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Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder Machine

Thermal Cash Register Paper  Slitter Rewinder is always Jota’s core product from the very beginning.

Jota thermal paper slitting machine’s iconic clients include Navigator, SS Labels, K.M.S Group, etc.

When you are shopping in the supermarket or having dinner at a restaurant and swiping your credit card, there is a small cash roll of paper,

cash register receipt

which is very popular nowadays. It is thermal reception paper or thermal cash register receipt paper.

There is a great demand for this kind of paper in the current market, and it penetrates all aspects of your life.

Therefore, the thermal paper slitting conversion should be a good business for you, it is with a small investment and quick return.

As a professional thermal paper slitter rewinder machine supplier.

We could now provide a full set of thermal paper cashier receipt solutions chain from A to Z, from base thermal paper jumbo roll, paper core (plastic core), thermal paper slitter rewinder machine, flexographic printing machinne, cash roll finishing wrapping line, and packaging film, we could provide a full set of professional solutions.

Submit your requirements now, we will recommend a suitable thermal roll-slitting machine to you.

Jota Machinery in Egypt

Jota Machinery: Your Trustworthy Thermal Paper Slitting Rewinding Supplier in China

Jota is a dependable supplier of slitter rewinders for thermal paper; we have our own factory and CNC center.

We can provide a comprehensive solution for your thermal paper roll business.

To obtain a quote for your desired thermal paper roll machine, please submit your request.

JT-SLT-900C in Factory


Machining Material

  • Visible high-quality components
  • Famous brands such as Siemens, Yaskawa, Delta, Schneider, Mitsubishi
  • Self-supporting CNC processed sheet metal, precision parts
  • Assembly raw materials provided by long-term cooperation suppliers
Offline debugging service

Installation and operation user manual, wire connection diagram, tension controller guide.

Installation and operation video tutorial.

One-on-one remote video call assistance.

On-site installation and operation guidance.

Max. Unwinding Width1400mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter1000mm
Max. Rewinding Diameter300mm
Min. Slitting Width25mm
Max. Machine Speed300m/min
What's the delivery time?

Around 30-45 days, mainly depends on machine type.

Could you help us to buy other goods?

Sure, it is our honor to work for you.

If the machine's spare parts are broken, where could I get?

We will offer you some parts as backup, in case any part is broken within one year, we will sent you for free.

Could you tell us your client’s contact for us to checking machine on site?

Sure, if we have client in your country, we will offer.

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Why Choose Jota Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder?

Last Update Time:29/01/2024

Maybe you’re searching for a thermal paper slitter rewinder to cut jumbo roll thermal paper into narrower POS, ATM, and cash register reels now.

thermal cash register rolls

Regarding thermal paper slitting machine, it is a kind of shear cutting machine, that could be used for making POS, ATM, cash register, NCR, ECG, and plotter rolls.

As an electromechanical integrated equipment, it consists of unwinding, web-feeding, slitting, rewinding, and controlling sections.

It is generally composed of several motors, shafts, PLC modules, automatic tension controllers,s and other important components.

In thermal paper slitting rewinding processing, a jumbo roll is unwound first, runs through drive rollers, and nip rollers, passes through rotary knives, and finally is rewound on 1 shaft to form narrower reels.

In order to purchase the most suitable thermal paper slitting machine, you must be aware of several parameters.

  • The 1st is your jumbo roll width.

Once your thermal paper jumbo roll width is confirmed, you could choose 500mm, 700mm, 900mm, or 1400mm width roll slitting machine as your request;

thermal paper jumbo roll

Thermal Paper Jumbo Roll

  • The 2nd is jumbo roll diameter.

Maximum 1000mm unwinding diameter is supported generally;

  • The 3rd is slit width.

The world’s mainstream thermal till roll width is 57mm and 80mm at present;

small roll

Finished POS Roll Samples

  • The 4th is POS, ATM, cash register, NCR, and ECG roll diameter.

Generally speaking, the common diameter is 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, and 80mm, few clients’ small roll diameter is up to 300mm.

Such a large winding diameter could also be customized if you really have a strong desire to own it.

In China, there are several thermal papers slitting machine suppliers, some are manufacturers, and the others are trading companies, different suppliers’ thermal paper slitting machine quality could be very different.

As a buyer, you want to buy a thermal roll slitting machine from a good manufacturer, the machine quality is nice, the price is good, and the after-sales service is reliable.

Jota Machinery is a leading thermal roll slitting machine manufacturer in China, through 20 years of devotion and dedication to slitting rewinding technology, our company has earned a good reputation among our customers all over the world.

Jota's Workshop

Jota Factory

We have been successfully manufacturing, exporting, and supplying thermal roll slitting machines to customers in the Middle East, South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, North America, etc.

In terms of Jota Machinery’s thermal roll slitting machine, its several advantages are highly appreciated by existing clients, such as Navigator from Portugal, K.M.S from Egypt, SS Labels from Sri Lanka, etc.

Egypt Giant Client K.M.S Group

  • 1. High productivity.

20 ATM or POS rolls in 1 minute on average, monthly output is 20*60*8*22=211,200 small rolls.

  • 2. Rewinding tightness is adjustable.

With a precision regulator, the rewinding tightness could be adjusted according to your requirements.

Touch Control Screen and Precision Regulator

  • 3. Overlapping problem is avoidable with a lay-on roller, material waste could be efficiently reduced.

  • 4. Siemens PLC and touch control screen, visible quality.

900c PLC

  • 5. Optional parts for choice, production efficiency could be improved obviously.


Recently, Jota has just released the fully automatic thermal paper roll slitting packing machine JT-SLT-1400FA, from core feeding to finished roll packing, no need dedicated operator, inline printing function can also be integrated.

Please send us an inquiry on this website to get more details.

Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder Ultimate FAQ Guide

Thermal Paper

What’s thermal paper?

Thermal paper is information recording paper, it is made of base paper coated with color-forming material.

Once the color-forming material is excited by a thermal signal, it displays its own color.

In other words, thermal paper is a specially coated paper, once energy (heat energy) is given to its surface, the coated color developer’s physical or chemical properties change, and then information is displays.

In short, it is to coat material on ordinary white paper’s one side, and it will turn black when heated, showing fonts, numbers, patterns, etc.

Thermal paper has developed rapidly with the popularity of fax machines all over the world.

However, due to the development of electronic communications, thermal paper is not only popular in personal households in the form of fax paper, but also in businesses, supermarkets, banks, hospitals, airports, and other fields.

