900mm Width Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine

The Most Popular Model Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine
  • Most Popular Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine all over the world
  • Siemens PLC and HMI for intelligent control
  • Company Structure with Convenient Operations
  • 7 x 24 hours online service and fluent English communication ability
Item900mm width thermal paper roll slitting machine
Max. Parent Web Width900mm
Max. Parent Web Diameter1000mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter160mm
Min. Slit Width25mm
Max. Speed150m/min
Unwinding Shaft3” air expanding shaft
Rewinding Shaft0.5”, 1” are available (or as your request)
Voltage3 phase, 4 wire, 380V/220V
Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)1900mm x 1900mm x 1500mm

900mm Width Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine

Last update time:03/01/2024

If you would like to start a small investment business, I recommend the 900mm width thermal paper roll slitting machine as your best choice.

900 slitter to Iran

Shot Date: 21/08/2023, Paper Slitting Machine to Iran

Nowadays everywhere global,  you could easily find thermal cash register papers, no matter if it is in the coffee bar, restaurants, banks, etc.

It means the thermal paper roll has a huge consumption demand.

79mm and 100mm diameter roll

Some of the freshmen don’t know how to do or how to solve the issue when operating our slitting machine then we made a page for frequent troubleshooting and solution. Kindly check this page

Also, it is easy to start this business, you only need to purchase a JT-SLT-900 paper roll slitting machine, then you will be a small boss to start your rich wealth journey.

JT-SLT-900 thermal paper slitter rewinder is the featured product of Jota Machinery, jumbo paper rolls could be converted by this machine.

Such thermal till rolls are widely used in all corners of the world, its main application is in the cash register, POS, ATM, Fax, credit card machine, debit card machine, adding machine, etc.

cash register field

Till Rolls Application Scenario

Due to the stable function of AC inverter motor, the JT-SLT-900 thermal receipt paper machine is able to produce 10000 pcs 57mm width cash register paper roll per 8hours on average, such high output attracts many clients’ attention.

Let’s take Thailand client Mr. Apiwat and UK customer Mr. Ash for example.

Mr. Apiwat just chatted with Jota boss Bruce on Whatsapp for a day and decided to place an order.

Now he has received the billing paper roll-making machine and highly praised Jota’s high-quality machine.


Regarding UK customer Mr. Ash, he first contacted us on Apr 27, 2020.

He described his requirements in his inquiry as follows: I am interested in thermal till machines to manufacture various sizes. Thanks.

900 slitter under production

Later, he added that he mainly wanted to produce thermal receipt roll sizes of 80mm x 80mm and 57mm x 40mm.

80mm x 80mm paper rolls are mainly used in ATM cash machines, while 57mm x 40mm rolls are widely used in POS machines.

After receiving Mr. Ash’s inquiry, we responded to him with 3 emails.

In the 1st email, we attached the detailed specs and quotation sheet of the JT-SLT-900 bill paper roll making machine and introduced the unique selling point of this machine, such as:

  • Motor driven chain lifts up/down jumbo roll automatically, time-saving and labor-saving;
  • Lay-on roller prevents overlapping problem;
  • Precision regulator for winding tightness adjustment;
  • Optional parts for production efficiency improvement: automatic tail cutting gluing unit and automatic core loader.

In the 2nd email, we sent JT-SLT-900 billing paper roll making machine’s demo video to Mr. Ash, the demo video also demonstrates the automatic tail cutting gluing unit and the automatic core loader’s working status.

In the 3rd email, we sent Jota’s company brochure to Mr. Ash for review.


Mr. Ash has felt our profession from the beginning.

Later, he further proposed some technical questions, our Jota professional sales also responded in time to answer his questions.

Trust was constantly accumulating in the day-to-day transactions.

By May 8, 2020, the customer sent an email to us.

In this mail, Mr. Ash said that he had paid the deposit, he made up his decision to purchase Jota JT-SLT-900 billing paper roll-making machine, automatic tail cutting gluing unit, automatic core loader.

Tons of thanks for Mr. Ash’s trust in us.

The JT-SLT-900 bill paper roll-making machine has been shipped by sea and will arrive at Felixstowe port on August 20, 2020.

At that time, we will assist Mr. Ash to install the machine and guide him to operate the machine through video call, ensuring that Mr. Ash will run the JT-SLT-900 billing paper roll-making machine smoothly.

online adjust machine service
Help client adjust machine via online video call

Once you got the machine, if you have any questions about the slitting machine operation, we have shot a simple working video to support your operation smoothly, please kindly check it.

Recently, we Jota has just released a fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting packing machine, from core feeding to finished roll packing, no need dedicated operator, inline printing function can also be integrated.

jt-slt-1400fa thermal paper slitting machine
Fully Automatic Slitter

Welcome you to send us an inquiry on this website to get more details.

We will promptly and professionally reply to you in a relatively short time.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine Ultimate FAQ Guide

If you’re searching for a small business to invest in, the thermal roll business is ideal.

Thermal cash register papers are now freely available wherever you go in the world, whether it’s at a coffee shop, restaurant, or bank.

It suggests that the pos roll has a high consumption need.

thermal paper rolls

Starting this business is also straightforward, all you need is a JT-SLT-900 thermal paper roll slitting machine, and you’ll be a mini-boss ready to start making money.

Let’s move toward the details of the cash register roll slitting machine.

Thermal Paper Manufacturers

Thermal Paper Roll Manufacturers

Receipt paper rolls are common in our daily lives. So every country definitely has its own roll converting companies.

Correspondingly, pos roll slitting manufacturers are all over the world.

As a paper roll slitting-making machine manufacturer, we found that many of our customers are printing factories.

They are generally engaged in the business of self-adhesive sticker label printing or die-cutting, and also invest in the production of thermal paper rolls.

In the beginning, they may have some water base flexo printing machines, die cutting machines for the label sticker printing, die cutting and some other related business, they have run the sticker business deeply, so their sales network is comprehensive with strongcooperative relationships.

Due to the same sales network sharing, the customer also has some thermal cash register paper rolls demand, then some smart enterprises will decide to invest in new thermal cash register roll slitting machines to expand their business.

So the self-adhesive sticker business is a neighbor to the thermal paper roll manufacturing fields. If you are in one of these fields, please think about invest another one.

In this way, they can share the same sales networks to maximize their business profits.

On the other side, we have some customers in MiddleEast start from the thermal cash roll business, after decades years hardworking, after they have a certain marketing holding on thermal paper rolls.

In order to expand the business, they will think about investing the adhesive sticker business to buy the flexographic printing machine, roll to roll die cutter machine rolls into the sticker business to maximize their profit.

slitter blade

With regard to famous manufacturers, the most famous players in the world are Mitsubishi from Japan, Koehler from Germany, Hansol from South Korea.

In terms of China manufacturers, you could consider Deli, Tango.

Thermal Paper Manufacturers In The World

From the earliest use of thermal fax paper (A4 fax paper) to the popularization of mobile payments today, its role of it on the world stage has also been taken place.

Nowadays, we can find thermal paper all over the world, from North America and South America to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

We have a strong sales network, our slitting machine could be found there.

brake on unwind stand

A very complete R&D, production, processing, and sales system have been formed.

I recommend you to choose some long-established and well-known jumbo paper roll suppliers, such as Mitsubishi, Koehler, Hansol, APP, Chenming, Guanhao, etc.

thermal paper roll slitter rewinder machine

These brands’ jumbo rolls may be a little more expensive, but the quality is more guaranteed.

Because of good level paper, the quality of the pulp used is different, the purity is higher, and the wood fiber content is denser.

This response will be smoother in the paper roll slitting machine, the tension control is easy,

and the slitting and rewinding effects will be better. Tidier. Because of the high purity of the pulp, the life of the slitting knife will be more lasting.

If your client is a mid-to-high-end client, I suggest you choose a famous brand paper from a well-known manufacturer.

Apart from being expensive, it is really workable and affordable.

Following manufacturers in the world are also major players:

  • Nakagawa Paper Rolls;
  • Siam Paper;
  • Ricoh Company, Ltd;
  • Appvion Incorporated;
  • Oji Holdings Corporation.

