POS Paper Roll Online Printing Slitting Machine

Thermal Paper Printing Slitting Machine
  • Share one unwinding stand
  • Don’t use printed thermal paper jumbo roll
  • Printer with buffer for saving the paper
  • Integration of printing and slitting functions
  • Slitter have auto tail cutter and gluer
Specification of POS Paper Roll Online Printing Slitting Machine
Max unwinding width900mm(support customized)
Unwinding shaft3”(φ76mm) air expanding shaft
Max unwinding diameter1200mm
Max Rewinding Diameter230mm
Min slitting width20mm
Max speed150m/min
Auto tail cutter and gluerYes
Rewinding shaft12mm,15mm,17mm,25mm


Specification of One-Color Printer
Max printing width900mm
Printing length190-620mm
Max printing speed120m/min

POS Paper Roll Online Printing Slitting Machine

Last Update Time:30/12/2023

One of our oversea client ordered one set POS paper roll online printing slitting machine from us.

We provide this plan for him: one set slitter has printing and slitting two functions this means you don’t need to use a printing machine to print the jumbo roll first.


When you load the jumbo roll to the POS paper roll online printing slitting machine you can print the jumbo roll via its one-color printer.

After being printed the paper goes to the buffer device and the last goes to the cash register paper roll slitting machine.

The manufacturing and printing industries have advanced to new heights around the world today.

Every business person is on the lookout for efficient marketing strategies that will increase the sale of their goods.

If you want to start a business, you should consider getting a color-printing slitter rewinder. It’s a wise decision to put money into this machine.

POS Paper Roll Online Printing Slitting Machine
POS Paper Roll Online Printing Slitting Machine

Jota Machinery is a renowned manufacturer that keeps up with the latest machine technology.

Allow me to explain the key advantages of this thermal paper slitter rewinder with online color printing so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to invest in this business.

What is a thermal paper slitter rewinder?

The thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine is also known as the thermal paper slitter rewinder.

It can slit a jumbo roll of thermal receipt paper into numerous narrower till rolls, ATM rolls, POS rolls, fax paper rolls, and so on.

For printing, the narrower till rolls are used in POS, automatic cash registers, ATMs, thermal printers, swiping machines, and adding machines.

It has an

  • Unwinding section
  • A web-feeding section
  • A slitting section
  • A rewinding section
  • A regulating section
  • A waste-removal section, among other things.

All the sections work coherently to ensure the proper working of the slitter rewinder.

JT-SLT-900C in Factory
Figure 1: Thermal slitter rewinder

How does a POS Paper Roll Online Printing Slitting Machine work?

The working of a POS paper roll online printing slitting machine is very delicate and easy.

  • The most crucial aspect of Jota’s thermal paper slitter rewinder is tension control.
  • The presence of automatic tension management ensures that the tension throughout the whole running process remains consistent. This in return ensures the winding effect.
  • The tension control section is made up of three parts: a load cell sensor, a tension controller, and an electromagnetic brake.
  • The tension sensor provides real-time tension to the tension controller. It calculates and sends the result to the PLC, which then sends the command to the electromagnetic brake.
  • The brake uses magnetic powder as a medium to generate a magnetic powder chain. It transmits torque when stimulated by an excitation current, and the unwinding may be controlled by varying torques.
  • The slitting part of a Jota thermal cash register paper roll slitting machine is commonly equipped with a dual knives system, proactive bottom circle knives, and slave higher circular knives, ensuring exact slit widths.
  • To make slitting size modification easier, we also provide a completely automatic knife placement system.
  • After slitting, the thermal paper is coiled to many pcs terminal rolls on the rewinding shaft.

Slitting Unit

Figure 2: working of a slitter rewinder

small roll

In this way, the whole process of slitting takes place with minimum time and effective performance.

What is a thermal paper slitter rewinder with online color printer?

A thermal paper slitter rewinder with one color online printer performs both slitting and printing functions.

Let me explain what is online printing.

  • In online printing, A flexible relief plate is used to transfer ink to the printed substrate in flexo printing equipment. Each printing job will require its own plate set.
  • Flexo presses use a central drum that is shared by all colors as a counter impression roll. Plastic films, paper, and aluminum foil are among the substrates that flexo presses can print on.
  • Flexo printing machines are particularly well suited to markets that demand high process workloads and flexibility.
  • Technological improvements have changed flexo printing presses, both mechanically and in terms of controls.
  • As a result, their printing quality improved, their changeover times shrank significantly, and their “minimum economical lot” shrank.
  • Traditional printing is not the same as flexo or online printing. Traditional printing refers to the process of transferring ink from aluminum plates to a rubber sheet.
  • You can install this printer with the help of an accumulator in your slitter rewinder and can have both functions in one place.


