Paper Straw Making Machine With Online Cutter

Paper Drinking Straws Machine
  • Paper straw diameter (5mm-11mm)
  • Paper straw thickness 0.3mm-1mm
  • Numerical control servo cutter
  • PLC control, color touch screen HMI
Paper layers


Straw diameter


Straw thickness

0.3mm-1 mm

Cutting length


Winder head



(Main motor 3Kw; Servo motor 1Kw; frequency inverter 3.7Kw)


6 sets



Winding speed

0-45 m/min (around 12000 pcs/hour )

Speed control

Frequency inverter

Compressed air pressure


Power supply

380V/3 Phase/50Hz


5600mm x 1600mm x 1750mm


11000mm x 6000mm x 2000mm




JT-50D paper straw making machine is suitable for small diameter (5-11mm) paper straw production.

1. PLC control, all data can be displayed on the touch screen.

2. Numerical control servo cutter, high precision cutting.

3. Automatical straw cutting, automatical speed changing, and reverting.

4. Round knife cutting, smooth edge, more stable performance.

5. With online multi-knives, no need for secondary cutting, save labor, and time.

6. Stainless steel gluing box, with polyurethane scraper and high carbon steel plastic knife, durable in use.

7. Mandrel Fixing Flange.

8. Automatic lubricant supply.

9. Unwind stand running with tension control.

JT-50D Paper Straw Making Machine With Online Cutter

Last Update Time:19/09/2023

A client from South Korea recently purchased six sets of paper straw production lines from Jota.

These production lines consist of six sets of JT-50D paper straw making machines.



2 Sets For This Kind Of Paper Straw Production Line




4 Sets For This Type of U-shape Paper Straw Production Line

As the most important machine in the paper straw production line, the quality and working effect of the JT-50D paper straw-making machine directly affects the finished paper straws’ quality.

South Korean customers finally chose this machine, which is enough to explain its attractiveness of this machine.

JT-50D paper straw-making machine’s 3 piles paper feeder can be customized with an automatic splicing function.

With an automatic splicing function, the JT-50D paper straw-making machine can make paper drinking straws constantly without breaking in 24h.

For the JT-50D paper drinking straw machine’s precision gluing station, there are many selling points you should know.

  • Stainless steel and aluminum alloy frame structure, it’s durable for usage;
  • When the temperature is low, the customized glue heating function ensures glue performs well;
  • Extra motor lifts glue tray up or down automatically;
  • Lubrication wheel instead of oil dropper.


When it comes to the paper straw winding and cutting process, the JT-50D paper straw maker adopts PLC control, all the parameters can be set and displayed on the touch control screen.

To realize precision paper straw cutting length, servo motor-driven cutter blades are introduced to this machine.

Generally speaking, 150 -300 pcs of straw can be made by JT-50D in 1 minute.

paper straw blade

Also, there are many types of packing for terminal paper straw,please feel free to send us an inquiry on our website, and we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible in 8h.

paper drinking straw

Paper Drinking Straws Machine FAQ Guide

Many parts of the world have banned the use of plastic straws due to which a paper drinking straw machine is now widely used to produce biodegradable paper straws.

Many well-known firms are also taking action, such as the food and beverage behemoth Nestle.

It began removing all plastic straws from its products and started replacing them with paper straws to minimize pollution.

paper straw multiblade

JOTA machinery can help you start creating a paper straws business.

You can buy a paper drinking straw machine at JOTA and find a new opportunity in the market.

To fulfill your needs, JOTA offers different kinds of paper drinking straw machines according to your requirements.

Let’s unravel the details and features of the paper drinking straw machine. First of all, you need to know,

What Is a Paper Drinking Straws Machine?

A Paper straw-making machine is a high-speed fully automatic machine that uses paper as a raw material to make paper straws.

The machine takes narrow paper strips, rolls them to create paper straws, and cuts the straws into predetermined sizes.

You can say its functioning is the same as that of a paper tube forming machine.

A paper slitter cuts the larger paper roll into thin and narrow paper bands. These paper strips then pass through the tube forming unit.

Multiple strips are glued together while maintaining the straw’s shape.

The rolled tube then passes through the cutting unit.

Sharp cutters cut the rolled straws into the desired size as fed into the control panel.

Finally, these straws are accumulated on the conveyor belt.

These paper straws can be bent using a bending machine.

