JT-SHT-1300 Automatic Paper Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine

Max. 6 Pockets Automatic Sheet Cutting Machine
  • Well-known brand PLC control
  • Yaskawa Servo motor for high precision
  • 20Kg/m2 electromagnetic brake
  • Fully automatic tension control system
 ItemJT-SHT-1300 Automatic Sheet Cutting Machine
 Max. Unwinding width 1260mm
 Max. Unwinding Diameter 1200mm
 Max. Sheeting Length 999mm
 Sheeting Width 50mm-1260mm
 Max. Speed 120cuts/min
 Precision ±0.15mm
 Rated Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
 Rated Voltage 3-phase, 4-wire, 380V/220V
 Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft 3” (76mm) air expanding shaft (size customizable)
 Dimension 3000mm x 2000mm x 1300mm
 Weight 4000Kg


JT-SHT-1300 automatic paper roll to sheet cutting machine is suitable for cutting different size paper, such as burger paper, A4 paper, regular papers, glass paper, plastic film (PVC, OPP, PET, CPP), aluminum foil.
 1. Weinview touch screen HMI, all the parameters can be setup and displayed on the screen.
 2. Frequency inverter motor controls the sheeting blade up/down movement, stable and precise sheet cutting.
 3. Well-known brand AC drive controls master motor for the material feeding, the precision can be precisely controlled within 0.2mm.
 4. 20kg/m2 Electromagnetic brake for unwinding tension control, automatic tension control system keeps constant tension for whole operation.
 5. Long endurance and working life sheeting blades (cross cutter).
 6. Bilateral linear guideway and slide block for cross cutter, moves up/down more smoothly.
 7. Automatic sheet amount counting system.
 8. Web guide system, consists of ultrasonic edge sensor, linear guideway, precision linear actuator, ensures accurate slitting precision.
 9. Emergency stop switch.
 10. Air blower to blow waste material (thin type) off.

JT-SHT-1300 Automatic Paper Sheet Cutting Machine

Last Update Time:18/11/2022

Paper mill factories have a massive demand for raw jumbo rolls and finished paper from their client. The reason is they have automatic paper sheet cutting machines or other paper converter equipment.

Let us introduce this JT-SHT-1300 paper sheeter for your reference. This sheeter works for cutting food wrapping paper and some industrial use paper.

unwinding stand

For such automatic paper roll to A4 sheet cutting machine, it is mainly composed of several important sections, such as unwinding, web feeding, slitting, sheet cutting, controlling, waste discharging, etc.

In order to guide you better to understand our Jota paper reel to sheet cutting machine, let’s start dissecting this automatic reel to sheet cutter like a surgeon, starting from the unwinding section.

The unwinding part is the starting part of the paper reel cutting machine, and its main function is to carry the parent roll.

After the parent roll is released by the unwinding part, material feeding starts.

In order to place the material jumbo roll on the unwind stand, our Jota paper sheeting cutting machine is equipped with a Fully Automatic pneumatic loading system.

It only needs to put the air-expanding shaft through the material jumbo roll, align the air-expanding shaft’s 2 sides with the unwind stand’s clamps, and press the control button, and the jumbo roll will automatically rise to the appropriate unwinding height.


After the jumbo roll is released, it comes to material feeding, which also means the start of material transmission.

For the transmission of materials, it is important to avoid material deviation during the transmission process.

If the material deviates, it will affect the final slitting and cross-cutting accuracy.

In order to avoid material deviation, our Jota A4 paper roll cutting machine is equipped with a web guide system to ensure material edge precision.

The web guide system is mainly composed of an ultrasonic edge sensor, a linear guide, a precision linear actuator, and an edge position controller.

Edge Position Controller

With the web guide system’s presence, the material can enter the slitting knives uniformly, and the slitting accuracy can be controlled within 0.15mm.

When the material enters the slitting knives, the slitting part of the JT-SHT-1300 automatic roll to sheet cutting machine is about to start.

The slitting part of the JT-SHT-1300 paper roll sheeter machine is mainly composed of an upper round knife and a lower round knife.

The upper round knife is pressed against the lower round knife, and the material is cut off by shear-type cutting. The lower round knife is motorized by the main motor, which is synchronized with the feeding main inverter motos.

This shear-type cutting method has great strength, and fast cutting speed and the material edges after cutting are very neat and with no burrs.

We use some spacers for material support, it could both limit the slitting width precision and precise the slitting width.

When the incoming material is slit, it will continue to go to the next cross-cutting device. The slitting and cutting devices installed could improve your productivity. It is popular in this kind of paper sheeting cutting machine.

JT-SHT-1300 paper roll to a4 sheet cutting machine introduces a large cross cutter to move up and down, then cross-cutting is realized.