Its use is becoming more and more extensive, the variety is increasing day by day, and the scope of application is getting wider and wider.


Thermal paper uses

For example, when we buy something in a supermarket and pay at the cashier, the cashier will give us a receipt.

The white receipt paper is made of thermal paper, which is called thermal cash register paper in the industry.

Also, after people withdraw money from the bank’s ATM machine, they will print the receipt, the bank receipt is also made of thermal paper, but the advertisement is printed on the reverse side.

thermal paper receipt

In addition, when we place a meal order in some middle and high-end restaurants, the receipts for the restaurant charges are also thermal paper.

Why is thermal paper used in a lot of places, and the amount used is large?

Because thermal printers do not need ink, are relatively less polluting, have a long service life, and are easy to maintain.

Thermal paper sizes

For thermal paper size, it mainly refers to the thermal paper roll size, there are 2 types of thermal paper rolls, one is thermal paper jumbo roll and the other is finished thermal till roll.

Thermal paper jumbo roll size is mainly marked with the following 3 parameters.

Core Diameter

As shown below:


This thermal paper jumbo roll width is 640mm, its length is 6000m, and the core diameter is 3 inches.


For the finished thermal till roll, 3 size-marking parameters are slightly different.

Roll Diameter
Core Diameter


Thermal paper production process

Thermal paper is a kind of coated paper, its coating chemicals mainly include leuco dyes, developers, sensitizers, and stabilizers.

The following photo displays the thermal paper production process, please check it for reference.


Thermal paper manufacturers

No matter what industry, there are some well-known brands, and these brands spread all over the world.

There are also some famous thermal paper manufacturers, which are summarized in the following table.

DomtarUSA, Canada
Jujo Thermal Ltd.Finland
Koehler Paper GroupGermany
Mitsubishi Paper Mills LimitedJapan
Ricoh Industrie FranceJapan
Hansol PaperSouth Korea

China thermal paper manufacturers

China thermal paper manufacturers’ reputation is not as high as that of world-famous thermal paper manufacturers, but some Chinese thermal paper jumbo rolls are also welcomed by customers all over the world.

Asia Pulp and Paper
Asia Pulp and Paper

Because thermal paper jumbo roll price in China is relatively lower, although the quality is not up to the world-class level, it is relatively close.

China thermal paper manufacturers have been summarized in the table below, please check it for reference.


Thermal paper price

Thermal paper price varies greatly based on quality.

The approximate price range of thermal paper is 1200-2000 US dollars per ton here in China, this price range is for your reference only, you can contact the thermal paper manufacturers mentioned above for specific prices.

thermal paper jumbo roll

If you want to save your precious time and energy, you can also ask us to recommend a suitable thermal paper jumbo roll supplier for you.

Because we Jota have been immersed in the thermal paper industry for many years, there are many channels to purchase suitable thermal paper jumbo rolls.

Thermal Paper Roll

Thermal paper roll sizes

There are many types of thermal paper rolls, and different countries and regions have different popular sizes.

For example, the popular thermal paper roll sizes in Peru are 56mm x 40mm, 56mm x 60mm, 79mm x 40mm, 79mm x 80mm, 79mm x 203mm;

British popular thermal paper roll sizes are is 57mm x 50mm, and 80mm x 80mm.

This is mainly because best-selling POS machines and thermal paper printers in different countries and regions are different, and the compatible thermal paper roll sizes are therefore different.

But generally speaking, the most popular thermal paper rolls in the world are still 57mm x 50mm, 80mm x 80mm.

57mm x 50mm thermal paper rolls are used for POS machines, and cash registers; and 80mm x 80mm is used for thermal paper printers, and ATM machines.

Thermal paper rolls 2 1/4

Thermal paper rolls 2 1/4 actually refer to thermal paper rolls 2 1/4″, 2 1/4″ means that the thermal paper roll width is 2 1/4″, 2 1/4″ is equal to 2.25 inches, which is approximately equal to 57mm.

Normally, the standard marking for thermal paper rolls in the USA is 2 1/4″ (width) x 65′ (length).

Thermal paper rolls 3 1/8

3 1/8 in thermal paper rolls actually means 3 1/8″, which means that the thermal paper roll width is 3 1/8″, which is approximately equal to 80mm.


For 80mm width thermal paper rolls, the most commonly used length is 80m, and its size is 3 1/8″ x 262′ in American length units.

Thermal paper rolls 2.25 x 50

Thermal paper rolls 2.25 x 50 means that the thermal paper roll width is 2.25 inches, and the thermal paper roll’s total length is 50 feet.

If convert it into international length units, which means that the thermal paper roll width is 57mm and the length is 15 meters.

Thermal paper rolls 2.25 x 85

Thermal paper rolls 2.25 x 50 means that the width of the thermal paper roll is 2.25 inches, and the total thermal paper roll length is 50 feet.

If converted to the international unit of length, the width of such thermal paper roll is 57mm and the length is 26 meters.

Thermal paper rolls wholesale

There are wholesalers all over the world who are engaged in the thermal paper rolls wholesale business.

If you use the long-tail keyword thermal paper rolls wholesale to search in Google, you can find the websites of a large number of thermal paper roll wholesalers.


Many customers of our Jota Machinery purchased thermal paper slitting machines from us, then produce small rolls by themselves, and wholesale small thermal paper rolls to local dealers, distributors, etc.

Please tell us your address, we can recommend our Jota customers to you in your area, then you can wholesale thermal paper rolls from them.

We also supply the thermal paper roll inkjet printing machine, for printing the date coding on the side face of the roll. Please check the following video:

Are you looking for a machine to cut your jumbo paper rolls into smaller reels?

Do you want to make variable narrow rolls in a few minutes?

Do you need a fully automatic paper slitter rewinder?

If yes, then you are at the right place.

Welcome to the FAQ page of Jota paper slitter rewinder.

Here you will get information regarding the types, specifications, functioning, and advantages of this specific machine.

So, let’s unwind the information!

What is a thermal paper slitting machine?

A thermal paper slitting machine is a type of roll slitting machine that can slit 400 mm to 1400 mm wide thermal paper jumbo rolls into standard 57 mm and 80 mm till rolls.

Thermal paper slitting machines can be divided into unwinding, web-feeding, slitting, winding, waste discharging, control parts, etc. according to different functions.

A thermal paper slitting machine is one kind of paper slitting rewinding machine, which is mainly used for the thermal cash register paper roll cutting and slitting.