Bended straws are also in business as various restaurants use these fancy straws.

This machine is environmentally friendly and doesn’t cost much.

Jota provides you with a remarkable paper straw-making machine that has the latest features and functions.

You can also go for customization of the machine depending upon your own choice.

Things You Need to Know about the Easy Processing of Making Paper Drinking Straws

Paper straws are made in a completely different way than plastic straws.

The narrow paper ribbons are usually glued together with a minimal quantity of water-based adhesive.

It is done by using a core-winding machine or hot melt adhesives utilizing a slot nozzle machine for rapid production lines.

The quality of the paper and adhesive has a significant impact on the performance of the paper straw and the manufacturing efficiency.

paper straw glue

As a result, a paper straw necessitates tight collaboration between the paper supply and the adhesive maker.

When selecting an adhesive, the papermaker, paper quality, and paper color must all be considered.

To understand the process and work of making paper straws, you can watch the following video for a better understanding.

First, the adhesive must have adequate binding strength to ensure that the straw retains its shape even at high manufacturing speeds and with various paper qualities.

Secondly, the dried bond must remain intact to preserve straw integrity during beverage immersion.

The adhesive must allow the straw to break down and degrade in a landfill or at an industrial composting facility once it is discarded.

Many paper straw manufacturers want to make compostable paper straws, but few are aware of the requirements.

Without biodegradable glue, you can make a certified industrial compostable paper straw.

Astonishing Advantages of Using Paper Drinking Straws Machine

Machine for making paper straws has various advantages that include:

  • High-end working
  • Reduces Labor
  • Less time consumption
  • Durable and reliable
  • Business profit
  • Moderate energy consumption
  • Bearable cost
  • Updated features
  • Fully automatic PLC system
  • Equipped with flexo printers

All the above factors add significantly to the advantages of the machine for making paper straws.

Amaze the World with the Applications of Drinking Paper Straws

Paper straws are gradually gaining popularity as a result of their recyclability.

paper straw starbucks

You can consume water, drinks, milk, tea, coffee, juice, and other liquids with paper straws.

They are widely used in restaurants, offices, packed beverages, and coffee shops, or to serve drinks in commercial or domestic gatherings.

Artisans can make splicing materials for DIY toys out of paper straws or use them for various decorative purposes.

Despite of plastic straws paper straws are environmentally friendly and safe for your health.

Have you seen beautifully printed colorful paper straws?

Let’s read further to know how you can create colorful drinking paper straws.

Be Creative! Print Your Drinking Paper Straws

You can use pre-printed paper and personalize the straws with your labels.

Or, you can add a flexo printer to your paper drinking straws machine.

This function can increase your machine’s productivity while also saving you money.

JOTA integrates flexo printers into their machine for making paper straws, making it a 2-in-1 solution.

You can get a single machine that performs two duties for a single price.

It will increase the profitability of your company. Moreover, it will allow you to help your client in their business branding.

Uniquely print their brand name, create colorful straws, and win your client’s trust!

Types of Printers

Jota introduces four different printer kinds:

All these printers are adjusted accordingly. You can demand any of the printers you want, and JOTA will assist you with it.

You can log onto Jota’s official website or social media websites like FacebookLinkedin, or YouTube for contact.

Jota also introduces a particular machine to print straws which is as follows:

Paper Straw Flexographic Printing Machine

On paper drinking straws, the JT-FPT-650 flexographic printing machine can print elegant and appealing logos, images, and photographs.

Paper straw is often made up of three layers of biodegradable paper of varying widths and thicknesses.

On layer-A (outside), beautiful patterns, images, and logos are printed. You may use 60gsm printable and biodegradable paper for layer-A.

As printing on 15mm wide paper is difficult, patterns are first printed on a large roll of straw paper.