Thermal Paper Roll Manufacturer In USA

North America has a great demand for thermal paper rolls, and its requirements for environmental protection and product quality are relatively high.

For the USA market, maybe you can consider TDG.

For the Canadian market, I have tried to find Domtar is relatively trustable.

If you are interested in becoming a roll manufacturers in the USA, please send us an inquiry.

Until now, we don’t have a sales agent in the USA, but we can supply an online service for technical support, and all the spare parts could be sent by DHL or TNT in fast expresses.

80 thermal paper roll

Take one of my customers in Quibeque, Canada as an example, they have a good profit for the 80 x 80mm thermal cash rolls.

Due to the high strict on the environment, the thermal paper for North America is BPA free,  so it has a high requirement for the thermal rolls manufacturers, meanwhile, it has a barrier threshold for the thermal cash register roll business.

It could help you to get a good profit.

If you are from the USA, Our  slitting machine could be seen working in Tempa, Florida, and Mexico states of the USA.

Some of them are manufacturers, but some for some high-grade video imagine direct thermal film slitting.

Thermal Paper Rolls Wholesale

I found that many of our customers started their business as thermal paper rolls wholesalers.

They came to China to import rolls from all over the world and then shipped them to their country for distribution.

In the beginning, this was a good business, but as trade became more transparent, profits became thinner and thinner.

Many customers have begun to transform, buying thermal roll machines and jumbo rolls themselves, producing till rolls locally, and then distributing them.

This kind of business model is more stable and reliable, you can control the quality and delivery time by yourself.

There are many cash register paper rolls wholesales in Shenzhen, China, and  India, etc.

Due to the cheap labor cost, and high efficiency productions. The rolls from these regions have an advanced cost advantage.

So many traders come to buy the finished thermal rolls from there, and resell them to their own local market.

The operations also have some disadvantages: long distance means a longer delivery time, and the paper rolls quality fluctuates.

If you have some emergency orders, it is not possible.

So after several years of improvement, many rolls wholesales businessman starts to buy a slitting machine to convert the thermal rolls locally.

After the help of their own industry, it will attract more and more local resellers to come to order the small amount. (Not every reseller has a quantity of one 20GP container every month) So their business starts expanding.

Jota Machinery factory

Now they are their thermal cash register paper rolls wholesales in the local market. It is amazing! 

This story always took place in Saudi, Egypt, and Kenya. If you want to know more, please contact us, we will share a more successful wealthy story with you.

Thermal Paper Wholesale Price

The wholesale price also depends on your quality requirements.

If you are just looking for a price, you can definitely find some low-priced paper, and we can also assist you in purchasing from China.

But I suggest that you still find some parent rolls with guaranteed quality and suitable wholesale prices so that you can win more end customers.

At the present, the high-grade papers are from Europe and North America, like Mitsubishi, Koeheler, etc. then Hansol from Korea, and some famous brands in China, like Chenming, Guanhao, etc.

In India,  wholesalers are available.

app thermal paper roll

Mainly, these kinds of worldwide roll wholesalers have their own sales networks locally.

You need to find their local agent for hunting a price.

Meanwhile, they have a strict requirement on the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantities). It is not friendly for some new roll-slitting manufacturers. Anyhow, you can find proper paper sources.

The price of wholesale has fluctuated.

Since the affection of Covid-19, many famous brand mills have a half-working station, and the related paper mills are half-closing to work, so it is expensive to get the raw materials.

And all the wholesales price is in the high top, until today (10th of May, 2021), the one ton of 55gsm printed level  price reaches to USD1790.00.

It is not a small amount for a middle-level printing house.

Even in China, there are some private thermal cash register paper mills are working. their price has raised USD200 per ton in the past 2 months.

These serious situations will affect global economic growth.  May God Bless All Human Beings.

Thermal Paper Europe

The European market is a highly developed and complete market.

There are also some suppliers in Europe, mainly located in Germany and Finland, such as Koehler in Germany, Jujo Thermal, and Ahlstrom-Munksjo in Finland.

Due to the advanced technology, the mother rolls in Europe mainly are thin like 48gsm or 55gsm. (65gsm paper could be found in Europe) One ton of paper mills could produce more thin paper to improve the eco friendly environment demand in Europe.

So you can have calculations by yourself if you sell your rolls in length, the European are not a bad choice. Due to their higher technology, their paper quality is superior to be acceptable.

Meanwhile, it is friendly to your slitting rewinding machines. You can easily work the good quality by means of control tension and pressures to gain a perfect paper roll.

If you have quality requirements, you can consider purchasing European. Also please think about our thermal cash register paper slitter rewinder machine.

Thermal Paper Manufacturing Process

Thermal paper is basically made by thermal paper substrate, the substrate is produced by the traditional paper-making method.

The substrate passes through a paper coating machine, its surface is coated with a layer of calcium carbonate, ensures the thermal paper surface is smooth.

The top layer is a thermochromic (color developing) layer, the color developing layer is composed of adhesive, color developer, and leuco dye.

When the paper is exposed to heat, the leuco dye reacts with the color developer to produce a color, once the paper receives the signal and prints, the graphics and text are displayed.

thermal paper slitting machine 2

Thermal Roll Manufacturers

As a professional thermal roll machine supplier, customers in many countries around the world have purchased thermal roll machines from us to produce thermal paper rolls.

If you want to purchase thermal roll paper from a local manufacturer, please send an inquiry on this website, and we will share the contact of your country’s manufacturers with you.

Thermal Paper Roll Sizes

Thermal Paper Roll 80mm

The 80mm (3.15″) thermal paper roll is mainly used in ATM machines and some types of cash registers, the usage rate in banks and cafes is relatively high.

Such width thermal paper small roll’s diameter is mainly 50mm or 80mm.

Many customers will print advertisements on the back of such thermal roll paper, to improve its attraction and earn higher profits.

Thermal paper rolls 80mm mainly for the ATM machines. This kind of paper is mainly in the high level quality and well printed design or advertisement on the backside.

small paper rolls

Some of our customers are rich experiences. They may have several pieces of thermal cash register paper roll slitting machines, one slitter rewinder for 57mm thermal rolls, and the other one for 79mm / 80mm rolls.

One slitter rewinder machine specialized for one size will reduce the knife adjustment time. And easier for the machine operations.

Following our experiences. The 57mm wide thermal rolls had a bigger requirement, the customer win the profit on it for the employee salary and daily life running. And Thermal paper rolls 80mm in different lengths

like 50m, 60m, 80m for a bigger profit. One piece of thermal cash register slitter rewinder machine can help you to earn profit reaches to USD10000.00 monthly.

If you also want to print advertisements on the back of thermal roll paper, you can contact us to purchase a flexo printing machine.

Thermal Printer Paper Size Setting

Thermal printers do not meet any particular standard when it comes to different supported media.

In fact, thermal printers are often designed for specific paper size range, the thermal paper size setting depends on your printer.

The width of general POS (Point Of Sales) is 57mm, and the width of ATM is 80mm.

On the slitter, these 2 sizes can be achieved by recombining the spacer and the lower blade.

In addition, there are some rarer sizes, such as 44mm, 75mm, 110mm, 210mm, which can also be done.

Generally speaking, thermal printer paper size setting is mainly divided into 2 steps:

  • One is browser setting (IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc);
  • The second is printer margin settings (XP, Win7, Win8, Win10, etc).

Each printer is equipped with a special manual, you can read the manual carefully and complete the setting step by step according to the instructions on the manual.

Thermal Paper A4 Size

A4 size thermal paper is mainly used as fax paper.

Thermal fax paper, which was once especially popular, has been gradually eliminated as the time progress.

However, it is still used in some specific fields and places, such as hospitals and scientific research institutions.

Standard Thermal Paper Sizes

The standard thermal paper sizes are marked by width x diameter, main widths are 57mm and 80mm, these 2 widths can meet 80% of the market demand.

The length can be set according to the end customer’s requirements, the diameter is generally 35mm, 50mm, 80mm.