Mainly there are many kinds of paper cutting and slitting machines available for the flexible packaging process.

It is composed of the following processes: Unwinding – Web guide – NIP roller feeding – Slitting – Rewinding.

But mainly the rewinding shaft is motorized air expandable shaft or differential friction shaft.

The air shaft varies at 3” or 6”. The Max. rewinding diameter to 1500mm.

But for the thermal paper register cash rolls’ final product, the size is D13 x 56 x 50 or D13 x 79 x 80mm.

The rewinding mandrel diameter size is only D12.7mm ( 0.5”).

Obviously, such a thin mandrel is not possible to install an AC motor driving.

So the smart engineer’s set up a surface friction rewinding type.

Inner plastics core

So compared with the standard paper slitting machine, the thermal paper slitting machine’s working principle is Unwinder – NIP Roller Feeding – Red Line Marking – Surface Friction Rewinding.

The surface friction rewinding device mainly composes of two bottom rollers and one top roller.

The three roll assembly can easily catch the 0.5” mandrel shaft for rewinding.

Until now, in some under-developed countries or areas, some thermal paper roll suppliers still use the standard paper slitting machine to slitting rewinding the thermal cash register rolls.

It adopts 2 pieces of the D13mm steel shaft to replace the 3” air shaft for working on slitter rewinders.  It is workable, just the low efficiency.

Because every roll change operations need the workers to waste too much time on the paper tails sticking to the paper core, as well as the thermal roll changing.

But the standard thermal paper slitting machine definitely has a solution for the above two pain points:

Auto tail cutter type

A piece of pneumatic tucker device was installed on the thermal cash rolls.

There is a pneumatic controlled tucker to insert the thermal paper rolls tails to the paper core at a certain angle.

The tails coincidently get sucked with the paper core. Then the thermal roll slitter rewinder machine will immediately start to press the tails.


There is only one piece of rewinding shaft for working. All the thermal cash rolls are rewinded on one shaft. So you only need to cross-cut all the thermal roll tails and glue them for the rewinding shaft replacement. It is fast and time-saving.


The new thermal paper slitting machine has upgraded to high intelligence.  With the help of Siemens PLC and HMI, it is easy operations and has stable functions.

If you would like to get more professional information on the thermal paper roll cutting machine, please kindly contact us freely for sending an inquiry.

Our professional marketing team could supply the whole chain from A to Z with the thermal paper roll converting technology.

Not only a paper slitting rewinding machine, but also the raw material like jumbo paper roll, paper core, packing materials film, carton sealer, and air compressor.

If you have a higher requirement for the thermal roll cutting machine, a set of fully automatic thermal cash registers roll production lines for your reference.

Just contact us, and you will get more than what you need.

In addition to processing jumbo rolls of thermal paper, thermal paper slitting machines can also be used to slit non-woven fabrics and water activated kraft paper tapes.



Paper slitter rewinder is a state-of-the-art machine.

It is used to cut a large paper roll into small slits.

The slit’s width can be changed according to your desired sizes.

The process starts by unwinding a large paper roll.

The paper roll forms a paper web and passes through sharp knives.

The sharp cutters cut the large paper web into predetermined width of the slits.

With the help of the rewinding unit, the slits spin to form small paper rolls.

Jota’s paper slitter rewinder is a fully automatic machine.

You can feed the desired data (width of the slits, unwinding speed, and rewinding speed) to the HMI PLC control panel.

You can manufacture wrinkle-free slit paper rolls conveniently – thanks to the automatic tension control system.

You can use variable-sized jumbo rollers to form slits.

Similarly, you can create variable-sized slit reels depending on your need.

Thermal roll slitting machine working principle

The master motor of the thermal roll slitting machine rotates the winding shaft and rollers via the timing belt, and the tension generated by the rotation rotates the unwinding shaft.

With the rotation of the unwinding shaft, the jumbo roll on the unwinding shaft advances continuously; after reaching the slitting section, it is cut by the rotary slitting knives into several thermal paper strips.

The thermal paper strips are adhered to the winding shaft, followed by the rotation of the winding shaft, resulting in a completed thermal till roll.

For thermal roll slitting machine, tension control is the most important factor in the working process.


Tension Controller

With the continuous reduction of the unwinding diameter, the unwinding tension becomes smaller and smaller.

At this time, it is necessary to introduce a magnetic powder brake to increase the braking torque and compensate for the smaller and smaller unwinding tension;

With the continuous increase of the winding diameter, the winding tension becomes larger and larger.

At this time, it is essential to introduce the magnetic powder clutch or manual clutch to reduce the braking torque and release the larger and larger winding tension.

Thermal paper roll machine video

Every time before shipping thermal paper roll machines to customers, we Jota will shoot a test video for customers’ thermal paper roll machines.

Recently, we have just sent a JT-SLT-1400C thermal paper roll machine to the Jamaican customer Brake, test video is shown below:

Which thermal roll-making machine manufacturer is better?

Relatively speaking, some well-known thermal roll-making machine manufacturers in Europe and the United States produce better machines, such as Jennerjahn (Since 1979) in the United States and Lemugroup (Since 1963) in Spain.

Because these companies have already developed for dozens of years or even hundreds of years, the technology accumulation has reached a certain height, so the quality is relatively reliable.

Due to their machines’ good quality, the price is relatively high, after all, you get what you pay for.

But now there are some excellent suppliers of thermal roll making machine in China, and Jota is one of them.

The thermal roll making machine produced by Jota has been favored by customers all over the world, and they all praised Jota’s thermal roll making machine with thumbs up.

American customers who always have high-quality requirements also ordered 2 thermal roll making machines from our Jota, and the small rolls of thermal paper produced were piled up in their warehouse.

How much is till roll making machine?

Till roll making machine’s price varies greatly depending on the brand, unwinding width, and automation degree.

Some Indian and Chinese manufacturers till roll making machines only cost 7000-8000 US dollars;

Thermal roll production lines supplied by European and American manufacturers like Lemugroup in Spain and Jennerjahn in the United States cost USD$100,000.00 or more.

Thermal paper roll making machine operation process

In order to better understand the operation process of thermal paper roll making machine, please view the following demonstration video:

Why does a thermal paper roll machine always have paper breaks problem?

The problem of paper breaks is mainly due to improper tension settings during the slitting process.

When the unwinding tension is too high, the front rewinding shaft keeps rotating, pulling the paper forward, and the magnetic powder brake at the unwinding shaft is pulling the paper backward, and the paper breaks after being continuously pulled reversely.

