JT-FPT-650 Paper Straw Flexographic Printing Machine

Print Beautiful Patterns On Paper Straws
  • Max. Printing Speed 120m/min
  • Printing Color 2-5
  • Max. Web Width 650mm
  • Max. Printing Width 640mm

JT-FPT-650 paper straw flexographic printing machine

Printing speed


Printing color


Max. web width


Max. printing width


Max. unwinding diameter


Max. rewinding diameter


Printing length




Paper Thickness





380V/50Hz, 3 phase, 4 wire


Hydraulic loading system.
Ceramic anilox roller transfers the ink, long life, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, reduce the number of times to replace the anilox roller, highly improve the printing efficiency.
Each printing unit adopts 360-degree plate adjustment, which can be synchronized or separated, which enables other printing units to continue printing.
An automatic web-guiding system is installed in front of the printing unit, it ensures the material always in the right position. (standard configuration)
Pneumatic brake and precision regulator for unwinding tension control, tension sensor detects real-time tension.
Unwinding shaft is 3’’ (76mm) air expanding shaft.
A video inspecting system is optional, it can inspect the printing quality when the machine is running at high speed.
Each printing unit is equipped with a set of infrared drying devices.
When the machine stops, the fountain cylinder and anilox roller separate from the ink tray, rotate at low speed, avoids ink from drying.
Rewinding shaft is 3’’ (76mm) air expanding shaft, back-to-back rewinding, hydraulic finished reel discharging.
Continuously complete paper feeding, printing, automatic infrared drying, and rewinding.

JT-FPT-650 Paper Straw Flexographic Printing Machine


Last Update Time:23/11/2022

Beautiful and eye-catching logos, graphics, and photographs can be printed on paper drinking straws with the JT-FPT-650 paper straw flexographic printing machine.

As you could see in the following photo, paper straw is generally made of 3 layers of biodegradable paper, those papers are with different widths and thicknesses.


Beautiful patterns, photos, pictures, and logos are printed on layer A (outside), and layer A adopts 60gsm printable and biodegradable paper.

It is hard to realize printing on 15mm width paper, so patterns are initially printed on the straw paper jumbo roll.

After the straw paper jumbo roll is printed with desired elements, it will be loaded into a straw paper slitting rewinding machine.

The slitting rewinding machine cuts the printed straw paper jumbo roll into many 15mm width small rolls.


Straw Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

You could check the following photo to understand more about the paper straw production process.


Talk back to the JT-FPT-650 flexo printing machine.

This JT-FPT-650 flexographic printing press equips with a hydraulic jumbo roll loading function, which means you can easily load straw paper jumbo roll without wasting too much energy, and its loading capacity is much higher to support large-weight jumbo roll.

Tension control is always an important part of printing equipment, and JT-FPT-650 also pays great attention to the design of tension control.

For this reason, the tension load cell sensor, tension controller, and air brake are introduced in the unwinding part of the JT-FPT-650 flexographic machine.


Tension Controller


Tension Load Cell Sensor

In order to avoid paper feeding’s position shift, the JT-FPT-650 flexo printing machine is equipped with a position sensor and an edge position controller (EPC) system to ensure that the material enters the printing station precisely, according to the designed tracks and route.


Edge Position Controller (EPC)


Position Sensor

Now straw paper comes to the printing station. As you could see in the following photo for reference, the JT-FPT-650 flexo printing machine installs all the necessary components to realize a better flexo printing effect.


The ink is transferred from the ink tray to the fountain cylinder, anilox roller, and plate cylinder, then the impression cylinder is pressed on the plate cylinder, and the pattern is printed on straw paper.

When the ink transfer effect of the anilox roller becomes poor, the doctor blade can automatically scrape off the excess ink on the anilox roller, so that the ink transfer effect of the anilox roller is always guaranteed.

After the pattern is printed on straw paper, the ink is still wet, if the ink is not dried in time, the ink will inevitably spread on the straw paper.

With this in mind, the designer of JT-FPT-650 added an infrared drying device to the machine, ensuring that the ink can be dried as soon as possible without affecting the final printing effect.


Infrared Drying Device

After reading here, you may still have some more questions about this flexo printing machine. You are welcome to send an inquiry on our website.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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