Thermal Printer Paper Size In Pixels

The conversion between pixels and millimeters requires another parameter: DPI (dots per inch).

Number of pixels/DPI=number of inches;

Number of inches * 25.4 = number of millimeters.

The pixel of thermal printing is generally 8 dot/mm, and the printing accuracy of thermal paper can reach up to 300DPI.

Thermal Printer Paper Size In mm

The mainstream thermal printer paper size’s width is 57mm and 80mm, occupying 80% of the total market.

There are some more special width sizes, such as 44mm, 75mm, 110mm.

Thermal Printer Paper Size In Inches

As mentioned before, main thermal paper width is 57mm and 80mm, 57mm equals to 2 1/4 inches, 80mm equals to 3 1/8 inches.

Thermal Paper Roll Length Calculator


A: thermal roll width

B: thermal roll diameter

C: inner core diameter

T: thermal paper thickness

L: thermal roll length

A × L × T = πB²A ⁄ 4 – πC²A ⁄ 4

L = (B² – C²) * 0.785 ⁄ T

Once you get thermal roll diameter, inner core diameter, and thermal paper thickness, you can figure out the paper length. (P.S: thermal paper thickness need to inquire your supplier, or use a gauge to measure)


Thermal Printer Paper Size 80mm

Diameter27mm, 36mm, 67mm, 70mm, 80mm
Inner Core Diameter12mm
LengthDepends on diameter

Thermal Paper Near Me

Thermal Receipt Paper Near Me

In your daily life, you will definitely come into contact with thermal paper.

For example, after you go to a supermarket or restaurant, you will receive a cash register receipt paper, which is thermal paper.

Good thermal paper should be BPA-free, such BPA-free thermal paper does not pollute the environment and is harmless to the human body.

4 Inch Thermal Paper Roll

The 4 inch thermal paper roll is mainly used in barcode printers, and the actual width should be 100mm x 100mm.

This specification can be found in the market, but it is not a common size.

3 1/8 Thermal Paper

The 3 1/8 wide thermal paper roll is a standard size and can be found on thermal paper direct, home depot, staples, amazon and other websites.

Another commonly used specification is 57mm.

Many 3 1/8 paper rolls can be printed with beautiful patterns or advertisements printed on the back, attracting more end customers to purchase at high prices.

Thermal Printer Paper Sheets

Thermal paper sheets, the width is generally 210 x 297mm, which is the size of fax paper.

In addition, the width size of some sheets are 56mm and 80mm.

The length of the sheet is determined by the printing length of thermal printers, cash registers, POS machines, and ATM machines, there is no fixed sheet length.

Cash Register Paper Rolls Wholesale

Many customers will buy the till roll making machine to cut the thermal paper jumbo roll into small till rolls, and then wholesale.

Due to the huge demand in the market, although the profit of the wholesale business is not high, it is a good business as it accumulates over time.

While many customers do wholesale rolls, they also wholesale stationery or labels, sharing common sales channels.

Receipt Paper Roll Trick

There are many tricks in the thermal paper roll.

  • Some people play tricks on paper thickness.

You originally ordered 65gsm paper, but the actual thickness is 75gsm or 80gsm, reduce the length required for till rolls, because paper rolls are sold according to the outer diameter.

  • Some people will increase the thickness of the paper core.

Although thermal paper roll is still 57mm x 50mm, the length of thermal paper required will be reduced.

  • Some people will wind the thermal paper loosely to reduce the actual length.

No matter what we do, Jota always advises our customers to actually control the thermal cash register paper roll quality and ensure that the length meets the standard, in order to win the continued trust of end customers.

These small tricks will only damage their reputation and interests in the end, shooting themselves in the foot.

Thermal Paper Slitting Machine Price

Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine

Paper slitting machine is specially used for converting paper roll, such machine’s common unwinding width is 500mm, 700mm, 900mm.

It is also for carbonless paper, bond paper.  so the cash register paper roll slitting machine could work for different papers in different layers: single layer, two layers, and three layers.

Now, Jota Machinery has released a 1400mm till roll-making machine, which has increased productivity by 55%.

In the process of using slitter, you may encounter many problems.

As a professional thermal roll machine supplier, we are very happy to help you solve it, whether your machine is purchased from China, India, or Europe, we are willing to.

Jota Machinery has a long experience in roll slitting machines since 2002.

At the beginning of this century, the market demand for thermal paper is few.

Most rolls are still used for fax paper, the moment fax was still more popular, all the machines are mainly for fax paper.

The slitting machine was very simple. It was a simple surface friction rewinding frame with two motorized bottom rollers on the bottom and a pressure roller on the top.

           1st Generation Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine

Because the width of the fax paper is 210mm or 216mm, one machine produces 3-4 thermal fax paper rolls at a circle, It has very low requirements for the thermal paper roll slitting machine there is no automatic tension control system, no PLC and HMI control, as well as a simple mechanical structure.

Also, the slitting machine will be very difficult to operate, and sometimes there will be some minor problems, such as the problem of overlap that makes you a headache always.

With the upgrading of the market, more and more credit card consumptions and POS machines appear on the market, so that cash register paper rolls and ATM thermal rolls are hotter and hotter.

In order to meet the development needs of the market, Jota Machinery optimized the entire PLC control system based on the thermal fax paper roll slitting machine, added an automatic tension control system, and renewed the structure of the rewinding press roll that plays a key role.

Designed and added a series of devices that are conducive to the separation of cash register paper rolls, such as synchronized belt and mechanical clutch, banana roller, etc. After continuous improvement and

optimization in the latter decades years, we have JT-SLT-900 thermal Cash Register Paper Roll Slitting Machine, which is popular in the global market today.

Auto tail cutter type

The thermal roll slitting machine was originally a combination of mechanical design, software engineering, electrical engineering, and ATM paper roll converting experience.

Under the continuous optimization of our professional team of engineers, the quality of our machines is steadily improving, and the waste of paper rolls is becoming less and less, helping customers to improve production efficiency.

Next, I would like to share with you some ideas on the operating system of the roll slitting machine.

In fact, many of our cash register paper roll slitting machine manufacturers can only have the ability to set up machines. They have rich experience in mechanical parts production as well as hardware items.

However, most thermal paper roll slitting machine manufacturers are relatively contemptuous of software, they know nothing about the software.

So their machine operation smoothness is always decided by the third-party software program designer. who know nothing about the machine running.

type of our slitting machine

Take the mobile phone Android operating system as an example.  the Android system that came out at the beginning is very simple 20 years ago, and it is easy to freeze.

After constant optimization by engineers all over the world, the current Android system is comparable to Apple’s OS system now.

In fact, as an excellent thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine manufacturer, the biggest expression of the industry’s in-depth experience is in the machine’s software.

The current thermal roll slitting machine uses Siemens PLC and touch screen control, material thickness, tension sensor, meter length, and the PLC also integrates a pneumatic control circuit system, which is very complicated for the ATM thermal rolls pneumatic system, and this is often Ignored by our competitors, and we have already done in-depth research in this area.

This is because of the Profession!

Every minute movement of the machine, such as pressing paper, speed accelerating, and decelerating, is precisely calculated by the PLC, and then the machine is completely controlled automatically to run.

There are some printing houses or customers who have slitting machines on hand, whether it is Chinese thermal roll slitting machine, India cash register paper slitter rewinder machine, European second-hand thermal cash register roll slitter rewinder machine, they will encounter a situation that easy to wrinkle and overlap the paper or tamper the ATM paper rolls. 

This result is actually caused by the incoordination between your air system and the tension system.

If you would like to find a professional thermal cash register roll slitting machine, please try to contact us! Just one inquiry, you will have 20 years of experience on thermal ATM paper rolls.

Thermal Paper Roll Machine Price

The world is changing rapidly, and the machine price varies greatly.

Generally, the independent machine price is around USD$15,000.00, and if you have special requirements, the price will be different.

Used Paper Slitting Machine For Sale

In the market, we can always encounter some used paper-slitting machines for sale.

There are 2 main reasons for this situation:

  • Because of technological innovation, new technology machines replace old ones;
  • Some companies are not doing well and have to sell paper-slitting machines.