At this time, the set tension must be reduced on the tension controller.

How to avoid the thermal roll-making machine’s overlapping problem?

In your daily thermal roll slitting processing, you will always encounter the paper roll and the paper roll overlapping each other, or the paper rolls are in tower type.

These matters will waste your paper, expand your wastage, and sometimes make people very headache.

So why does this happen?

From the perspective of the thermal roll making machine supplier, it should be in the following points:

1. The accuracy of the roll-making machine is not high enough, as well as the thermal paper slitting machine design is unreasonable.

2. The tension control of thermal paper needs to be improved

3. The pressure of the pressure roller of the winding mechanism is not very reasonable.

4. There is a problem occurred by the low quality of the paper.

The following aspects can be considered to solve the paper’s overlapping problem:

  • The rewinding shaft and lay-on roller’s balance and lay-on roller pressure control;
  • Tension control;
  • The design of thermal roll making machine itself.

rewinding shaft

Our Jota thermal roll making machine is equipped with a lay-on roller, precision pressure regulator, automatic tension controller, etc., these parts are designed to solve the problem of paper overlapping.

How to avoid the telescope problem of the thermal roll machine?

In order to avoid the telescope problem of the thermal roll machine, the rolls should be wound tightly enough against the core at the beginning of winding.

After hard winding against the core for a while, as the winding roll becomes larger and larger, the winding tightness should be decreased.

The larger the winding diameters, the more important the roll tightness and hardness at the winding start.

Different tension control types of till roll making machine

1. Manual tension control.

2. Diameter measurement control.

  • Follower arm sensor
  • Ultrasound sensor
  • Diameter calculator encoder

3. Tension measurement control.

(1) Dancer roll

  • Pivot arm type dancer roll
  • Linear dancer roll
  • Rotational type dancer roll

(2) Load cell

  • Open-loop controls
  • Closed-loop controls
  • Combination controls

4. Combination ultrasound/dancer tension control.

5. Combination closed loop/open loop tension control.

How does the thermal paper roll machine achieve constant tension throughout the whole process?

The current thermal paper roll machine has a fully automatic tension controller.

As long as the appropriate initial tension is set, the tension sensor will detect the actual tension in real-time, and compare the real-time tension with the initial set value.

tension control board

The tension is calculated by the tension controller, and the result is fed back to the PLC, and then the PLC sends commands to the magnetic powder brake to ensure that the tension set value and the actual tension value

are basically the same.

In this way, the constant tension control of the whole process is realized.

What auxiliary equipment and raw materials are needed for thermal roll machine?

To start a thermal roll machine, some auxiliary equipment and raw materials are also needed.

The most basic auxiliary equipment and raw materials mainly include:

  • Air compressor;
  • Thermal paper jumbo roll;
  • Plastic core and paper core.

If you’re interested in purchasing a thermal paper roll production line, please get in touch with us for further information.

How many small rolls can a thermal roll making machine produce in one day?

Take 565mm width jumbo roll, 56mm x 50mm small roll, 8 hours working time as an example.

The length of a small 56mm x 50mm roll is 20m;

1 cycle rewinding can produce 10 small rolls of 56mm x 50mm;

The maximum speed of a thermal roll making machine is 120-150m/min, and the maximum speed of some high-end machines can reach 300m/min;

It takes about 4s (20/300×60)-10s (20/120×60) to rewind one circle.

If you purchase an economical thermal roll making machine, skilled workers also need 20-25s to manually load the core, manually cut and glue the tail, and manually change the rewinding shaft, so the time required for 1 cycle rewinding is the 30s, 1 min can rewind 2 circles, 8 hours can rewind 2x60x8=960 circles, 960×10=9600 small rolls;

small roll

If you purchase a high-end 1400mm width automatic thermal paper roll production line, on average, it can complete 1 rewinding circle in the 20s, 3 times a minute, 8 hours can rewind 3x60x8=1440 circles, and 22 pieces can be rewound each time, 1440×22=31680 pieces.

How many tons of jumbo roll can a thermal paper roll manufacturing machine consume per day?

Take 8 working hours a day for example.

If it is an ordinary thermal paper roll manufacturing machine, you need to manually load the core, manually cut and glue the tail, and manually change the rewinding shaft, you can produce 9600 small 56mm x 50mm thermal paper rolls in 8 hours.

The thickness of the thermal paper is 55gsm, the 56mm x 50mm roll width is 56mm, the 56mm x 50mm small roll length is 20m, and the weight of each 56mm x 50mm small roll is 0.055×0.056×20=0.0616Kg.

The weight of 9600 small 56mm x 50mm rolls is 0.0616×9600=591.36Kg, which is approximately equal to 0.6 tons;

If it is a high-end 1400mm width automatic thermal paper roll production line, the weight of 31680 pcs 56mm x 50mm small rolls is 0.0616×31680=1951.488Kg, which is approximately 1.95 tons.

How about opening a thermal paper slitting factory?

Opening a thermal paper slitting factory is still very promising.

First of all, we must do a good job of the preliminary market research, market research can help you understand clearly your local market’s demand and competition level;

Secondly, it is necessary for you to understand related matters of small thermal paper rolls production, include technology, principles, etc;

The most important thing is to learn how to market the small thermal paper rolls produced by yourself, and be able to open up sales through various channels.

We in Jota have a Kenyan customer Francis, he was previously engaged in the wholesale business of small thermal paper rolls, purchasing small thermal paper rolls from China and selling them to the local Kenyan market.

Later, he purchased a thermal paper slitting machine from us to produce small thermal paper rolls by himself, now he has opened his own factory and his business covers several countries around Kenya.


You are welcome to contact us to learn more about Francis’s success story, and you can also gain more beneficial experiences from it.

Is it profitable to slit thermal paper?

The slitting of thermal paper is profitable because many of our foreign customers have already made profits by slitting thermal paper.

For example, the following American customer Meras bought 2 thermal paper slitting machines and started to produce small thermal paper rolls, the small thermal paper rolls produced are piled up like a mountain, their business is very good, and the orders are coming one after another.

Many other customers have also made a lot of profits by using our Jota slitting machine to cut thermal paper, so they gave our machine a thumbs up.

Thermal paper roll business plan

We Jota have issued a thermal paper roll business plan proposal, it includes the following aspects:

  • 1. Preliminary Market research
  • 2. Profit Evaluation
  • 3. Production Site Selection
  • 4. Equipment And Raw Material Procurement
  • 5. Operators Recruitment
  • 6. Thermal Roll Business Marketing
  • 7. Thermal Roll Business Maintenance And Expansion

Please send us an inquiry on this website, we will share the detailed PDF file with you.