In order to ensure that the cross-cutting knife moves up and down smoothly and without obstruction, our Jota engineers designed a bidirectional linear motion guide and slide nut for the cross-cutting blade, as shown in the following photo:

When the cross-cutting process is completed, sheets of A3, A4, A5, hamburger, sandwich, or hot dog paper are produced.

Some customers will request to purchase an optional automatic stacking table from us, sort and stack 500 sheets of A4 paper, and then push it from the JT-SHT-1300 roll to sheet cutter’s side to the packer, which is very convenient.

Of course, some customers are located in high labor-cost countries.

They will ask us to integrate the automatic stacking table and the automatic A4 paper packaging machine, then they don’t need to employ packaging workers.


We Jota can also provide this solution by integrating an automatic stacking table and an automatic A4 paper packaging machine.

If you require a high automation degree in the production and packaging of A4 paper, you are welcome to send us an inquiry on our website, Jota will provide a professional and detailed answer to you in time.

Here, we’d like to share a double-layer sheeter working video for your reference. This machine is with high efficiency, compact structure, and is labor-saving. It is mainly for Hamburger wrapping paper or A4 paper roll-to-sheet cutting.

Paper Roll To Sheet Cutting Machine Complete FAQ Guide

The paper sheeting cutting machine is important to the paper printing industry. If you want to buy such a machine, then you are in the right place.

This is a complete guide to everything you should know about the paper roll to sheet cutting machine.

What is a paper roll to sheet cutting machine?

As the name suggests, this paper roll sheeter machine cuts papers from roll to sheets.

Because all the offset printing machine is used to print the paper sheets. But all the paper mills produce the paper in big rolls format.

So in this situation, one paper roll to the sheet cutting machine is necessary to connect the two basic fields: Paper Mills and Printing Press.

After more than 100 years of continuous development, now there are two types of paper sheet cutting machines are available in the world: One is the scissor type sheeter, the cutters move up and down, and the speed is around 120cuts per min.

the other one is a rotary hob sheet cutting machine.

The knife is simplex rotary or synchronized rotary, the speed is around 300 cuts /min, and it can work simultaneously on 2 rolls, 4 rolls, and 6 rolls. Mainly for big paper mills or printing press houses.

Both sheet cutting machines are workable for converting different flexible materials. Just for different materials, we have a preferred working method.

However, that is not all.

The automatic paper roll to sheet cutting machine can also be utilized for cutting film, laminated paper jumbo rolls, X-ray PET plastic film, and much more.


The roll to sheet paper cutting machine is one of the auxiliary machinery in the printing and packaging industry.

It is used to cut web materials (paper, non-woven fabrics, plastics, etc.) into fixed-length material sheets.

The roll to sheet cutter machines’ common classification forms are mainly as follows:

1. According to the cutting form

  • Scissor crosscutting
  • Rotary cutting

2. According to sheet finishing type

  • Automatic finishing
  • Ordinary (manual finishing)

3. According to unwinding form

  • Pneumatic shafted unwinding
  • Hydraulic shaftless unwinding

4. According to braking type

  • Magnetic powder brake
  • Pneumatic brake

How does a paper roll to sheet cutting machine work?

Paper roll to A4 sheet cutting machine help to cut papers into defined sizes.


If you are using a computerized machine, then it becomes easier to achieve this.

You input the sizes you want and the machine does the rest.

The output depends on the machine’s efficiency.

Most machines can cut papers as well as cardboard into the right sizes.

The reel to sheet cutting machine’s working process mainly includes:

  • Unwinding
  • Web feeding
  • Slitting
  • Sheeting
  • Sheet finishing
  • Waste discharging

Here’s a video on how this automatic sheet cutting machine works.

How can you choose the right paper roll to sheet cutting machine?

When choosing the right paper roll to sheet cutting machine, there are a few questions you have to think about first.

  • What material to cut (such as food packaging composite film, tape, aluminum foil, paper, and other roll materials);
  • Material thickness, jumbo roll width, and diameter;
  • Make it clear to make bags or produce sheets, because the relative models are different;
  • The finished sheets’ max. and min. dimensions.

After thinking through these questions, there are several things you should consider.

A4 paper sheet making machines can also be classified into big and small machines.

You should base your preference on the output you want.

Larger rotary A4 paper sheet cutters are best for large outputs;


Smaller paper reel to sheet cutting machines works well with small to medium outputs.

Sandwich Wrap Paper Sheeter Machine

They are also categorized based on the knife type they use.

A smaller a4 sheet cutting machine uses a cross cutter that has an upwards and downwards movement;

Larger roll to sheet cutter machines uses rotary cutters.

With rotary cutters, the output is faster than the smaller machines.

It is also important that you pay attention to more technical areas.