The used paper slitting machine will be cheaper, but there are certain risks.

You need to learn how to control the risk of buying used machines.

Second Hand Paper Slitting Machine

If there are some good quality second-hand paper slitting machines, you can still consider it, but you should learn how to identify paper slitting machine’s quality.

In addition, you also need to consider the after-sales service, for example, can you find a suitable accessory supplier in your local market?

Thermal Paper Roll Machine Price

Thermal Paper Roll Manufacturing Machines in India

India also has some excellent thermal paper roll manufacturing machine suppliers.

In our Southeast Asia customers’ place, we have seen various Indian machines, such as WEBTECH, Vinayaka Paper Products, Accurate Engineers.




Some also have high technical performance, some are relatively simple to operate, and the price is very affordable.

Thermal Paper Roll Price

Thermal paper price changes with the market fluctuation, the latest market price is around USD$1798/ton.

You should also pay attention to the quality, stable quality will attract more end customers.

Jumbo Thermal Paper Roll Price

The small till roll price is determined by the jumbo roll price, and the price will fluctuate according to market conditions.

To determine the jumbo roll price, you can directly contact us for quotation, or you can contact well-known suppliers, such as Mitsubishi from Japan, Koehler from Germany, Hansol from South Korea.

Thermal Paper Rolls Manufacturers

Many customers have purchased slitting machines from us, they are located all over the world and are now manufacturers.

If you are just starting this business, please contact us, we can recommend the nearest supplier to you.

After your business gets bigger and better, you can consider buying our machines.

Thermal Paper Rolls Suppliers

Jota Machinery‘s customers all over the world have become local paper roll suppliers.

Thermal paper rolls are popular all over the world. In the global, you can find it everywhere in the city.

In some industrial areas on the outskirts of a city, you will definitely find at least one thermal paper rolls converters manufacturer. They tend to hide on the second floor of a certain building, or in the corner of a printing press factory, you will see 1-2 sets of The thermal roll slitting machine works silently there.

They may also have other businesses, for example, label sticker paper printing or bar code die cutting business. more or less, thermal paper rolls converters overlapped the thermal paper rolls business and adhesive sticky papers business.

In some developing countries, because labor cost is relatively cheap, thermal paper roll manufacturers will basically use semi automatic thermal paper roll slitting machine.

Although it is a semi automatic ATM paper roll slitting machine, the machine is still in very high configurations, using Siemens AC motor, Yaskawa Inverter, Siemens PLC and HMI, auto tension control device.

Your best choices are JT-SLT-900 Thermal paper manufacturing machines, after 10 years of marketing, it is available in more than 50 countries of the world.

It is also an ideal thermal paper roll converters for you to convert more ATM cash rolls.

All the electric appliances installed on the ATM paper roll slitting machines are a famous brand, in case of any troubles, in addition to providing necessary services and technical support by Jota Machinery.

You can find a solution locally, the brand local distributor can supply a service to you too. To double ensure all your services are guaranteed.

The mechanical wall of the roll slitting machine uses 37mm thick wall panels. why do we use a 37mm thickness wall on your roll converters? We use a CNC machining center to process the wallboard of the machine.

In order to ensure the accuracy of the processing, all six sides of the machine wall need to be well processed. Yes, 6 sides of the wall need to be well treated.

If the machine frame wall is less than 37mm when processing in high-speed machining, it will be deformed, or accuracy error cannot be guaranteed.

In a word, the thickness of any machine frame wall is less than 37mm, and it is not necessarily the CNC machining center for processing. Compared with other suppliers, it is a big cost difference.

Jota machinery, as the most professional slitting machine supplier in China, we could ensure your order’s quality.

Similarly, we also use a CNC machining center to process the small parts on the billing paper roll-making machine.

Only all the mini parts are qualified, the stability of the machine could be promised.

To be professional in some invisible places, customers will highly appreciate it.

In front of the AC motor on the  machines, we have many options like the Chinese famous Brand one, China non-famous brand one, Worldwide Famous brand one.

We installed the Siemens AC motor on your slitting machine.

Why should we choose a Siemens AC motor for you, not a cheap one instead?

The big differences between Jota Machinery and other ATM  slitting machine suppliers are, we focus on the customer’s requirement, we would like to supply the superiority paper roll slitting machines to our customers with the newest technology.

Uphold this belief. So after more than ten years of development, our machines have been sold all over the world.

This star ATM thermal roll slitting machine can be seen in Asia, Europe, North America, South America, or Africa.

If you are interested, you can contact us, we can let you watch our thermal paper slitting machine locally, and listen to what our customers say.

If you just want to order thermal paper rolls, please contact us, and we will provide you local roll supplier’s contact.

Thermal Paper Slitting Machine Manufacturers

Thermal Paper Manufacturing Machine Price

Manufacturing machine price varies according to the place of origin.

Some vendors provide machines that are cheaper in price, but the control system is relatively simple, without PLC, touch screen, and automatic tension control.

Good-quality machines are generally equipped with well-known PLC, touch screens, and good components.

Thermal Paper Rolls

Jumbo rolls can be purchased directly from several world-famous paper mills, such as Koehler, Mitsubishi, and Hansol.

China also has some well-known jumbo roll suppliers, such as APP, Guanhao, Chenming, etc.

These large manufacturers, relatively speaking, adopt more advanced papermaking technology and equipment, their jumbo roll quality is more stable.

Paper Roll Machine

A thermal paper roll machine is a machine used to cut the parent roll into terminal till rolls.

thermal paper slitting machine bottom

Generally, such thermal paper roll machine’s common unwinding width is 900mm, thermal roll winding diameter can be directly set on the touch screen, the operation is very intelligent.

Thermal Paper Slitting Machine Manufacturers In China

If you search for China’s paper-slitting machine manufacturers online, you may notice that many companies can provide machines.

But this is not the case, most of them are traders.

In China, there are only 4-5 actual roll-making machine factories and only 1-2 automatic thermal paper roll making machine factories.

This is a fact.

If you want to judge whether a supplier is a real factory, you can directly ask them to video call, lively broadcast their factory and CNC center to you.

It does not mean that you have to buy the equipment from the original factory, some traders can also provide good services.

The scariest thing is that there are some SOHOS, except for selling a machine, they can’t provide any services, and you will regret purchasing it.

As a professional machine supplier, Jota Machinery welcomes you to visit us or watch our factory on a video call at any time.

Thermal paper was invented by the American NCR company in 1968. It was still in the process of the laboratory.

Until1971the Japanese company transfer the technology into reality productivity. Many Japanese companies launched their thermal pap roll products, like Fuji and Kanzaki.

Around 1995, the world’s highest annual output was about 100,000 tons, and Japan accounted for half of the output.

Then entered the Chinese market. It is mainly for the field of thermal fax, medical instrument paper  and printing press market, etc

Starting in 2000, the thermochromic paper has slowly become popular. After 20 years of in-depth market development, China has become the largest market for ATM thermal paper roll.

After 2010, with the rise of mobile payment by mobile phones and the rise of Meituan fast food delivery in China, ATM thermal roll has entered the lives of thousands of households.

With the great demand for thermal paper roll, the demand for the corresponding thermal paper slitting machine is also increasing.

From the initial manual ATM  roll slitting machine, which was just a simple surface rewinding station, to the current Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine and auto ATM thermal roll wrapping line, Jota machinery has witnessed the development of the whole ATM thermal roll industry in China.

The earliest  Slitting Machine came from Japan. In 1995, One semi-automatic thermal paper roll converter company in Zhejiang province, China, has bought a Japanese Billing Paper Roll Making Machine.

The technology at that moment was still very simple. They used time relays and solid-state relays to control the machine’s continuous processing operation.  it was mainly used to convert fax paper with widths of 210mm and 217mm.


Later, as the demand for thermal cash register paper roll increased, it was required to cut 57mm and 79mm. We found that the technology of the original roll slitting machine could not meet the requirements.

Because there are often overlapping problems occurred, the two paper rolls overlap each other, which affects the quality of the product.

Jota machinery has always been market-oriented, and customer demand is the driving force for development. Our professional team of engineers is willing to solve these problems.