What Are the Different Types of Paper Slitter Rewinders?

Jota machinery manufactures three main types of paper slitter rewinders. This classification depends on the characteristics of the material you are using.

These types are:

  • Center rewinding slitting machine
  • Surface friction rewinding slitting machine
  • Center surface rewinding and slitting machine

type of our slitting machine

Let’s elaborate the following types!

Center Rewinding Slitting Machine

It is the most commonly used paper slitter rewinder.

In this machine, a motor drives the differential friction shaft or air expendable shaft.

It means the winding force comes from the core of the rewinding material.

You can benefit from this machine if you are somehow related to the printing and packaging industry.

You can slit variable materials like paper, cardboard, adhesive labels, kraft paper, aluminum foil, plastic films, etc.

Surface Friction Rewinding Slitting Machine

If you are working with fine and thin materials like plastic films this is the best solution for you. With the help of surface friction rewinding slitters you can get smooth and stretched slit edges.

Other materials for which this machine is appropriate are aluminum foils, stickers, laminating sheets, isolated films, and stretch films.

Two rewinding rollers installed are controlled by independent motors. The motors ensure web tension till the end of the roll rewinding.

The auto ascent/ descent mechanism of the rewinding shafts helps you to deal with heavy rolls of sensitive material.

Center Surface Rewinding and Slitting Machine

It is an ideal machine when it comes to cutting and rewinding more advanced materials. By this we mean, sports material, lithium battery films, or aerospace carbon materials.

This machine is a blend of both surface and center rewinding machine.

Figure 2: Types of Rewinding and Slitting Machines

What Are the Main Components of a Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder?

  • HMI PLC control system
  • Siemens inverter motors
  • Youdao ultrasonic EPC system
  • Hydraulic shafts
  • Taiwan’s pneumatic powder brakes
  • Banana rollers
  • Pressure regulators
  • Surface rewinding
  • Automatic meter counting
  • Proactive motor is driven round blade cutting
  • CNC-processed machine components
  • Automatic tension control system
  • Discharging tray for edge wastage

Figure 3: Siemens Inverter Motors

How to Find the Best Manufacturer for Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder?

Finding an adequate paper slitter rewinder manufacturer is a perplexity. You must search well before finalizing an authentic manufacturer for your business.

There are certain ways and factors you must consider to stay away from scammers. These ways are:

  • Finding an appropriate manufacturer online using browsers, trading websites, or social media networks,
  • Visiting international trade shows, exhibitions, and trade fairs, or
  • Visit China and arrange a one-to-one meeting with multiple paper slitter rewinder manufacturers.
  • Visit the industrial clusters and Chinese wholesale markets to compare the material, quality, and cost of different companies.
What Are the Benefits of a Thermal Paper Slitter Rewinder?

The world would have been very different without the paper slitter rewinders. The simple-looking commodities they produce are essential in our daily life.

There are numerous benefits that a paper slitter rewinder may offer you. These are:

  • From tissue paper rolls to adhesive tapes, from laminating film rolls to kraft paper rolls, you can serve multiple industries with your paper slitter rewinder.

Figure 5: Tissue Rolls

  • Paper slitter machines have made it possible for many industries to increase their production – thanks to the durable paper rolls.
  • It is a faster and safer way to roll the products.
  • It is a cost-effective way that saves your labor charges.
  • Automatic unwinding and rewinding saves time and risk of wrinkled paper edges.
  • Automatic functioning with reduced labor costs and increased mass production ultimately results in cheaper products.
  • You can make hundreds of slit rolls with the help of high speed rewinders.
  • You can avail the flexibility in the dimensions of the slit reels.
  • These machines are durable and reliable.
  • These easy-to-operate paper slitter rewinders help you to conveniently feed the required data into the control panel through the touch screen.

Figure 6: Mass Production by Paper Slitter Rewinder

In Which Industries Is a Paper Slitter Rewinder Used?

Industries that benefit from narrow slit rolls are:

  • Retail
  • Food industries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial sectors
  • Converters
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Recreational
  • Military
  • Marine
  • Transportation industries

Figure 7: Use of Slit Paper Rolls in Retail Industry

Can I Customize the Paper Slitter Rewinder?

Yes, why not?

You can get customized paper slitter rewinder from Jota machinery. According to your requirements, you can talk to our engineers.

Reveal your desires and get a customized up-to-date solution for your business.

Whether you need cutters for hard material or you want to deal with a huge mother roll, you can get customizations according to your needs.

Jota machinery stands by your side. All you need to do is tell us your demands and leave the rest on Jota machinery.

For more queries contact our customer services team.

What Are the Uses of Paper Slitter Rewinder?

Jota paper slitter rewinders are used to cut huge rolls into smaller reels. It is applicable to cut variable products like:

  • Paper

You can cut variable paper types like, thermal paper, office copy paper, white paper, craft paper, paper cardboard, coated paper, etc.

  • Tapes
  • Plastic films
  • Tin foil
  • Fiberglass
  • PVC
  • Laminated films
  • CFRP
  • Aluminum foil
  • Non-woven materials

Figure 8 Laminated Film Rolls

Technical Data

A paper slitter rewinder facilitates you to handle variable-sized paper rolls.

Similarly, you are flexible in determining the size of the smaller rolls.

For example, Jota’s paper slitter rewinder has the following technical data:

  • The width range of the unwinding roll ranges from 350mm – 800mm
  • The unwinding diameter ranges from 1000 – 1500mm
  • The rewinding diameter varies between 800 – 1500mm
  • The unwinding and rewinding speed varies between 200 – 500m/min


The smaller rolls are applicable in various scenarios. Such as:

  • Printing press
  • Material converting workshops
  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • ATMs
  • POS
  • Fax, etc.

What Are the Qualities of Good Paper Slitter Rewinder Manufacturer?

When it comes to selecting an authentic paper slitter rewinder manufacturer for your business, you must consider the following factors.

  • Business history globally
  • Customer services team
  • On-time delivery
  • Cost-effective
  • High-grade raw material
  • Customized solutions
  • Quality control
  • Factory testing
  • After-sales services

Let’s elaborate on these

Business History Globally

A renowned paper slitter rewinder manufacturer has a strong business history. You can judge the manufacturer’s authenticity by looking at the stable national and international clients.