This includes maximum cutting width as well as its total power.

A good capacity machine should have at least 800 to 1200mm cutting width.

Speed is also very important.

The right roll to sheet cutter minimum speed should be 70 times/min.

Take a look at the video below to see how a large variant of this machine works.

Why should you go for an automatic paper roll to sheet cutting machine?

The output and efficiency levels of the machine are determined by its automation grade.

With the automatic version of the A4 paper cutting and wrapping machine, things move a lot faster.

Most of the manual work is done automatically by the machine.

With manual paper roll to sheet cutting machines, it is a bit different.

You will have to put in more effort.

If you are in a high labor-cost country and have high productivity requirements, it’s more reasonable to purchase an automatic high speed paper roll to sheet cutting machine.

The machine is equipped with PLC and a touch screen, all parameters are preset, and easy to work.

Here is the operation guide for you to instruct you how to set up your own paper sheeting machine running one by one:

What is the price of a paper roll to sheet cutting machine in India and China?

The most basic item is the industrial chain system in two different countries. You can find any parts in China easily.

The price can be quite different.

Several things affect the price of each machine.

Some of these factors include machine functionality and effectiveness.

Automatic and versatile machines tend to be priced higher.

When setting a budget, it is important to consider your business needs.

According to India’s B2B website Indiamart’s info, paper roll to sheet cutting machine price is shown in the following photo:


As Lakh=100,000 rupees, 4.25Lakh=425,000 rupees=5,784 dollars;

2.5Lakh=250,000 rupees=3,403 dollars.

Obviously, the Chinese machine price is much higher than the Indian one. And the machine configurations and precision have big differences.

What I can share with you is: many sheeters and slitters have been sold to India in the past decades, and more and more Indian customers prefer to choose Chinese machines, because of higher technology, and stable functions.

What should you consider when getting a paper roll to sheet cutting machine?

When getting this machine for your business, there are several things you should consider.

Here are a few of them.

  • Warranty

A new machine that comes with a warranty is good news.

You can purchase this machine with more confidence.

Usually, you can expect a warranty for about a year for each product.

  • Cross-cutter/rotary blades

This is also an important consideration.

However, your final budget will heavily influence this category.

  • Price

As said earlier, your budget determines a lot.

It is important to aim for a reasonably priced machine.

Combine this with high-level performance.

That is good value for your money.

  • Computerized

This combines beautifully with the automatic machine.

Consider getting a machine that’s computerized, it saves time and resources.

  • After-sales service

It’s important to trade with manufacturers that have great after-sale service.

This ensures that you are not left hanging if you have an unresolved issue.

It also shows professionalism from the manufacturers.

After-sales can include video technical support and free spare parts.

  • Supplier Location

You also have to consider the location of the supplier.

Shipping costs are often affected by location, this is one thing you have to consider, and some locations are related to machine industry belt, quality and price will be competitive.

  • Machine processing accuracy

A high-performance level is important.

The machine processing accuracy is at the center of this.

Making sure the processing accuracy of the machine produced is great, is crucial.

Knowing exactly what you want in a machine will help you make the right choice.

Should you get a used paper roll to sheet cutting machine?

It depends.

If you are looking for a quick solution on a low budget, then yes.

However, remember that it comes with some disadvantages.

You miss out on some of the features of a brand-new machine.

For example, you can not expect a warranty to come with your used machine.

Another factor to consider will be the lifespan of the machine.

You can expect it to have a shorter lifespan when compared with new machines.

The efficiency of the machine will also be lower than a new one.

If you are okay with these drawbacks, then it might be a good option.

Before you decide to get a used machine, consider these factors.

Also, look through your options.

You might be able to afford a brand-new machine.

How do you find a good manufacturer of the paper roll to sheet cutting machines?

Finding a good manufacturer will boil down to several factors.

Here are some of them.

  • Reputation

It is safer to go for a manufacturer that has gained some level of reputation.

This gives you a bit of security.

  • Commendation

Look for reviews and comments made by previous customers.

This allows you to know what to expect when making a purchase.

  • Facility

You also have to look at the facilities of the manufacturer.

Do they seem to have all the tools needed to get the job done?

This is just one of the questions worth considering.

Finding a manufacturer that matches your needs is priceless.

So take your time and consider all the factors before making a decision.

It is a safer option to find the right one late than to find the wrong one earlier.

Should you get a paper roll to sheet cutting machine for my business?

Some industries definitely need a paper roll to sheet cutting machine.

These industries include paper mills, printing factories, and, pulp and paper manufacturers.

If your business falls into one of these industries, the chances that you might buy one are high.

However, make sure you plan your budget well before making a purchase.

Also, use this article as a way to guide your step.

Getting the right machine can take your business to the next level.

So make the right choice today.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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