  • The straw paper jumbo roll is fed into a straw paper slitting rewinding machine once it has been printed with the appropriate elements.
  • The printed straw paper jumbo roll is slit into multiple 15mm wide little rolls by a slitting rewinding machine.
  • The hydraulic jumbo roll loading function of this JT-FPT-650 flexographic printing press means you can quickly load straw paper jumbo rolls without wasting too much energy. Its loading capacity is substantially higher to accommodate large-weight jumbo rolls.
  • Tension management is always a vital aspect of printing equipment, and the tension control on the JT-FPT-650 is designed with great care. As a result, the unwinding section of the JT-FPT-650 flexographic machine includes a tension load cell sensor, tension controller, and air brake.
  • The JT-FPT-650 flexo printing machine is fitted with a position sensor and an edge position controller (EPC) system to ensure that the material enters the printing station exactly. According to the defined tracks and route it avoids paper feeding position displacement.
  • Ink is transferred from the ink tray to the fountain cylinder, anilox roller, and plate cylinder. The impression cylinder is then placed against the plate cylinder, and the pattern is printed on straw paper.
  • When the anilox roller’s ink transfer effect deteriorates, the doctor blade may automatically scrape off the extra ink on the anilox roller, ensuring that the anilox roller’s ink transfer effect is always guaranteed.
  • The ink is still wet after the design is printed on straw paper; if it is not dried in a timely manner, the ink will spread on the straw paper.
  • The infrared drying system on the JT-FPT-650 ensures that the ink is dried as quickly as possible without compromising the final printing effect.


  • printing speed 120m/min
  • You can print up to 5 colors
  • web width 650mm
  • Printing width up to 640mm
  • Highest printing speed 120m/min
  • rewinding and unwinding diameter 1000mm each
  • Printing length 175mm-320mm


  • System for hydraulic loading.
  • The ink is transferred using a ceramic anilox roller, which has a long life, is resistant to wear and corrosion, reduces the number of times the anilox roller needs to be replaced, and greatly improves printing efficiency.
  • Each printing unit uses a 360-degree plate adjustment that can be synchronized or decoupled, allowing other printing units to keep printing
  • In front of the printing machine, an automatic web-guiding system guarantees that the material is always in the correct position. (Common configuration)
  • Unwinding tension control with pneumatic brake and precise regulator; tension sensor monitors real-time tension.
  • The unwinding shaft is a three-inch (76-millimeter) air-expanding shaft.

Exemplary Qualities of Jota’s Paper Drinking Straws Machine

Jota Machinery facilitates you with a high-grade paper drinking straw machine.

These machines are fully-automatic and accomplish the given task in no time.

Besides, there are many other qualities that you need to know about the Jota machine for making paper straws.

These are:

Time Duration of Machine

The machines built by JOTA have a life duration of roughly 35-40 years, demonstrating the company’s reliability.

Furthermore, it eliminates the cost of comparing several brands in order to get a good machine for your business.

Running Time of Machine

The paper straw-making machine can run for 12-24 hours or even longer.

It can run for several hours nonstop if maintained properly on a regular basis.


You can add your own customizations at JOTA.

JOTA gives you the full liberty to choose the features, size, and auxiliary equipment for your machine.

Easy Operation

The operation of the paper drinking straws production machine is simple.

The machine is easier to run thanks to the installed latest technology.

Furthermore, the videos and detailed guide map aid in the comprehension of the machine’s operation.

Fast Changeover

The fast changeover system allows the paper drinking straw producing machine to run on demand by removing or adding certain equipment.

Production Speed

The paper drinking straws machine’s production speed is extremely high due to the machine’s fully automatic operation.

Quantity of Order

You can order in large quantities as well as in small quantities.

If you’re starting a new business, you should start small and work your way up to prevent being scammed.

Once you’ve built up trust in a brand, you can order in volume to suit your client’s needs.

Things You Need, to Create Paper Drinking Straws

Biodegradable paper and water-based adhesives are the most common raw materials used to make paper drinking straws.

Paper straw packing material is also required if you need to pack paper straws.

For that, you may order an individual paper straw wrapping machine.

You can also order, both, the raw material and packing paper from JOTA machinery.

Moreover, to print the straws you need to have flexographic inks to be used in the flexo printer.

A Fully Automatic Solution for Your Business

The paper drinking straws machine is programmed to run on its own.

It is a completely self-contained machine that performs all of its operations without the interference of an operator.

All you need to do is, put in the data on the PLC control panel and leave the rest on your paper drinking straw machine.

This totally automated feature eliminates the need for manual labor and thereby saves time and money.

The manufacturing pace is great as a result of this dependable characteristic, which enhances your business profit.

Automatic PLC Control

JOTA’s automatic PLC control system is a unique characteristic in the construction of its equipment.

It features a touch sensor, and you may alter the machine’s functionality and straw size as needed.

