JT-SLT-600 Automatic Slitter Rewinding Machine

Small Type Slitting Machine
  • Strong support double-wallboard
  • Compact structure
  • Electromagnetic brake and clutch
  • Automatic meter counter


 Model JT-SLT-600
 Max. Parent Web Width 600mm
 Max. Parent Web Diameter 500mm
 Max. Rewinding Diameter 500mm
 Min. Slitting Width 12mm
 Thickness Range 50gsm-800gsm
 Max. Machine Speed 200m/min
 Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft 3” air expanding shaft
 Slitting Precision ±0.15mm

JT-SLT-600 Automatic Slitter Rewinding Machine

Last Update Time:23/11/2022

One of our USA clients uses the JT-SLT-600 automatic slitter rewinding machine, which was built just for him, to slit and rewind drinking straw paper.

Let me go on the story of this USA client.


Customized JT-SLT-600 Automatic Slitter Rewinding Machine for USA Client

This USA client purchased a paper drinking straws machine from Jota before, later he decided to slit and rewind the straw paper roll by himself.

So he contacted Jota again for customizing a straw paper slitting rewinding machine for him.


Straw Paper Roll

Because a paper drinking straw is wound with three layers of straw paper, the inner layer is 13.7mm wide, the middle layer is 14.2mm wide, and the outer layer is 15mm, this American client requested a straw paper slitter with a minimum slitting width of 12mm.

Through the efforts of Jota’s mechanical engineers, we Jota successfully designed and customized the desired straw paper slitting machine for this USA client.

That is JT-SLT-600 automatic slitter rewinding machine.

JT-SLT-600 straw paper slitting rewinding machine supports max. 650mm unwinding width, min. 12mm slit. And its main features are shown in the below table.

Compact structure, strong support double-wallboard, ensures machine standing rock-solidly on the ground, avoids affecting the slitting and winding effect due to machine shaking.

1 pc electromagnetic brake for unwinding tension control, and 2pcs of electromagnetic clutch for rewinding tension control.

Rotary encoder metering slit length, once it reaches the preset length, the machine automatically stops.

Web guiding system guides web going through slitting knives precisely with minimum deviation ensures high slitting precision.

Creatively utilizes 1 master motor to drive material feeding, slitting, and rewinding shaft rotating.

Fast speed, high efficiency, easy operation, accurate slitting, and steady running, etc.

The USA client was quite satisfied with the customized JT-SLT-600 straw paper roll slitter.

Before shipping JT-SLT-600 to him, we Jota shot the JT-SLT-600 straw paper roll slitting machine’s test video as usual, then shared it with the US client for confirmation.

The following video is the test video at that time.

As you could see from the video, the slitting and winding effect of the JT-SLT-600 slitter is obviously great. If you are also searching for drinking straw paper, adhesive label slitter rewinder, please feel free to contact us for more info and a quote.

We Jota could assist you in saving your priceless time and energy.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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