Figure 3: paper buffer device

What is the working process of online color printer in slitter rewinder machine?

The slitting process takes place as a regular slitting of larger rolls into smaller ones.

The rolls are placed on the shaft and the inline cutters cut them into the required this.

However, the printing process is slightly different which is as follows.


  • In flexo printing equipment, photopolymer printing plates with a mirror relief image are employed for the best results.
  • The exposure design on the flexo plate forms a relief image. As the relief on the flexo plate rotates on the plate cylinder or sleeve, it picks up ink from the anilox and transfers it to the substrate or printed materials.
  • An anilox roller is used to apply ink to the plate’s raised areas. The anilox on a flexo press is the cylinder or cylinder sleeve that collects ink for printing.
  • Water-based, solvent-based, and UV/UV-LED curing ink are the three most common forms of flexo ink for flexo presses.
  • To match the mechanical speed of the flexo press, which is normally between 250 and 500 meters per minute, the flexo inks must dry quickly.
  • The flexo printing machine prints the required material in this manner.
  • The online color printing slitter rewinder machine is well-known for its outstanding print quality and registration precision.
  • In areas like fiber-board packaging manufacture, new developments in in-line one color printing presses have allowed flexographic presses to compete against gravure and lithographic equipment.

one color printer

Figure 4: Working of online color printer

Does buying a paper slitter rewinder machine with color printer reduces cost?

Yes, buying a slitter rewinder with color online printing surely reduces the cost.

It saves your money from buying an extra printing machine to print your paper rolls.

A separate printing machine costs more than an online printing system.

You can save costs by buying valuable materials for your machine.

So, it is always favorable to buy a slitter rewinder with online one-color printing.

Which is the best manufacturer of thermal paper slitter rewinder with color online printing?

Finding the best manufacturer in your area is not easy.

You’ll have to work a little harder because there are a lot of con artists out online that will take your money in exchange for a bogus good.

When looking for the best manufacturer in your area, make sure it has a solid reputation, is CE certified, has a business license, has international feedback, credible sources, and manufactures and delivers on time.

If a manufacturer has all of these attributes, you should give it a shot.

Jota is a well-known and reliable CI flexo printing machine manufacturer and supplier.

You can also reach out to Jota through the official website. We provide you with flexo printers with 4 different colors.


How should I maintain my slitting rewinding machine with online printing?

If you’re running a business, you’ll need to ensure that your thermal paper slitter rewinder with color online printing machine is in good operating order at all times.

  • The technology used in online printing machines must be efficient in order to enhance output.
  • Check for wear and tear and make sure to do proper lubrication of your machine.
  • Change the inks and clean your slitter rewinder regularly.
  • Make sure your slitter rewinder online printing machine’s working parts are greased.
  • Double-check that you’re using the correct oil for the job and that it’s of acceptable quality. Wear and tear on the moving parts will occur if you use inferior oil.
  • Inspect all electrical components’ wiring. Any wires that aren’t secure or have come loose from their terminals should be examined.
  • Any cables that have been damaged should be replaced right away.
  • Use a blower to remove dust particles from the wire every now and then. Never use a damp towel on the electrical wires of a paper roll slitting machine.

Ordinary workers, on the other hand, may find it difficult to determine whether a thermal paper slitter rewinder with one color printing is operating effectively. As a result, you’ll need to hire a specialist.

Your online color slitter rewinder can be tested using Jota machinery. It can also assess your requirements to guarantee you get the best CI flexo printing equipment.

How much space does a slitting rewinding machine with online printing takes?

Your slitting rewinding machine with online printing takes very less space of 3-meter squares.

It is a very reliable space consumption for a start-up business.

All you have to do is to buy a slitter rewinder with one-color printing and start your own business without worrying about the space.

You can also visit Jota to see our production lines to have a fine idea of how to start, maintain, and run your own business.

What type of color printers can I attach with my slitter rewinder?

Jota machinery uses an accumulator to attach the printers with the slitter rewinder machines.

You can choose the following color printers for your thermal paper slitter rewinder.

  • 2 colors flexo printing machine

In 2 color flexo printing machine, you get the 2 colors for printing your paper bags.

You can buy this printer of your business is in the initial stage.

Once you get used to it, you can buy a 4 color printing press for your slitter rewinder.

  • 4 colors flexo printing machine

4 color flexo printing machine provides you the printing services in four different colors.

It reduces the aid of buying 4 separate printing presses of different colors.

You can print attractive designs, company logos, and much more.

They use a large amount of ink for printing. If only a small amount of ink is transported to the plate cylinder, the image printing quality will suffer.

The use of an imported comma-shaped doctor blade in conjunction with a ceramic anilox roller protects the anilox roller’s surface and increases resolution.