Paper Drinking Straws: An Introduction

The paper straw is essentially a small inner diameter paper tube that is formed of three layers of paper dipped in water-based adhesive and coiled using a tube winding machine.

The diameter of a paper straw is usually around 0.5 cm, but when it is used to drink yogurt, milk, tea, and other nutritious beverages, the diameter can be up to 1.5 cm.

Paper Straw Machine HMI

How to Make a Paper Straw?

If you just want to construct one or two paper straws for fun, simply roll up a piece of A4 size paper, apply glue to two edges, then cut off the excess length on both sides using scissors, and you’ve got yourself a basic paper straw.

If you want to mass-produce paper straws, you’ll need an industrial paper straw-making machine.

This type of paper straw machine has a high level of automation, and one operator may run three advanced paper straw machines at once.

These machines use narrow paper ribbons to roll and form a paper tube.

These paper tubes are called paper straws.

These tubes are then cut into the desired size.

Features of Paper Drinking Straws

Paper drinking straws that you create with the help of your machine for making paper straws possess the following features:

Life Span

If the paper straws are kept in a drink at a consistent temperature, they can be used for up to 2-3hours without becoming soggy.

However, if you use paper straws in extremely hot or cold drinks, they will last considerably less time than if you use them at room temperature.


Paper straws are unquestionably more environmentally friendly than plastic straws.

It is friendly to marine life if we can use more paper straws, and the number of marine life deaths caused by plastic objects will significantly drop.

According to studies, even if paper straws are thrown out at random in an outdoor location, they will decompose fully within 6 months and will not pollute the environment.

Coated Paper Drinking Straws

Water-based glue, often known as water-based adhesives, is applied to paper straws.

glue stand

Paper straws are formed by wrapping three layers of paper together.

Each layer’s paper must pass through a water-based glue tank and be covered with such glue prior to winding.


Paper straws, in general, are free of hazardous chemicals.

Paper straws are made from two different materials that are biodegradable paper and water-based glue.

These two raw materials are free of toxic chemicals. Paper straws are also free of harmful chemicals.


The major components of paper straws are biodegradable and gluten-free.


Paper straw suppliers can be found on online purchasing sites such as Amazon and Aliexpress. They sell paper straws in bulk quantities.

You may examine the bulk pricing of paper straws by browsing these websites and entering the keyword “paper straw.”


In spite of the fact that paper straws are eco-friendly and their raw material is non-hazardous, they cannot be recycled.

Food-contaminated straws are not accepted by some recyclers. It means that the recycling center will likely reject your straw if it has been soaked in anything other than water.

Keep in mind that not all recyclers will reject food-contaminated products, so everything depends on where you live and how your trash is collected.

Some paper straws are too thick or compact to be processed by recyclers.

Some recycling facilities in the United Kingdom are unable to recycle paper straws from McDonald’s because they are made of thick, compacted paper.

Paper Straws Production Line

There are numerous varieties of paper straw production lines available, including:

  • 6mm-7mm automatic production lines
  • U-shape 4mm paper straw production lines

Please submit us an inquiry, specifying the type of paper straw manufacturing line you require, and then wait for us to respond with an the appropriate solution to your email address.

Types of Paper Drinking Straws Making Machine

We Jota’s main product is a paper straws machine, which comes in a variety of styles, including:

  • Paper straw-making machine
  • Paper straw bending machine
  • Paper straw bevel-cutting machine
  • Paper straw packing machine

Whatever your requirements for a paper straws machine are, Jota is able to provide you with an appropriate solution.

Paper Straw Bending Machine

A Paper straw bending machine is used to bend the straight straws.

The JT-PSB-200 paper straw bending machine bends straight paper straws into curved or flexible shapes.

All procedures are automated, including straight straw feeding, bending, and curved straw outputting; the operator simply needs to load enough straight straw into the top position loading hopper.

Straight straw is fed one by one onto the main drum of the JT-PSB-200 paper straw bending machine and caught by two mechanical clamps.

If you’re interested in a U-shape paper straw production line, please send us an inquiry through this website, and we’ll respond with a customized solution based on your exact needs.


  • Paper straw length varies between 150-255mm
  • Paper straw diameter ranges from 4 – 6mm
  • It can produce 250-300pcs/min
  • Automatic counter

Paper Straw Packing Machine

The JT-P300 single paper straw wrapping machine can pack drinking straws of various diameters and lengths.