International clients consistently buy machines from authentic manufacturers because of high quality, competitive prices, and on-time deliveries.

Customer Services Team

An ideal paper slitter rewinder manufacturing company facilitates you with efficient customer services team.

online adjust machine service

You can contact the company 24/7 and ask relative questions.

On-Time Delivery

You can get quick and on-time consignments at your doorstep by dealing with an authentic manufacturer.

Developed infrastructure, speedy raw material supply chains and efficient workers manufacture your slitter rewinder quickly.

After that, the trusted shipping partners deliver the machine to your facility on time.

JT-SLT-900 Thermal paper slitting machine

Figure 9 Fast Delivery


A good manufacturer provides you with high-grade machines at competitive prices.

Authentic manufacturers value your investments and want your business to flourish.

For this reason, you can get machines at reasonable prices with cost-effective shipping charges.

High-Grade Raw Material

Among many other qualities, an authentic manufacturer makes your machine with high-grade raw materials.

For example, Jota machinery gets the components from reliable brands.

The reason is that your machines can perform adequately and generate a fast ROI for you.

Customized Solutions

It is an amazing facility that an authentic manufacturer gives to you.

You can get customized paper slitter rewinders according to your business requirements.

Whether it is about a component or paper roll dimensions, an authentic supplier like Jota machinery can design a specific machine for you.

Quality Control

The ideal manufacturer inspects the quality at each step.

Every step from gathering raw material to final testing takes place under the supervision of the QA/QC team.

Multiple national and international certifications awarded to the manufacturer serve as proof of their authenticity.

Factory Testing

The manufacturer tests the machine thoroughly before dispatching it.

Every component and function is tested in the factory workshop by highly qualified engineers.

It is to ensure that your machines are up to international safety standards and perform well when installed in your facility.

After-Sales Services

Another amazing quality an authentic manufacturer possesses is the provision of after-sales services.

Your machines enjoy a specific warranty time, installation and maintenance guidance, and spare parts availability.

What Are the Qualities of a Good Paper Slitter Rewinder?

When purchasing a paper slitter rewinder you must look for the following qualities.

It may help you to know whether the machine is of good quality or not. These are:

  • High-speed production
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Automated
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy-to-Operate
  • Easy-to-Install
  • Latest technology

High-Speed Production

You can judge a paper slitter’s quality by its production speed. Jota’s slitter rewinders facilitate high-speed production.

It can slit up to 500m/min.

Low Maintenance Cost

High-grade components used in the manufacturing process result in efficient working and low maintenance costs.

You can also avail the facility of maintenance (on demand) and spare parts.

Figure 10 Low Maintenance Cost


An efficient paper slitter rewinder is automated.

All you have to do is enter the data in the control panel and leave the rest on the paper slitter.

You can get hundreds of narrow paper rolls in one minute – thanks to the fully automatic systems.


You can get the ideal paper slitter rewinder in reasonable prices.

The purchasing price that an ideal slitter offers is way less than the benefits it provides you.


Among many other qualities, an ideal paper slitter rewinder is easy-to-operate.

You don’t need to follow complex steps to operate your machine.

Put the required data in the PLC HMI control panel and enjoy the automatic functioning of your paper slitter.


An ideal machine possesses a compact design. You can install it conveniently in your workspace.

Moreover, it is easy to install and you can also get assistance from the manufacturer (on demand).

Latest Technology

Another important quality that you cannot oversee is the up-to-date mechanism.

Manufacturers create paper slitter machines according to market trends and innovations.

By using the latest technology, you can get the best results out of your high-quality automated paper slitter rewinder.

What Is the Construction Process of Paper Slitter Rewinder?

Jota machinery follows a specific manufacturing process to create your paper slitter rewinder.

The precise process helps to create state-of-the-art machines.

The manufacturing process includes the following steps:

  • Designing
  • Quality assurance
  • Assembly
  • Electrical connections
  • Final testing


The very first step is your machine’s designing. Jota machinery designs the machine according to your requirements.

Talk to our engineering team and reveal the design of your dream slitter rewinder.

You can also get the CAD or PDF copy of your machine design.

Whether it is a standard or customized design, Jota’s engineers along with R&D team bring the unique and innovative features for you.

Quality Assurance

The raw material and components are gathered from trusted partners. The quality control team checks each component thoroughly before the process starts.

After the approval, the production process starts.


An experienced technician is designated to assemble the machine components.

Each part is precisely assembled according to the provided engineering schematics.

Electrical Connections

Along with the mechanical engineering, electrical components are installed adequately by the electrical engineering team.

Electric pannel

For the precise automatic functioning sensors, EPC system, and automatic tension control system is installed.

Final Testing

After the assembly, engineers take over your machine and thoroughly check its functioning. In the factory workshop, after an adequate testing your machine is then packed and transported for delivery.

Get ready to receive your Jota’s paper slitter rewinder!

Is Jota’s Paper Slitter Rewinder CE Certified?

You can trust Jota machinery for providing you with machines that are up to international safety standards.

Jota’s machines are CE certified. It means that your machines are safe to use.

Other certificates that your Jota paper slitter rewinder possess are:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • SGS
  • CE certificate

Figure 11 CE Certificate

What Is the Best Place to Buy Paper Slitter Rewinder?

In the province of Jiangsu, Jota machinery is located in the city of Kunshan. For the past 20 years, Jota machinery is serving the world with high-grade paper slitter rewinders.

You can get a wide range of machines here depending on your business demands. More than 1500 stable clients trust Jota machinery.

Our specialized teams of research & development and quality control ensure innovative features are provided to you with high quality.

Jota’s efficient customer services team provides you with required information 24/7. You can contact our team anytime for queries.

Jota machinery is your best pick when it comes to high-grade slitter rewinder in competitive prices.

Figure 12 Jota Machinery

Jota’s machines are CE certified and are manufactured up to international safety standards.

You can get efficient after-sales services including warranty, installation and operation guidance, and maintenance along with spare parts.

The fully automatic paper slitter rewinders are easy-to-operate and facilitate high-speed production.

So, what are you waiting for, get your quotation right away from Jota machinery.

What Are the Shipping Ways to Import Paper Slitter Machine From China?

You can import your paper slitter rewinder in three different ways.

  • If you are familiar with the shipping methods and technicalities of import you can choose to import the machine by yourself.
  • If you are new to the industry you can hire an authentic freight forwarder to transport the machine to your facility.
  • Or, you can also ask Jota machinery to do the job for you.

