaskawa are used for material feeding. This is the process of feeding the material into the slitter head for slitting and sheeting. With the servo motors, the precision can be highly controlled by 0.2mm.

This is a very highly detailed precision with minimal material loss and wastage.

It also ensures uniformity when it comes to paper sheet production. The servo motor ensures that the length of each feed is in line with the cross-cut length required by the customer.

Automatic braking

The automatic braking device is used to control the material feeding tension. When the tension is too high, the material will break. This will lead to wastage and huge losses.

On the other hand, when the tension is low, the material will be loose and not easy to cut. The cut or slitted paper sheets will be of very poor quality. This makes it ideal to control the tension of the web. The breaking device will stop the web if a problem with the tension occurs.

Alloy sheeting cutter

The alloy sheeter cutter is what is used to cut the paper sheets into the required lengths. The alloy sheeting cutter has merit for long working life and endurance. It is made from durable materials and does not wear out easily. This means you will not need to keep changing the cutters.

Automatic Tension control system

The automatic tension control system is ideal for controlling the tension of the web. The amount that the material is stretched should be carefully controlled. It should be kept to a minimum as well as evenly distributed throughout the entire process.

Therefore, to control the elongation of the web, the winding tension must be controlled. The automatic tension control system is used to keep constant tension for material working. This is controlled through the control system of the high-speed machine.

Emergency stop switch

Any machine needs a stop button. This prevents machine breakdowns. Power surges, water leaks, machine clogging, and fatal accidents are emergencies. Use the emergency stop switch to stop the machine anywhere.

The emergency stop switch complements the preinstalled stop-and-start switch.

Auto counting system

The auto-counting system is a preset system that is controlled through the centralized control system.

You can set your machine to cut a certain number of paper sheets per stack.

This is handy especially when your high-speed paper sheeting machine is integrated with an automatic paper sheet packaging machine.

High-Speed Paper Sheeting Machine Advanced Features

Energy Consumption

The high-speed paper sheeting machine is made with your energy usage in mind. By ensuring it operates automatically, it reduces your machine downtime and idling significantly. Our paper sheeting machine uses electrical energy with no alternative to other sources of energy.

It’s eco-friendly and green. It’s three-phase, four-wire, and 380V/220V. This is market-standard usage.

Automatic shutoff saves energy on the high-speed paper sheeter. After sheeting, the machine shuts off. It reduces energy costs. It helps the environment.

Production Capacity

How can you increase production without investing heavily? Solution: high-speed paper sheeting machines. The paper sheeter has production-boosting features.

The automatic operation of the paper sheeting machine ensures efficiency. This is achieved through a centralized control system that ensures the mitigation of any machine breakdowns. It can sense a problem with the paper sheeting machine system before it becomes catastrophic. At the end of the day, it achieves smooth operations without any incidents.

With an optimized unwinding shaft, be assured of increased jumbo paper roll widths. This means that you can cut multiple paper sheets at the same time. In fact, the high-speed paper sheeting machine can achieve seven A4 paper sheets at the same time. This is together with a running speed of 200 cuts per minute. You will appreciate the speed.

With increased paper sheeting speeds, it automatically means you can now be able to take urgent orders. Not only urgent orders but also multiple large orders because of the increased capacity.

Spare Parts

The high-speed paper sheeter uses market-available parts. Your business won’t close for lack of parts. You just need to contact the manufacturer. Most parts are available locally.

Paper sheeting machines parts are also affordable. This makes it easy for you especially in keeping your profit margins.

In replacing and buying a spare part for your paper sheeting machine, ensure that the part is compatible with your machine.

Parts that are not compatible will end up breaking your high-speed paper sheeting machine.

Regularly maintain your high-speed paper sheeter to avoid needing spare parts. Well-maintained paper sheeting machines last longer. Follow the manufacturer’s maintenance manual.