After doing a lot of market research, we found that the overlapping problem mainly occurred by the following points:

Machine accuracy: The accuracy of the thermal roll manufacturing machine determines the function stability.

If the machine mechanical parts accuracy is not good enough, it will cause the roll slitting machine to vibrate or error shifts when the roll slitting machine is running at high speed.

The vibration of a  slitting machine for a long time affects the working life of the machine.

In addition, poor-quality machines are prone to trouble and need to be repaired from time to time.

For overseas customers, if you do not have basic mechanical knowledge, you will feel very helpless.

2. Tension control: The tension control of thermochromic paper is different from a normal roll slitting machine. They need high precision tension control.

Within 7 seconds of the initial stage, the roll slitting machine should start quickly and the speed reaches 100m/min, and the acceleration value of this tension becomes larger.

As the machine speed stabilizes, the tension enters a stable period and another acceleration value stabled.

In the final stage, when the preset meters are reached, the roll slitting machine needs to decelerate rapidly.

At this time, the tension acceleration value changes again.

So the tension is always fluctuating. If the tension is not well controlled, the problem of overlapping will have occurred.

Good tension control is to ensure that the tension is always stable in each of the above stages so that there is no displacement of the paper roll.

At this time, you can say that we can choose a fully automatic tension controller, and one tension controller can be used to control two tension sensors.

structure of the machine

In fact, for so long, we have tried different fully automatic tension controllers in different methods, and each supplier has a different understanding of the tension control curve.

We have been looking for suitable tension control methods based on our tension.

Until 2 years ago, we directly wrote the tension control in our own designed software, and this problem was solved completely.

3. Pressure control: Thermal paper is rewinded by means of a surface friction rewinding device.

On the manufacturing machine, the whole rewinding mechanism assembly is composed of two bottom rollers at the bottom and the pressure roller on the top to form a rewinding structure.

The tightness of the ATM thermal roll is completely adjusted by the working speed and pressure of the upper pressure roll. This structure is very challenging with a complicated control structure.

After a long time upgrading in years, Jota Machinery has our own experience and solutions for the whole pressure roll control method.

Behind every roll slitting machine is a process of continuous improvement and updating.

At this point, Jota machinery has a deep understanding of ATM thermal roll converting.

This is also the reason why many customers choose us for a long time cooperations.

loack shaft

Diligence neglected in play. Unfortunately, not every Chinese supplier has a deep understanding of their thermal paper slitting machine.

Most suppliers only know how to set up the mechanical part of the machine. For the software, they all ask for the help of a third party.

They are keen to spend more time drinking coffee with customers, and rarely go back to the workshop to upgrade every simple thermal paper roll slitting machine.

This is how the difference arises.

Second Hand Thermal Paper Slitting Machine

Used Slitter Rewinder For Sale UK

Use slitter rewinder machines in the UK can be considered for purchase, European machines are known for their efficiency and stability.

If you can come across a suitably used thermal paper slitter rewinder machine made in Britain, Spain, or Italy, you can still consider it.

Used Slitting Machine For Sale

Used slitting machines in Europe can be considered, and used slitting machines in China need to be considered cautiously.

Because brand new machines in China are also very cheap, the general price is around USD$15,000.00.

Now the thermal paper roll making machine made in China is equipped with PLC and touch screen, with automatic tension control system, high efficiency, low downtime rate, it is worthy of your consideration.

Second Hand Slitter Rewinder Machine

If you really come across a second hand slitter rewinder machine, you need to consider from the following perspectives:

  • The control part’s repairability;
  • Whether some basic accessories can be found in your market;
  • The mechanical parts’ wear resistance.

If the above 3 points are OK, you can actually consider a second hand slitter rewinder machine.

Thermal Paper Roll Business

Thermal Paper Roll Business Plan

Jota Machinery can follow your actual situation and tailor a thermal paper roll business plan for you.

As a professional thermal paper roll making machine supplier, we provide one-stop thermal paper roll business solution, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us, a phone call may open the door to wealth.

Thermal Paper Price

The recent thermal paper price is around USD$1,798.00/ton, if the paper thickness is different, the price is also different.

Please feel free to contact us for specific prices.

How To Analyze Whether The Thermal Paper Roll Business Makes Money?

This world is full of opportunities, and you can choose from a variety of businesses to make a profit.

In fact, the thermal paper roll business is a great business, the investment is small, the space occupation is not large, and the return rate is often very high.

How To Start Thermal Paper Roll Business?

First, you need to do some market research, you can go to the wholesale market to see:

  • What sizes of thermal paper rolls in your local market are popular?
  • What kind of core is used? Is it paper core or plastic core?
  • What’s the thermal paper roll price?

You can buy some thermal paper rolls and go home, take apart a small roll and measure the length of each roll.

Then you can contact our Jota professional sales, we can assist you to calculate the cost of each paper roll as a reference.

pressure roller

Of course, the price of  paper rolls varies from place to place.

However, the cost calculated by Jota is basically reliable, because we are a professional supplier of cash register paper roll slitters, we provide an A-Z solution.

How To Make Profit Through The Thermal Paper Roll Business?

The thermal paper roll business is a relatively high return on investment business.

First of all, you need to own a slitter and stable quality jumbo rolls, paper/plastic cores, and you can start.

You can also request us to provide a complete solution.

Our parent thermal jumbo rolls are provided by large state-owned paper mills in China, the pulp is imported from Brazil or Indonesia, and the papermaking equipment is imported from Europe, so the thermal paper parent rolls’ quality could definitely be guaranteed.

Because we have signed a supply agreement with the paper mill, the monthly purchase volume is 100T-150T, so the price has a certain advantage over the market price.

You only need to pass the jumbo roll paper through slitting machine and cut it into small till rolls, then you can make money on the market, this is a simple way to make money and does not require much start-up capital.

What Should You Care In Thermal Paper Roll Business?

First of all, you’d better have a certain marketing capability.

There are two types of thermal paper roll business:

  • One type is selling to wholesalers for distribution.

You often only need to pay attention to the quantity and price;

  • The other is selling the thermal paper roll directly door to door.

This mode is tiring, but the benefits will be higher, you can choose the business mode that suits you according to your ability and the actual situation.

Automatic Thermal Paper Slitting Machine

You need an area of about 100 square meters for the thermal paper slitter and paper storage.

In addition, you need to have a 3-phase power supply and air compressor assistance, the power of the slitter is 2.2Kw, and the pressure of the compressed air is 0.6Mpa.

You’d better understand a little basic electromechanical knowledge, the slitting machine is not difficult to operate, but it also needs you to understand the most basic electrical principles.

You need to have a reliable supplier of billing paper roll making machines.

There are many suppliers of thermal paper slitters on the market, whether they are Indian, Chinese, European, or American, they seem to work.

But as a professional supplier of slitting equipment, I still recommend you to find some suppliers with reasonable prices and reliable quality.

As a professional supplier, Jota Machinery is worth your consideration.

Many customers often have some bad experiences.

When they bought the first machine, because they had no experience, they chose some unprofessional suppliers.

Later, it was found that the machine is particularly unsmooth to use, causing problems or overlapping, so it wastes too much energy, time, and paper raw materials.

The thermal paper parent roll supplier is also very important, a reliable supplier can help you get more customers.

I recommend you to choose some long-established and well-known thermal paper roll suppliers, such as Mitsubishi, Koehler, Hansol, APP, Chenming, Guanhao, etc.

air filter regulator

These brands’ thermal paper jumbo rolls may be a little higher, but the quality is more guaranteed, if your sales manager can give you a billing period, it is even more perfect.

You need a good technician.

Bill paper roll making machine is electromechanical integration equipment, you need an experienced person to help you solve some daily problems in production.

Even if there is a malfunction, this person can help you solve the problem.

In addition, a good engineer can help you improve the yield of thermal paper rolls, and indirectly help you make money.

You need a good customer.

When you first started a business, you might accept any customer.

However, as time goes by, you will know which customers are your good customers.

The kind of reputable customers who pay you in time, are the customers you really need to treat with care, especially in industries like thermal paper.