Whichever way you choose, ensure that you talk about the incoterms before confirming the orders.

Figure 13 Shipping Routes

Incoterms are the trading terms and conditions related to payment methods. Every manufacturer follows a specific payment method, talk about them in advance about the installments to stay safe.

For shipping three routes are used:

  • By air
  • By train
  • By sea

The most commonly used route is by sea. Ships carry heavy machinery safely and are cost-effective.

On the other hand, by air transportation is fast but costs you more. Travelling by train takes more time.

How Many Rolls can a Paper Slitter Machine Make in One Day?

Jota’s automatic paper slitter rewinder can rewind up to 500m/min. The number of rolls depends on the width of the specific smaller reel width.

For example, if you are slitting a huge roll that is 1000mm wide and making 10 smaller reels out of it.

Each reel is about 100mm wide and made of 100 meters of paper slits. If you are running your machine at the production speed of 500m/min you can manufacture 50 smaller reels in one minute.

It means you can manufacture 3000 reels in one hour. It is a high production rate. So, you can complete your client’s bulk order very quickly.

The production rate varies from reel to reel. It depends on the width and length of the paper slit that you are manufacturing.

Figure 14 Efficient Paper Slitter Rewinders

What Are the Sizes of Paper Slitter Rewinders

Many composite materials and novel materials require specific slitting and rewinding machines. It is because of the varying requirements of diverse materials.

Jota develops a different range of sizes and shapes of your paper slitter rewinders.

It can develop according to your production scenario or improve existing equipment to fulfil your requirements.

Jota Machinery has a competent staff with extensive industry experience that can manufacture custom designs of your paper slitter rewinder.

You are welcome to bring samples of your material to Jota’s office and negotiate or you can contact online. The skilled engineers will offer you with an ideal solution.

slitting blade

Figure 15 Kraft Paper Slitting

How Much Is a Paper Slitter Rewinder?

The cost of machines greatly depends upon the area you are residing.

It is also different among various countries.

The cost of a paper slitting machine varies substantially depending on the level of automation. It means that the price of a manual paper slitting machine would be different than the automatic paper slitter rewinder.

A separate semi-automatic paper slitting machine, however, costs around 15,000 US dollars in the Chinese market.

In the Chinese market, a fully automatic paper small roll production line costs between $80,000 and $120,000.

You can also buy the paper slitting rewinder at Jota Machinery.

Figure 16 Cost-Effective Slit Rolls

How Many Tons of Paper Can a Paper Slitter Rewinder Consume Per Day?

By manually loading the core, cut and glue the tail, and changing the rewinding shaft on the machine, you can manufacture 9600 little 56mm x 50mm thermal paper rolls in 8 hours.

The slitting paper is 55gsm thick. It has a width of 56mm x 50mm and small roll length of 20m.

The weight of each small paper roll used in the slitting machine is 0.0550.05620=0.0616 Kg.

The weight of 9600 little 56mm x 50mm rolls is 0.06169600=591.36Kg, or around 0.6 tons.

thermal paper rolls

Figure 17 Thermal Paper Rolls

If the paper slitter you are using is a high-end 1400mm wide automatic thermal paper roll production plant, then the weight of 31680 pcs 56mm x 50mm small rolls is 0.061631680=1951.488Kg.

The collective weight of the papers used in the slitting machines becomes approximately 1.95 tons.

So, in a nutshell, the paper slitter rewinder consumes1.95tons of paper. It is applicable for a day with 8 working hours.

Is It Profitable to Use Paper Slitter Rewinder?

Due to the numerous advantages of paper slitting, many of international customers have gained remarkable profits by running this business.

Similarly, if you purchase two paper slitting machines and begin producing small paper rolls.

The paper rolls produced are stacked up like a mountain which resultantly boosts your business and you can get more orders.

Moreover, you can make a lot of money by cutting paper with Jota slitting machine as people all over the world are getting profitable business by using these machines.

In order to enhance the business profit, Jota also proposes some business plans.

The plan incorporates the following features:

  • Market research (preliminary)
  • Profit assessment
  • Choosing a production location
  • Purchasing of equipment and raw materials
  • Recruiting operators
  • Business marketing for thermal rolls
  • Maintenance and expansion of the thermal roll business

You can also submit any enquiry using the official website of Jota.

Furthermore, you can also look at the following video for additional information about the Jota company.

What Is the Difference between a Log Slitting Machine or Paper Slitter Rewinder?

If we talk about the technology or the purpose, these two machines are very similar.

However, the technique to make narrow rolls is different in both machines.

Difference in Cutting

In the log slitting machine a sharp cutter cuts through the roll. It is a simple process, yet suitable for not-too-big paper rolls.

No unwinding and rewinding is involved in a log slitting machine.

The paper roll is cut to the core with the help of a circular blade.

On the other hand, in the paper slitter rewinder a paper roll is unwound to make a paper web. Sharp circular blades cut the paper web into the desired width.

The narrow slits are then rewound to make narrow paper reels.

log slitter

Figure 18 Paper Log Slitting Machine

Other Differences

  • Log slitter machine is available in both manual and automatic configuration.
  • Paper slitter rewinder is a fully automatic machine
  • Paper slitter rewinder is ideal to make long-length paper rolls. Whereas, log slitting machine is applicable for thinner rolls.
  • For this reason, the log slitting machines can create less number of paper rolls as compared to paper slitter rewinders.
  • You can get both slitters in your custom-made designs (on demand).

What Are the Cutting Styles of the Paper Slitter Rewinder?

There are three styles of paper slitting:

  • Razor
  • Shear
  • Score

Razor Slitting

To cut smooth and thinner materials razor slitting is most commonly used. This system possesses a simple razor slitting blade set-up.

razor slitting blade

These cutters are mounted at an angle (single or multiple blades). These cutters can be divided into two types depending on their designs.

  • Razor-in-air
  • Razor-in-groove

Razor-in-air needs no extra support. It is suitable to cut the paper web at a slower speed. As the name suggests, razor-in-air is located above the paper roll where as razor-in-groove cuts along the grooved roll.

Figure 19 Cutting Styles in Slitting Machines

Shear Slitting

In this system two cutters are used to cut the paper material simultaneously. You can take the example of a pair of scissors.

The two blades exactly cut the paper web in to slits in the same way.

The sharp cutters are helpful in precise paper slitting.

You can use this slitting style for cutting paper material, however, the main purpose for this slitting style is to cut harder materials.