The output of the high-speed paper sheeter is a smooth and well-cut paper sheet. As long as the paper roll to sheet is working optimally, expect quality output. This is also done by ensuring that you carry out quality checks throughout the production process.

A high-speed machine is a very flexible machine. You can use it in the production of various end products.

It can be easily configured to produce A3, A4, or A5 papers. This is besides the production of sandwich wrapping paper, hotdog wrapping paper, and hamburger wrapping paper. You got so much to do with a single paper sheeting machine.

Why Should You Choose Jota High-Speed Paper Sheeting Machine?

Well, after understanding the working principle and related concepts of the high-speed paper sheeting machine, you may ask, why choose us? Why buy a Jota high-speed sheeting machine? There are a number of reasons that we can advance for you to choose us. But these can be summarized as:


Jota Machinery has experience manufacturing paper reel-to-sheet. Our clientele is worldwide. We’re located where high-precision machinery is made.

Our design teams are machine-production experts. Jota Machinery’s supply chain is mature. This ensures a steady supply of parts for continuous production. We continue to convert over 30 paper rolls per month without breaking a sweat.

This means you should not worry about capacity when it comes to Jota Machinery. We guarantee to meet your product lead time all depending on the number of orders you place with us. Feel free to reach our customer care desk or visit our website to place your order with us.


Our manufacturing capability is top-notch. We employ the latest technology when it comes to paper sheet cutting machine manufacturing. Our machines are one of the best in the market with very high precision sheeting. This is besides using one of the most qualified design engineers.

When you look closely into our machines, you will notice that the components and parts are from internationally renowned parts manufacturers. Take, for instance, Wein-view PLC and Touch Screen and a servo motor from Yaskawa. We use the latest parts and components in the market. We take time in ensuring that we scrutinize every component before installing it into our paper sheeting machine.

With superior manufacturing processes, we ensure you get value for your money. We guarantee you efficiency in service with high production output. This also translates to minimal machine breakdowns and replacements. Reach out to us and upgrade your paper mill machinery to the all-new paper sheeting machine.

We’re open to your configuration and customization ideas. We can incorporate these into your final paper-sheeting machine. It’s crucial for meeting business needs.


Quality Control

At Jota Machinery, our quality improvement is continuous. From material acquisition to the delivery of your paper sheeting machine, we ensure quality. The technology employed has been standardized and optimized to suit your business needs. This is by following the relevant standardization authority.

We always strive to follow the industry’s regulations and get the relevant certifications needed.  For instance, we have the CE, ISO 9001:2015, and SGS certifications.

These are internationally recognized quality standards. To get these standardizations, our machines have undergone extensive quality audits. This assures you that you get quality for your money.

It is worth mentioning that you are free to visit our factories and see for yourself our production processes. you will also get to test your machine and make changes where you need them to be made. Our website is also rich in content about how our high-speed paper sheeting machine works. Call us for any inquiry on the same. Our team will be more than willing to help you through the process.

Best High-Speed Paper Sheeting Machine Prices

Do you need the best high-speed paper sheeting machine prices? Look no further. At Jota Machinery, your business is our business. We make our paper sheeting machines with your business in mind. We offer competitive prices on our paper sheeting machines.

You can deposit before production begins. We’ll finish the rest when the machine ships.

We’ll recommend cost-effective shipping methods. This is in addition to local tax and customs guidance. We want a seamless transaction with you.

Call us or email us for more information on our order-placing processes. Our customer care team will guide you through the whole process. If you need to talk to one of our technicians, you can request to speak to one.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

We Jota could also supply the following related machines, if you are also interested in Paper Roll To Sheeting Machine, please feel free to send us an inquiry:

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  6. Paper Tube Making Machine
  7. CFRP CFRTP FRP Prepreg Slitter
  8. Paper Drinking Straws Machine
  9. Label Die Cutting Machine
  10. Flexo Printing Machine
  11. Cardboard Tube Cutting Machine
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