You need a better self.

Engaging in the business of thermal paper production is also your own life challenge, you will encounter various problems to bother you.

At this time, you need to work harder, actively face all the situations, and solve them.

What Is a Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

Jota Machinery’s featured product is the JT-SLT-900 thermal paper roll slitting machine that can convert thermal paper rolls.

Thermal till rolls are used in cash registers, POS, ATMs, Fax machines, credit card machines, debit card machines, adding machines, and other applications all over the world.

JT-SLT-900 thermal bill paper roll making machine can manufacture 10,000pcs of 57mm wide bill paper roll every 8 hours on average, attracting the attention of many customers.

Mechanical Wall

The thermal paper roll slitting machine’s mechanical wall is made up of 37mm thick wall panels.

The question arises that why does your thermal paper roll converters have a 37mm thick wall?

The machine’s wallboard is processed using a CNC machining center. All six sides of the machine wall must be adequately processed in order to assure processing precision.

When processing in high-speed machining, if the machine frame wall is less than 37mm, it will be distorted, and accuracy error cannot be guaranteed.

machine wall

In a nutshell, any machine whose frame wall thickness is less than 37mm, it is not always a CNC machining center for processing. There is a significant cost difference when compared to other vendors.

Cash Register Paper Rolls

Billing Paper Roll slitting

On the billing paper roll production machine, JOTA also employs a CNC machining center to process the small parts.

Only after all of the small pieces are certified can the machine’s stability be guaranteed. Customers would appreciate it if you are professional in some unseen areas.

Moreover, in a billing paper roll slitting machine, a motor-driven chain raises the jumbo roll up and down mechanically which saves time and labor.

A lay-on roller on the other hand eliminates overlapping.

The winding tension of this machine can be adjusted using a precision regulator.

Automatic tail cutting gluing unit and automatic core loader are optional elements for increasing production efficiency.

As the most competent thermal paper roll slitting machine provider in China, Jota Machinery can guarantee the quality of your order.

The main distinctions between Jota Machinery and other ATM roll slitting machine suppliers are that JOTA focuses on the customer’s needs, and provides excellent paper roll slitting machines with the latest technology to its clients.

What Are the Specifications of a Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

JOTA has completely automatic roll slitting machines that come in a variety of configurations.

JOTA makes sure that each of our slitting machines is customized to your needs.

  • Thermal paper slicing machines are used to make thermal receipt paper rolls.
  • ATM machines that produce pos paper rolls.
  • The ECG roll slitting machine is a completely automatic slitting machine.
ECG Thermal Paper Rolls
  • Thermal paper slitting machines, carbonless copy paper rolls
  • Thermal cash register POS paper till roll producing machine with 2 layers.
  • Among other things, is machine roll.

The Jota fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine has a number of unique characteristics.

What Are the Features of a Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

The following are the major features of the Jota fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting machine:

  • A control panel with a Siemens PLC and a touch control screen from MCGS. It enables for centralized control of the parameters of a fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine.
  • Siemens Inventor Motor also powers the master motor. Inovance AC drive controls the Siemens Inventor Motor. All of these new features have been added to your fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting machine.
  • Your roll slitting machine will be genuinely automatic with a shaftless unwind stand. The jumbo roll will not need to be driven or lifted to the slitter head location. It will save you time and money in the long run by avoiding labor and back injuries.
  • An automatic vacuum core sucker is included in roll slitting machine. The vacuum core sucker is used to propel the core forward to the rewinding station by sucking it up. Note that this is a future – Jota fully automatic slitting machine proprietary feature.
  • The rotary encoder automatically measures the slit length of the  slitting machine.
  • Our machine also has a 90° vertical lay-on roller and a banana roller to prevent overlapping.

Is Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine Automatic?

Yes, the thermal paper roll slitting machine is an automatic machine.

Let me tell you how it works automatically.

A slitting machine is a device for producing paper rolls and cutting them into the desired size.

When the paper is subjected to heat, the fine paper is impregnated with a chemical that changes color.

Thermal paper roll slitting machines are perfect for creating thermal-sensitive paper rolls and are used exclusively for this purpose.

Mechanical design, software engineering, electrical engineering, and ATM paper roll converting experience were originally used to create the automatic thermal roll slitting machine.

The quality of JOTA machines is steadily improving under the continual optimization of our expert team of engineers, and paper roll waste is becoming less and less, assisting customers in increasing production efficiency.

Useful Thermal Paper Rolls

Jota’s thermal roll slitting machine works by using Siemens PLC and touch screen control, material thickness, tension sensor, and meter length.

It also uses PLC that integrates a pneumatic control circuit system, which is very complicated for the ATM thermal rolls pneumatic system.

Siemens PLC

The PLC correctly calculates every minute movement of the machine, such as pressing paper, speed accelerating, and decelerating, and then the machine is entirely controlled automatically to run.

Some printing houses or customers who have slitting machines on hand, it will run into the problem that thermal paper is easy to wrinkle and overlap, or tamper the ATM paper rolls.

This is due to a lack of synchronization between your air system and your tension system.

You can contact us if you are looking for a professional thermal cash register roll slitting machine. With only one question, you’ll have access to 20 years of experience with thermal ATM paper rolls.

Can I get a High-Speed Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

All the machines at JOTA are designed to work at high speed.

JOTA specifically trains its engineers to build a design for your machine that results in less labor, uses less time and works with great efficiency.

You can also get a customized high-speed thermal paper roll slitting machine at JOTA.

Printing Slitting Machine

Why Should I Use Coreless Rolls?

Businesses can save money by using coreless thermal receipt paper  rolls.

It’s a new trend and more companies are adopting it because of the benefits it provides, such as cost savings on production and transportation.

You can also make coreless rolls with the help of your paper slitter rewinder machine.

Coreless Paper Rolls

Let me tell you the advantages of adopting coreless rolls.

  • The structure of the paper coiled onto most cash register rolls is supported by a core composed of plastic or cardboard. Although it’s generally thrown away once the entire roll is used.
  • Receipt paper rolls aren’t all made equal, thus they come in a variety of paper grades and lengths.
  • Even the length necessitates some mathematical calculations in relation to the core size.
    If you order the same diameter of paper roll, you’ll get a larger length of paper because the core is replaced with paper. This allows you to use every inch of it for receipt printing.
  • You may import more paper rolls in fewer containers with a smaller diameter, saving space.
  • The majority of the cores are composed of plastic, they are not recyclable. The coreless rolls, on the other hand, are made of paper and are environmentally friendly.
  • Thermalsmall rolls with no core are simple to install and maintain.

Can I Make Both Core and Coreless Rolls with Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

Yes, you can make both coreless and core rolls using a single till roll slitting machine.

Initially, the coreless type receipt paper  slitting machine was only used to produce coreless rolls, but as more buyers demand one machine that can produce both coreless and core rolls, it is becoming more cost-effective.

The buyer only needs to buy one machine, but it can produce two types of rolls, making it very cost-effective.

To meet this demand, engineers are constantly improving our machines.

First, the shaft must be changed, which means that after creating the coreless rolls, the shaft must be changed and then utilized to manufacture the cores rolls.

However, by slightly altering the tucker on top of the slitting machine, the equipment may now be utilized to create core rolls.


What Is a Semi-Automatic Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

JOTA also manufactures Semi-automatic paper slitting machines such as JT-AUX-900.

The semi-automatic thermal paper roll machines use only one operator.

They have -a 60% labor cost reduction with one-stop production.

1 packing line ties the knot to a minimum of two slitting machines.

They have Increased output efficiency.

Because labor costs are low in some developing nations,  manufacturers mostly use semi-automated machines.

Despite the fact that it is a semi-automated ATM paper roll slitting machine, it nevertheless has very high specifications, with Siemens AC motors, Yaskawa inverters, Siemens PLC and HMI, and an auto tension control device.


All types of thermal paper roll, including

  • Thermal fax paper roll
  • ATM paper roll
  • ECG roll
  • Till roll
  • POS roll
  • Adding machine roll
  • Debit machine paper rolls
  • Receipt printer thermal roll
  • Thermal printer roll

and so on, are slit and rewound on the Jota semi-auto ATM paper production line.