Jota’s thermal paper slitter rewinder is an example of sheer slitting machine. You can use this machine to cut POS, ATM, cash register, NCR, ECG, plotter, and other paper rolls.

Score Slitting

It is the earliest form of paper slitting also known as crush slitting. It uses blades to cut the paper material into smaller slits against hardened rolls.

Variable materials can be cut by using score slitting process. However, adhesive cutting is the most common use of this machine.

Does Paper Slitter Rewinder Produce Paper Waste?

Paper waste is primarily caused by incorrect tension settings during the slitting process.

When the unwinding tension is too high, the front rewinding shaft continues to rotate. It drags the paper forward, while the magnetic powder brake at the unwinding shaft continues to pull the paper backward, causing the paper to break.

waste trimmer

The tension controller’s set tension must be decreased at this time.

You will always face the paper rolls overlapping each other in your daily paper slitting processing.

Or, you’ll see that the paper rolls are in tower type.

These issues will waste your paper, increase your trash, and occasionally give individuals a headache.

You must look forward for the cause of the paper wastage.

Figure 20 Neatly Manufactured Paper Rolls

The paper wastage causes are more likely to occur in the following areas.

  • The roll producing machine’s accuracy is insufficient, and the thermal paper slitting machine’s design is unreasonably complex.
  • The paper tension management needs to be enhanced.
  • The pressure of the winding mechanism’s pressure roller is insufficient.
  • A problem has arisen as a result of the paper’s poor quality.

To solve the paper overlapping problem, consider the following factors:

  • The balance of the rewinding shaft and lay-on roller, as well as the pressure control of the lay-on roller.
  • Maintain the tension control
  • The design of the thermal roll forming machine.

A lay-on roller, precision pressure regulator, automatic tension controller, and other equipment are included in the Jota paper slitting machine to tackle the problem of paper overlapping.

Figure 21 Tension Control in Slitting and Rewinding

What Are the Advantages of Using a Paper Slitter Rewinder?

The following are some of the benefits of using a slitter rewinder:

  • It provides the highest slit edge quality possible
  • Multiple cuts can be made at once, and the material can be rewound onto different core sizes or slit from a master roll.
  • The basic purpose of the slitting machine is to unwind a large mother roll, cut and slit it using a knife (round disc knife or razor blade knife), and then rewind the narrow-finished rolls or tiny diameter rolls. The final rolls will next go through the following steps: printing, die-cutting, or laminating.
  • Slitting machines and cross-cutting sheeting machines are key printing press auxiliary equipment. The slitting machine cuts large rolls of material into small rolls, and the cross-cutting sheeting machine cuts large rolls of material into sheets.
  • Productivity is high.

Figure 22 Mass Production of Narrow Paper Rolls

  • On average, 20 ATM or POS rolls are produced per minute, resulting in a monthly output of 20*60*8*22=211,200 tiny rolls which is quite profitable
  • The tightness of the rewinding can be adjusted.
  • The rewinding tightness can be changed using a precise regulator to meet your needs.
  • With a lay-on roller, the problem of overlapping may be avoided, and material waste can be effectively controlled.
  • Visible quality Siemens PLC and touch control screen
  • Optional parts for option, and certainly, production efficiency might be increased.

900mm Slitter parts

On the whole, a paper slitting machine is very beneficial for your business growth due to its various advantages.

How Can I Maintain a Paper Slitter Rewinder

To ensure that your paper slitting machine serves you well, it must be properly cared for and maintained.

The longer time-span of your rolling machine is entirely dependent on how effectively you maintain it.

The following guide will assist you to better understand how to care for your roll slitting machine.


Lubricating oil should be added to the oil cups, moving surfaces, and oil eyes on a regular basis.

Because of the high friction on the thermal paper roll slitting machine, you should lubricate it frequently.

Figure 23 High Quality Lubrication

Quantity of Lubricant

Always make sure you spray the proper amount of lubricant oil on the gear train. The sprocket system should be treated similarly. The entire roll slitting machine system will work smoothly and evenly as a result of this.


It’s important to remember to wipe away any residual lubricants that get on regions that aren’t supposed to be lubricated.


Check for any slack spots when fastening. You should retighten any loose parts in your roll slitting machine to avoid any damage or injury.

Rubber Roller

Make sure the rubber roller does not come into touch with the oil used on the thermal paper slitting machine.

Steel Roller

Make sure the rust on the steel roller is removed. This should be done on the roll slitting machine’s other parts as well.

Maintenance of Parts

Ensure that the electrical control components are protected from vibration and pollution. At all times, all electrical parts should be maintained dry and clean.

You must also keep an eye out for worn-out parts in addition to basic care and maintenance.

You may have gotten a better deal on a smaller rewinder a few years ago.

However, you may see changes over time, and it could become worse if you don’t look after the machines.

You may notice a decrease in overall performance, the need to replace worn-out replacement parts, and problems.

These are only a few of the cautions, and they should be enough to make you nervous.

If any of these problems occur, it’s time to upgrade your roll slitting machine.

System Upgrade

If you’ve bought your paper slitting equipment from a reputable manufacturer, they can help you with all the upgrades or replacements needed.

However, there are three types of paper slitting machine equipment that may need to be upgraded. They are as follows:


If your CPU fails, your entire system may stop working.

The programmable logic controller includes a CPU (PLC). Your operator interface or human-machine interface should be replaced (OI).

This will provide you far more control while also making the operator’s job easier.

HMIs and OIs may come in a variety of screen sizes, depending on your unique requirements.

They all have various capacities when it comes to paper slitting.

Figure 24 Slit Paper Rolls


You should consider changing all of the drives in the system for better efficiency and control.

Variable frequency AC drives should be used to replace the old ones.

The voltage ranges are subject to change. The 480VAC is, however, the most prevalent.


If you want to save a lot of energy, you should always replace your old motors with new ones.

It will lead to lower energy expenses in the long run.

Switch to AC motors if you’re currently utilizing DC motors and wish to significantly lower your energy consumption.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

We Jota could also supply the following related machines, if you are also interested in thermal paper slitter rewinder type, please feel free to send us an inquiry:

  1. Hot Melt Thermoplastic CFRP CFRTP Prepreg Manufacturing Machine
  2. Fully Automatic Thermal Paper Roll Slitting Packing Machine
  3. Fully Automatic Toilet Paper Maker
  4. Automatic Facial Tissue Making Machine
  5. Plastic Film, Fabric, Aluminum Foil Slitting Rewinding Machine
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