One machine can handle automatic packing paper feeding, optional packing paper printing, straw packing, sealing, and cutting.

In a nutshell, the JT-P300 single-paper straw wrapping machine is highly automated and packs quickly.

By watching the JT-p300 presentation video, you may get a sense of the automation level.


As a result of the worldwide prohibition on plastic packaging, and the expansion of paper Straw products, the market for a single Straw

packaging machine has opened up. It has become a vital machine in the paper Straw sector, as well as contributing its tiny part to environmental conservation.

  • Paper Straw of various sizes can be packed with a single straw packaging machine.
  • The Common Straw has a diameter of 4-12mm. If the straw length is longer than the usual length, it may also be modified for the customer’s unique size mold.
  • However, this machine is capable of packing not just paper straws, but also plastic straws, PLA straws, eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, and other cylindrical products.
  • Customers frequently utilize the machine’s two-color flexographic printing to print corporate logos or simple product descriptions.
  • Water-based ink printing is simple to use and may be adjusted to fit diverse printing plate needs.

Jota can also modify the automatic online conveyor belt to connect paper straws, dryers, slicers, single straw packers, and multi-straw pillow

packers into a complete paper Straw automatic production line.

You can send an inquiry on our website if you are also interested in the 6-7mm diameter single independent packaging paper straw production line.

We will tailor the production line for you based on your needs.

Small Paper Straw Making Machine

You can order a small machine to make paper straws with all your requirements.

The small machine to make paper straws can only be used for smaller production.

The small paper straw-generating machine will not fulfill your needs if you wish to accomplish industrial-scale paper straw output.

The unwinding, gluing, winding, and tube-cutting parts of the paper straw production machine make it far from a little machine.

Used Paper Drinking Straws Making Machine

There are various used machine trade platforms in China, where many used paper drinking straw machines are posted for sale.

You may also find several devices for making paper straws at various degrees.

Please submit an inquiry on our website if you are interested in obtaining a used paper straw-producing machine, and we will assist you in doing so.

Anti-Sogging Paper Drinking Straws Machine

When using paper straws, one inherent drawback is that they become wet. It’s possible that this will result in a wet paper taste in the drink or unintentional paper chewing if this happens.

If you’re drinking a beverage using a paper straw, swallow it as soon as possible to avoid soaking the straw.

Some companies are already studying and creating dried stems for straw production; the stem straws work well in both cold and hot drinks and do not soak up or contribute flavor. Perhaps this material’s straws will be the next big thing.

Finding Authentic Paper Straws Manufacturers

You can type in title: paper straws manufacturer into the Google search bar, and a number of websites for paper straw producers will appear.

paper straw making machine

If you’re in the UK, you can use the site: the UK after intitle: paper straws manufacturer and most UK paper straw producers’ contact information will appear.

Similarly, if you want a Chinese manufacturer, you may search with the country name.

Jota is an authentic and well-established paper drinking straw machine manufacturer in China.

You may contact Jota’s team for further details.

Ways to Search an Authentic Manufacturer

In a world full of frauds and scams, it is very difficult to find a credible manufacturer of machines for making straws.

It is highly recommended to go for extensive study before selecting a credible manufacturer for your company.

To make sure that you don’t fall victim to fraud, you must consider the following tips.

  • You should attend international trade shows, exhibitions, and trade fairs.
  • You can go to China to visit various manufacturers or paper straw making machines.
  • You can also visit JOTA as it is also situated in China. It is an internally proven organization for its credible manufacturing business.
  • Make sure to visit 2 3 manufacturers and wholesale markets to have an idea of the quality of the products. In this way, you can compare the characteristics of the products and can choose an authentic manufacturer for your firm.

JOTA Stands by Your Side Even after the Sales

Your connection with Jota Machinery is not limited to the acquisition of a paper drinking straws machine or replacement parts.

JOTA also offers a number of sales services to its clients.

online adjust machine service

After-sales service for paper drinking straws machines is provided by JOTA’s skilled team of employees.

The following services are available at Jota:


Jota Machinery provides advisory services to ensure that your company’s output grows.

This can be done directly by the Jota Machinery team or by allowing access to our suppliers’ extensive knowledge and expertise.

This after-sales service can be given in a variety of ways to improve the operation of paper straws making machine.

Jota provides consultation in the following situations.