Thermal Paper Till Rolls

The semi-automatic machines have the following features.

  • All parameters are presented on the Siemens PLC and touch control panel.
  • Siemens inverter motor with Inovance AC drive control is the master drive motor.
  • The giant roll is automatically raised or lowered by a motor-driven chain lift.
  • Drive roller for dynamic or static balancing.
  • Printing a red line on the final roll tail is part of the redline marking system.
  • Slitting blades are round, and waste is automatically blown away through a tube by an air blower.
  • Rewinding is triggered fast by an automatic tucker.
  • To maintain continuous tension, a fully automatic tension control PCB is used.
  • When the auto meter counter reaches the predetermined length, the equipment automatically stops.
  • With a lay-on roller, the problem of overlapping might be avoided.
  • Activate the emergency switch.

Can I print with Thermal Paper Slitting Machine?

Yes, you can print with your slitter rewinder.

JOTA equips its pos paper slitting machines with flexo printers so that you don’t have to buy an extra machine for printing.

With the help of your ATM paper roll slitting machine, you can covert the thermal rolls and as well as you can print them.

This feature not only reduces time but also helps you to grow your business by saving your cost.

Thermal printers are frequently intended for a specified paper size range; your printer’s thermal paper size setting will vary.

The width of a standard POS (Point of Sale) is 57mm, while an ATM’s width is 80mm.

These two sizes can be created on the slitter by combining the spacer and the lower blade.

There are also some unusual sizes that can be made, such as 44mm, 75mm, 110mm, and 210mm.

In general, there are two steps to set the paper size on a thermal printer:

  • The first is the browser settings (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and so on); the second is the printer margin settings (XP, Win7, Win8, Win10, etc).
  • Each printer comes with its own manual, which you can study carefully and follow step by step to complete the setup.

What Are the Parameters of the 900mm Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

The 900 mm thermal paper slitter rewinder has the following features.

  • parent web width is 900mm
  • parent web diameter is 1000mm
  • rewinding diameter is160mm
  • slit width is 25mm
  • speed is 150m/min
  • Unwinding shaft is 3” air expanding shaft
  • Rewinding shaft is 0.5”, 1” are available (or as your request)
  • Voltage 3 phase, 4 wire, 380V/220V
  • Power is 2.95Kw
  • Weight is 1200Kg
  • Overall dimensions (L*W*H) are 1900mm x 1900mm x 1

What Are the Models of Thermal paper Roll Slitting Machine?

There are various models of the paper roll slitting machine.

JOTA just released the JT-SLT-1400FA, a completely automatic slitting and packaging machine.

From core input to finished roll packing, there is no need for a specialized operator, and inline printing can also be included.


Its features include,

  • For thermal cash rolls, a fully automatic intelligent machine line is available.
  • More till roll output capacity in 8 hours, no dedicated operator required, and labor costs are reduced by 95%.
  • Slitter rewinder, core feeder, conveyor, and packager
  • Inline printing and a buffer are available as options.
  • All settings can be set on the Siemens PLC and MCGS touch control screen.
  • Inovance AC drive controls the master motor, which is a Siemens inverter motor.
  • Automatic jumbo roll loading with a shaftless unwind stand powered by hydraulics.
  • For printed paper, an ultrasonic web guide is available.
  • Suction sucker for vacuum cores.
  • Shear cutting is done with upper and lower circular knives.
  • Rewinding is triggered by an automatic tucker.
  • For constant tension management, there are two sets of loadcell sensors and a completely automatic tension controller.
  • Slit length is automatically measured via a rotary encoder.
  • No overlapping is possible with the 90° vertical lay-on roller and banana roller.
  • Breaker, hammer, and conveyor are all part of an automatic finishing line.

Moreover, JT-SLT-1400FA Thermal receipt paper roll, ATM roll, ECG roll, carbonless copy paper roll, POS till roll, adding machine roll, and so on can all be made using this fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine.


How Much the Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine Cost?

The price of your slitting machine depends greatly on its features and from where you are buying it.

Different countries offer you various prices for the thermal paper roll slitting machine.

The price fluctuates with market conditions. The current market price is roughly USD$1798/ton.

You should also consider the quality of the roll. Consistent quality will attract more end users.

The price is also dependent on the size of the machine. For example, if you are to buy a jumbo roll slitting machine, the cost of its tiny till roll will be determined by the cost of a jumbo thermal paper roll.

Moreover, the cost will change depending on market conditions.

hydraulic shaftless unwinding stand

To get a quote for a jumbo thermal paper roll, you can either contact us directly or contact well-known thermal paper jumbo roll providers from your nearest location or the suppliers around the world.

Can I Find Thermal Paper Conveniently?

Your 900 Thermal paper-producing machines are available in more than 50 countries after ten years on the market.

It’s also an excellent pos paper roll converter if you need to convert a large number of ATM currency rolls.

All of the electric appliances placed on the ATM paper roll slitting machines are well-known brands, and Jota Machinery provides necessary services and technical assistance in the event of any problems.

You may be able to discover a solution locally, and the brand local distributor may also be able to assist you. To double-check that all of your services are covered.

At least one maker of paper rolls converters can be found in several industrial districts on the outer areas of a city.

They usually hide on the second level of a building, or in the corner of a printing press factory, where 1-2 sets of them can be found. The thermal roll slitting machine runs quietly in the background.


thermal paper jumbo roll

How Many Sizes Does Thermal Paper Rolls Have?

The 80mm (3.15′′) small roll is mostly used in ATM machines and some types of cash registers, with a reasonably high utilization rate in banks and cafes.

The diameter of such small rolls is usually 50mm or 80mm.

Many clients may print ads on the back of this type of thermal roll paper in order to increase its appeal and earnings.

80mm rolls are mostly used in ATM machines. The backside of this type of paper is usually printed with a high-quality design or advertisement.

A4 Size

Thermal paper in the A4 size is mostly used for faxing.

Thermal fax paper, which was previously very common, is gradually being phased out as time goes on.

However, in particular sectors and settings, such as hospitals and scientific research facilities, it is still employed.

A4 Sized Thermal Paper Rolls
Standard Size

The typical thermal paper sizes are defined by their width x diameter; the most common widths are 57mm and 80mm, which can meet 80% of market demand.

The length can be customized to meet the needs of the end-user, and the diameter is typically 35mm, 50mm, or 80mm.

How Are Thermal Paper Rolls Manufactured?

Thermochromic paper is formed primarily from a thermal paper substrate, which is made using the usual paper-making procedure.

The thermal paper substrate is next sent through a thermal paper coating machine, where a layer of calcium carbonate is applied to the surface. This ensures that the thermal paper is smooth.

The thermochromic (color developing) layer on top is made up of adhesive, color developer, and leuco dye.

The leuco dye interacts with the color developer to produce a color when the thermal sensitive paper is exposed to heat; after the thermal paper receives the signal and prints, the images and text are shown.

Does JOTA Manufacture Thermal Paper Rolls?

Yes, JOTA manufactures paper rolls in a large quantity.

Many of the customers have acquired thermal sensitive paper roll machines from JOTA and are now manufacturers all around the world.

It is because JOTA manufactures high-quality paper rolls which enhance your business growth in a shorter period of time.

Cash register paper rolls are widely used throughout the world. It can be found all over the city in the global.

If you are just getting started in this industry, you can contact JOTA so that we can recommend a local source of thermal paper rolls.

Customers of Jota Machinery have become local thermal paper roll suppliers all over the world.

thermal paper small roll

Can I Buy Used Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

Yes, you can buy a used thermal paper roll machine for your business convenience.

You’ll find various used paper-slitting machines for sale on the market.

This is due to two key factors:

  • New technology machines are replacing old ones as a result of technological advancements; some businesses are struggling and are forced to sell paper slitting equipment.
  • The used paper slitting machine will be less expensive, but it will come with some dangers.

Therefore, you must learn how to manage the risk of purchasing used equipment.

You can still consider it if there are some good qualities of second-hand paper slitting machines, but you should learn how to recognize the quality of a paper slitting machine.