Because the comma-shaped doctor blade is consumable, it’s a good idea to stock up.

At the same time, a closed ink cartridge structure is available as an alternative, which increases machine speed.


Is online color printing slitter rewinding machine reliable for starting a business?

It is more advantageous to create your own firm of slitter rewinders with color printing than to rely on just thermal paper slitter rewinders alone because they are too competitive and profitable.

Although beginning a small color printing and slitter rewinder manufacturing facility is an excellent idea, it must be carefully planned and implemented step by step to be successful.

printing slitting machine

The most important factors influencing a company’s performance are market demand and competition.

Thermal paper slitters are used in a variety of applications, including POS machines, ATM machines, fax machines, and electrocardiograph machines.

Don’t be alarmed if you learn that your country’s market has a lot of competitors; most markets have only two or three major suppliers.

All you have to do is put in the effort to become one of them.

Moreover, this business of online one-color printing is profitable.

The selling price is calculated by multiplying it by the desired profit rate and comparing it to the selling price on the local B2C market.

Low cost, more profit

The following components make up the majority of the profit:

The price of raw materials such thermal paper jumbo rolls, paper or plastic cores, packing carton boxes, and films.

Tariffs on imported goods; factory operational costs (rent, energy, water, broadband, and telephone); and labour costs

When you calculate the earnings and compare them to your psychological expectations, the thermal paper slitter rewinding with one color printing business is a good investment.

You can also add your online printing equipment with a packaging line.

By joining both components, you can get favorable results. This is because you can print on your packaging material.

Adding a label or company name on the packaging material also catches the eyes of the customers.

What are the applications of thermal paper slitter with one color online printing?

Jota has created a completely automated one-color online printing machine.

This characteristic of the color printing slitter rewinder increases productivity by reducing man labour, consuming less time, using less energy, and generating no waste.

Furthermore, the machine is simple to run thanks to a fully automatic system.

The online printing slitter rewinder machine has a wide range of uses.

Aluminum and flexible packaging It is not limited to the usage of paper alone.

Pre-printed liners and labels are a huge plus. You can print the labels ahead of time and then assemble the product.

Bags made of plastic and paper can be printed using one color online printer.

One color online printing is used on heavy-duty paper bags and shrink sleeves.

what are the features and specifications of thermal paper slitter rewinder with one color printing?

  • The ink utilized in Jota’s thermal paper slitter rewinder with one color printing machine is completely non-toxic to humans and animals.
  • There are no harsh chemicals that degrade the product’s quality. Instead, the Jota color online printing machine preserves the product’s quality.
  • The thermal paper slitter rewinder with color online printing is environmentally friendly. Because of rising global warming and environmental threats, every manufacturing industry’s top priority is to create products that do not hurt the environment.
  • During the printing process, Jota’s one color flexo printing equipment produces no waste.
  • It’s cleverly designed to avoid generating extra waste, which would raise the price.
  • Branding is an important function of printing nowadays.
  • Branding is the process of using printing techniques to promote your company’s name. On the items, you may create labels or print your brand logo. It aids in marketing, and people are attracted to your brand in a strong way.

printed jumbo roll

Figure 6: Thermal paper printed by printing slitting machine

What is the cost of thermal slitter rewinder with color online printer?

The cost of online one-color printing is determined by the number of features you wish to include.

The cost of inline printing increases as a result of adding features.

Jota is a well-known and reputable online printing machine manufacturer and supplier. You can also reach out to Jota through the official website.

For each type of online printing slitter rewinder, estimating the initial investment cost or total cost of ownership is complicated.

The average cost of an online printing slitter rewinder is roughly two million dollars, depending on the width.

Online printers save 15 to 20% on their initial purchase price on average. Inline presses, on the other hand, range in price from USD50,000to USD200,000, depending on the number of colours, width, and add-on options.

How can I make a purchase at Jota?

You can place your order of thermal paper slitter rewinder with color online printing by going to our website.

Click the contact button and you’ll get an instant quote to proceed further with your order.

You can also visit of the firm to place the order. We provide free samples and videos for a better understanding of your products.

Does Jota provide after-sale services?

JOTA also provides its customers with a variety of sales services. A highly productive staff is one that is empowered.

At any time, Jota Machinery can provide on-site training for straw paper packaging equipment. This can be done in-house or with the assistance of one of our key vendors.

To ensure that output grows, Jota Machinery offers quality control services.

The following are some of the maintenance after-sales services that Jota Machinery support professionals may be able to assist with:

  • Assist in the repair and breakdown of straw packaging machinery.
  • A straw packing machine must be installed and commissioned.
  • Complete the operation of identifying and reducing parts.
  • The straw wrapping machine must be maintained on-site.

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