  • It assists you in determining whether a paper straw-making machine is suitable for a customer’s demands.
  • It helps you in advising the efficiency of a fully automatic paper drinking straws machine’s production.
  • Jota recommends the required maintenance actions for the paper straws-making machine. The production quality and productivity of the paper drinking straws machine are being maximized and improved.
  • It identifies the best solutions for the customer’s requirements.

Training for the Workforce

An empowered workforce is a highly productive workforce.

As a result, you should provide your personnel with a paper drinking straws machine that they can trust.

Jota Machinery offers on-site training for paper drinking straws machines at any time.

This can be done by our in-house team or with the help of one of our essential vendors.

We can adapt your paper drinking straws production equipment to meet the needs of your company’s various skill sets and levels.

Evaluation and Trials

You’ll need to know that your paper drinking straws production machine is in good working order at all times if you’re a business.

Technology for creating paper straws must be efficient, resulting in an increase in input.

For ordinary operators, however, detecting whether a paper drinking straws producing machine is running properly is challenging.

As a result, you’ll require professional assistance.

Jota machinery can be used to test your paper straw production machine.

It can also analyze your needs to ensure that you acquire the best paper drinking straws making equipment possible.

This after-sales service is provided on-site by bringing a paper drinking straws machine to be tested.


You’ll have access to a team of highly-trained specialists that can help you with mechanical, control, and electrical issues on demand.

Some of the maintenance after-sales services that the Jota Machinery support personnel may help with are as follows:

  • Assist with paper straw-producing machine breakdowns and maintenance.
  • You’ll need to set up and commission a paper drinking straw-making machine.
  • Complete the identifying and reducing parts activity.
  • On-site maintenance of the thermal paper slitting equipment.

JOTA can undertake on-site audits and maintenance operations for the paper drinking straw producing machine on a regular basis as part of the preventative maintenance service.

Provision of the Spare Parts

For your convenience, JOTA improvises spare parts.

You can contact JOTA right away if you’re having trouble procuring spare components or keeping them in good working order.

The JOTA staff is available to help you at any moment.

Lead Time

JOTA guarantees a one-and-a-half-month lead time for the manufacturing and transportation of your machines.

If you live nearby, you may be able to acquire your machine sooner.

If you’re an overseas customer, the shipping time is determined by the shipping method you select.


JOTA provides you with machines that are covered by a guarantee of 1-2 years.

You can have your machine and replacement parts overlooked at JOTA throughout this time.

Guidance for Installation

JOTA provides detailed installation instructions.

  • A user manual for installation and operation, a wire connection diagram, and a tension controller guide have been added to JOTA’s website.
  • Installation and operation video tutorial
  • One-on-one remote video call assistance.
  • On-site installation and operation instructions

This way, you may acquire detailed instructions on how to install and operate the machine and its components.

Guidance for Operation

Customers may expect complete operation guidance from Jota, so you won’t have to worry about how to operate the machine.

JOTA has created a navigation map to assist you in comprehending every part of the machine.

JOTA also provides movies of the working and manufacturing process for easy and quick understanding so that you can have a sense of the operating system.

Jota: Your Ultimate Machine Spare Parts Supplier

After you find dependable manufacturers, you need to find an authentic component supplier.

It is because the components of the paper drinking straws machine might get ripped over time with constant working.

Jota stands with you and facilitated you with beneficial after-sales services. You may get spare parts for your paper drinking straws machine conveniently.

Thanks to Jota’s organized inventory system. The identification marks on each component help to find a similar spare part even after 20 years.

This also eliminates any potential obstacles to your manufacturing business.

Ways to Arrange a Face-to-Face Meeting with the Manufacturer

In order to arrange a face-to-face meeting, you can do the following actions.

  • You can request a meeting by going to the official website of the firm.
  • You can also send a compact email about the meeting
  • You can schedule a meeting by visiting their manufacturing firm.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Meetings over Online Meetings

Consumers are routinely scammed and conned as more than half of all business is now conducted online.

  • You should choose face-to-face encounters over online purchases to avoid falling prey to this scam.
  • You can inspect the product in person, which is a benefit of face-to-face encounters over online orders.
  • You may inspect the product’s condition.
  • You can watch the shipment process. Moreover, you can meet the employees for further satisfaction.

Despite the scam, there are a number of reputable online service providers, and JOTA is one of them.