You should also think about after-sales services, such as if you can find an appropriate accessory supplier in your local market.

Is thermal Paper Roll Making Business Profitable?

The thermal paper roll-making business is at its peak currently. All the ATMs, POS, FAX, and other such industries are moving towards this business because of its great demands.

Roll company is a high-return-on-investment venture.

You’ll need a slitter as well as high-quality thermal paper jumbo rolls and paper/plastic cores to get started.

JOTA can also assist you in making your business a profit.

JOTA’s  parent rolls are supplied by huge state-owned paper ensuring that the quality of the parent rolls is assured.

Jota Machinery can assess your current condition and provide a customized roll business strategy for you.

Profitable Business

We provide a one-stop thermal paper roll business solution as a professional machine provider. If you are interested, you can contact us at our website.

This world is brimming with possibilities, and you can make money in a variety of ways.

In truth, the paper roll business is a terrific business because it requires little capital, occupies little space, and has a high return rate.

Can I Find Thermal Paper Rolls in Wholesale?

Many customers purchase their own thermal roll machines and thermal paper jumbo rolls by making and distributing rolls locally.

This type of company strategy is more dependable and reliable because you have complete control over the quality and delivery time.

There are numerous wholesalers of cash register paper rolls because of the low cost of labor and high efficiency of production.

Many traders come there to buy the finished thermal rolls and resell them to their own local markets.

This local process, however, has certain drawbacks such as long-distance distribution taking longer, and the quality of the paper rolls varies.

Many thermal paper rolls wholesalers begin to purchase a thermal paper slitting machine to convert the thermal rolls locally after several years of progress. It attracts more and more local resellers to come to order the little amount with the help of their own industry.

Thermal Paper Rolls in Wholesale Markets

If you’re merely looking for a good deal, you’ll be able to discover some cheap thermal paper.

The cost of wholesale has risen and fallen. The pricing for a ton of 55gsm printed level is USD1790.00.

For a middle-tier printing firm, this is a significant amount.

Is 900mm Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine Certified?

Yes, a 900mm  slitting machine is certified. All the machines at JOTA as technically tested and verified.

These machines are supplied worldwide due to their certification.

As certified machines help to attract more clients to your industry.

What is the After Sales Services of the JOTA Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

Your interaction with Jota Machinery isn’t limited to the purchase of a slitting machine or spare parts for it. JOTA also provides its customers with a variety of sales services.

online adjust machine service

JOTA’s expert team of employees provides after-sales servicing for slitting machines. These services are as follows


To ensure that output grows, Jota Machinery offers consultation services. This can be accomplished either directly from the Jota Machinery team or by providing access to our suppliers’ considerable knowledge and skills.

To improve the operation of a  machine, this after-sales service can be provided in a variety of methods. Consultancy can be used in a variety of situations.

  • Identifying the suitability of the machine for a customer’s needs.
  • Providing advice on the production efficiency of a fully automatic slitting machine.
  • Identification of the most appropriate solutions for customer needs.
  • Recommending the required maintenance actions for the machine.
  • Slitting machine manufacturing quality and productivity are being optimized and improved.
 After-Sales Services
Workforce Training

A highly productive staff is one that is empowered. As a result, your employees should be given a thermal paper roll slitting machine that they can use confidently.

On-site training for thermal paper slitting machines is always available from Jota Machinery.

This can be done by our local team or with the assistance of one of our key suppliers.

We can customize your machine to fit your company’s diverse skills and levels.

Trials and Evaluation

As an industrial organization, you’ll need to know that your machine is in good functioning order at all times.

POS paper roll slitting machine technology must provide efficiency, resulting in an increase in input.

However, determining whether a thermal paper slitting machine is operating properly is difficult for everyday operators.

As a result, you’ll need the advice of a professional.

Your machine can be tested using Jota machinery.

It can also assess your requirements to guarantee that you get the optimum thermal paper slitting machine.

This after-sales service is available on-site by bringing a machine for testing.


On-demand, you’ll have access to a team of skilled technicians that can assist you with mechanical, control, and electrical issues.

The following are some of the maintenance after-sales services that the Jota Machinery support staff may assist with:

  • Provide thermal paper slitting machine breakdown and maintenance assistance.
  • Installing and commissioning a thermal paper slitting machine is required.
  • Complete the action of identifying and reducing parts.
  • Maintain the thermal paper slitting machine on-site.

As part of the preventative maintenance service, JOTA can conduct on-site audits and maintenance activities for the thermal paper roll slitting machine on a regular basis.

What Should I Consider Before Buying Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

When purchasing a  slitting machine, there are various factors to consider because these features also determine the price of your machine.

Some of these things to think about are;

Application Material

Thermal paper slitting machines are used for a variety of purposes.

You would have to pay more if you require a fully integrated fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting machine.

Slitting machines for paper come in a variety of capacities.

Thermal roll slitting machines with a higher capacity cost more than those with a lower capacity.

The ability to manufacture a large number of tiny paper rolls is referred to as high capacity. The price of a machine is also determined by how it is integrated.

The price of your automatic pos paper roll slitting machine is also determined by the type of ATM paper roll you choose.


The price is also determined by its configurations. The operating mechanisms of the slitting machine are included in the configurations.

Custom setups for your thermal paper slitting machine will almost certainly result in a minor price increase.

Before placing your order, it is wise that you review our product catalog.

This will assist you in selecting the best choice for your thermal paper slitting machine configurations.

Some configurations, such as hydraulically operated automatic jumbo roll loading, can also be considered.


Machine parameters are an important driver of the entire pricing.

The entire price is determined by factors such as unwinding breadth and diameter. The fewer the parameters, the cheaper your thermal paper roll slitting machine will be.

Customization is possible for some components, such as the rewinding and unwinding shafts.

This can be accomplished by lengthening the rewinding shaft.

A change in the components will result in a modest increase in the price of your  slitting machine.

Moreover, Jota Machinery is a business-oriented company.

You can visit us if you are a startup. We will provide you with the most competitive fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine prices available.

How Should I Maintain My Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Machine?

Different maintenance procedures are required for different thermal paper roll slitting machines. This is due to the fact that they are all set up differently.

Before beginning maintenance procedures on your cash register paper slitter rewinder, you should follow all safety measures.

  • Examine every component of the thermal slitting machine. Look for any parts that are loose or broken. Check the levels of lubricant in moving equipment such as rollers and round disc cutters.
  • Following the Jota Machinery maintenance manual, cross off all of the difficulties.
  • Clean all of the pieces that can be dusted, including the rollers. Use just the cleaning products that have been advised, and stay away from bleach.
  • You should clean all the bright surfaces.
  • To make the surface more durable, coat it with rustproof oil. Use anti-rust oil if the thermal slitting machine has been idle for a while.
  • All of the working parts should be lubricated. Use the specified oil and make sure it’s of good quality. The use of inferior oil will cause wear and tear on the moving parts.
  • Examine the wiring of all electrical components. Make sure there are no unsecured cables or ones that have come loose from their terminals.
  • Any worn cables should be replaced, and the diagnosis should be written down. You can use a blower to clear dust particles from the wiring every now and then. Never use a moist towel on the paper roll slitting machine’s electrical wires.
  • Also examine the cutters for round discs. Check them for signs of wear and tear and replace them as needed.
Cutters of Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
  • To avoid cuts from the round disc cutters, make sure you’re wearing protective shoes. Some round disc cutters require regular sharpening. Make sure you sharpen them according to the instructions in JOTA’s maintenance manual.
  • Keep track of the maintenance schedule. Maintaining your paper slitting machine without permission is not a good idea.
  • Any component that requires adjustment or replacement should be identified as soon as possible. You can contact JOTAif you are unsure how to proceed with the replacement.
  • Keep track of all important maintenance tasks, such as part replacements and electrical component concerns. This will make future slitter machine maintenance methods possible. It’s also useful for figuring out what’s causing a problem.
  • Regular training should be provided to the workers and operators of the slitting machine. This is necessary in order to keep up with the latest thermal paper roll slitting machine technologies.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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