International clients have approved JOTA Machinery’s online shipping and purchase system.

Paper Straw Making Machine USA

Finding manufacturers of paper straw-making machines in the United States is challenging but you can find them by carrying out proper research.

Look into the nearest places around you or in the industrial sectors working in the USA, you’ll find a suitable manufacturer of your choice,

However, if you want to buy from outside, suppliers from France, Germany, China, and other nations are available.

Paper Straw Making Machine Cost

The price of a paper straw manufacturing machine in China varies substantially depending on the machine’s automatic paper splicing function and quality.

So, if you want to learn more about paper straw-producing machine prices in China, you need first to figure out what you need from the machine.

A plastic straw costs roughly RMB 0.03, while a paper straw costs about RMB 0.1, a difference of more than three times.

Paper straws are unquestionably more costly, and their user experience must be improved.

However, according to certain industry insiders and experts, the environmentally friendly replacement of plastic straws is not difficult with the breakthrough and creation of new materials and technology.

Biodegradable bioplastics, paper, or bamboo, as well as wheat, some plant stalks, glass, metal, and other recyclable products, can be used to replace plastic.

Paper Straws Making Business

McDonald’s China stated that almost a thousand outlets in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen would be the first to eliminate plastic straws.

According to McDonald’s China, this will cut plastic consumption by 400 tons per year.

When you go to a McDonald’s, you will no longer see a straw; instead, the mouth lid is immediately used.

Many people wondered why McDonald’s is making such a major change. It stems from China’s new version plastic restriction ban.

The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment released a document titled “Opinions on

Strengthening the Treatment of Plastic Pollution” in January 2020.

Non-degradable disposable plastic straws will be banned in the catering industry nationally. This law has led a huge business growth to the paper industry.

Paper straws are the future of the paper market and it is surely a good business to start.

Advantages to Invest In Paper Drinking Straws Making Machine

Among the emerging business trends around the globe, the paper drinking straws business is swiftly growing.

Almost every country in the world in indulged in the paper straw making business.

The reason for this is that due to environmental hazards people have greatly shifted from plastic to the use of paper in manufacturing their products.

The various sizes and shapes of paper drinking straws draw a lot of attention from customers of any age.

They are heavily used in the food industry for the purpose of drinking.

Therefore, as a current business trend, you should consider investing. If your company is growing at a rapid pace, it’ll benefit you in the end.

Now the question arises:

Is Paper Straw Business Profitable?

Due to the multiple advantages of paper drinking straws machine, many overseas customers have benefited from running this business.

If you buy two paper drinking straws machines and start making paper straws of different sizes, your business will grow and you will be able to take on more orders.

Furthermore, cutting paper with a Jota slitting machine could earn you a lot of money, as this equipment is used by individuals all over the world.

Things to Consider before Setting up Your Business

JOTA also recommends certain business concepts in order to increase business profit. The following features are included in the plan:

  • Doing a market research
  • Conduct a Profit Assessment
  • Choosing a Production Location
  • Purchasing of equipment and raw materials
  • Recruiting Operators
  • Business Marketing for Thermal Rolls
  • Maintenance And Expansion of The Thermal Roll Business

Moreover, you can talk to the Jota machinery team for any queries regarding your business.

Let’s Kick Start

In any industry, there are some individuals who succeed and those who fail, and the paper drinking straws manufacturing industry is no exception.

You can begin by taking small steps and having only one production unit.

To start a paper drinking straws manufacturing business, JOTA recommends that you complete the steps below:

  • Conduct market research
  • Profit assessment
  • Factory confirmation
  • Purchasing of raw materials and machines
  • Recruiting operators
  • Promotion of paper straw businesses
  • Expansion/maintenance of the paper straw business

You can contact Jota sales to acquire complete paper straw producing business plan documentation.

Run, Compete, Maintain, and Marvel

The following is a quick method to grow your business in the market.


To run a successful business, you’ll need a competitive workforce that can handle the workload while also providing excellent customer service.

Their abilities should be well-honed.

Furthermore, you should hire high-potential engineers who can assist you with machine manufacturing and operation.

You should create an excellent control system to ensure that no obstacles stand in your way.


To compete with the other manufacturers, you should research their products and working methods.

You can focus on developing superior machine items than the other manufacturers if you have the information of their specimens.

You will be able to compete in the market in this manner.


When it comes to business maintenance, you should prioritize keeping your machines in good working order.

Because the output of your paper straws will be healthier if your machines are in good shape.

Increasing Demand for Paper Straws

The demand for paper straws is immensely increasing after the ban on the use of plastic.

People are greatly moving towards establishing a paper straw-making business.

Paper straws come in various sizes and shapes that attract a larger audience.

Bended and twisted shape straws are famous among children.

Moreover, paper is less costly than plastic and due to this reason, the demand for paper straws is also increasing because it saves money and gives profit.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing a Paper Straw Machine

Investing in a paper drinking straw production machine is a significant step for your business, so make sure you choose the right one.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind while making a purchase.

High Output

It’s crucial that your machine be capable of producing a big volume of paper drinking straws per minute.

Excellent Control Panel

A good control panel is always useful to the operator.


Do some additional research on a paper core manufacturing machine, no matter how good you believe it is.

Exceptional Abilities

At all times, your devices should be capable of putting in high-performance levels; don’t settle for anything less.

How Is the Machine Packed and Shipped?

Once the production process is completed, in the factory workshop Jota engineers and technicians thoroughly inspect the paper drinking straws machine.

The paper drinking straw-making machine is thoroughly cleaned before the inspection.

It is electrically tested to ensure that there are no flaws or malfunctions.

It is run at a standard speed to examine adequate functioning.

After that, it is double-wrapped in cardboard and shock-absorbing material.

In the end, the straws making machine is then packed in a fumigated wooden box.

Now the machine is ready to be delivered across many countries via cargo freight.

Shipping Ways

You have three options for importing your paper drinking straws machine.

  • You can choose to import the machine yourself if you are familiar with shipping methods and import complexities.
  • If you’re new to the industry, you can engage a reputable shipper to deliver the equipment to your location
  • Or you can ask Jota Machinery to do it for you.

Whichever route you use, make sure you discuss the incoterms before finalizing the orders.

Certifications Awarded to Jota

At Jota, we make sure to follow all of the safety rules that must be followed when building a toilet paper machine.

Your safety is Jota’s primary priority. As a result, the engineers and the quality assurance and quality control teams communicate.

The QA/QC crew inspects the raw materials, assembly, and packaging at each stage.

Jota machines have received a number of national and international awards. QA Technic issues certificates of conformity (CE) and patent certificates.

As a result, you can be confident that your funds are secure with Jota. Please feel free to reserve your toilet paper-producing machine right now to aid in the growth of your business.

Reviews by Jota’s Valuable Clients

Jota sold 6 paper straw machines to a South Korean customer in July 2020, and this order made us believe that the market for paper straw machines is about to explode again.

Mr. Jung, a South Korean consumer, visited China for the first time in 2018, at a time when paper straws and paper drinking straw machines were extremely popular.

Mr. Jung visited Jota Machinery as well as more than ten other suppliers before deciding to buy a paper drinking straw machine from another vendor.


Mr. Jung’s factory has been using the paper straw machine purchased in 2018 quite well, and production has gone smoothly. Mr. Jung’s business is growing.

Mr. Jung contacted us again in 2020, expressing his desire to raise the production size. To create paper straws, he requires an increasing number of machines.

Mr. Jung wished to purchase six paper straw manufacturing machines this time, two of which are 6mm-7mm paper straw automatic makers and four of which are 4mm U-shaped paper drinking straw automatic makers.

The customer requires completely automated equipment, which includes everything from winding, drying, bending, and packing.

We assembled the technical team to begin research and gave the customer a project book in response to the customer’s requests.

Mr. Jung was impressed by the project book’s 27 pages and expressed his own thoughts and tailored requirements.

Finally, the automatic paper straw machine was tweaked to fit Mr. Jung’s specifications.

Mr. Jung was so impressed with our expertise and prompt response that he decided Jota was the provider he needed and placed an order for six automatic paper straw machines.

The customer set severe delivery deadlines for us, asking us to produce six autonomous paper straw machines in 35 days.

We sent 4 x 40′′ containers of machinery and equipment to Busan, South Korea within the delivery date asked by Mr. Jung after scratching our heads and arranging with various suppliers.

He was very pleased with the experience he had with JOTA.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

We Jota could also supply the following related machines, if you are also interested in Paper Straw Making Machine, please feel free to send us an inquiry:

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