JT-SUR-1600 Duplex Center-Surface Slitter Rewinder

Best Winding Effect Surface Slitter Rewinder
  • Automatic Hydraulic Jumbo Roll Loading
  • Web Guiding
  • 360-degree Rotation Rewinding Shaft Connector
  • Siemens Motor and Yaskawa AC Drive
  • Optional Differential Friction Rewinding Shaft




 Max. Unwinding Width


 Max. Unwinding Diameter


 Max. Rewinding Diameter


 Min. Slitting Width


 Material Thickness Range

 Paper: 20gsm~300gsm

 Max. Machine Speed


 Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft

 3” and 6” Air Expanding Shaft (Customizable)

 Slitting Precision

 ±0.15mm (EPC is optional for precise slitting)


 25Kw (7.5Kw x 3 Sets + 2.2Kw x 1)





Application Material

Aluminum foil, cigarette paper, tipping paper, plug wrap paper, plastic films, non-woven fabric, etc.


Inovance PLC and MCGS touch screen HMI, all the parameters are displayed on the monitor. Just set up the roll diameter, material thickness, initial tension…, the machine runs automatically.

Automatic tension control by PLC.

3 sets of Siemens motor, 1 for material spreading, 2 for rewinding, all are driven by Yaskawa AC drive.

Foothold wall was processed by CNC, quenched A3 steel material, thickness up to 45mm, highly precise and much stronger.

Shafted unwinding stand with Italian RE pneumatic brake or electromagnetic brake.

Heat-treated 3” and 6” air expanding shaft, able to bear heavy duty weight, Max. 3 tons.

All the electric appliances are from Schneider or Omron.

Automatic hydraulic lift-up loading system for the heavy material roll.

Switch between the circular knife and razor blade for different types of material, min. slitting width is 10mm.

Rotary encoder metering slitting length.

All the transmission bearings are the NSK brand.

Waste removal via air blower through expulsion tube.

JT-SUR-1600 Duplex Center-Surface Slitter Rewinder

Last Update Time:19/09/2023

You may notice in your daily life that some materials are very thin and sensitive, even if they have stretch or adhesive properties. Ordinary slitter reminders struggle to handle such materials.

As your professional duplex center-surface slitter rewinder manufacturer, our engineering team has customized and released one special tipping paper bobbins slitting rewinding machine JT-SUR-1600 to resolve your pain point.

Slitting effect on SUR slitter rewinder

It has a special name called central-surface slitting and rewinding machine.

As the name suggests, JT-SUR-1600 has combined the features of central motorization and surface touchable rewinding.


The central motorized shaft is responsible for rewinding, and the big drum is designed to protect thin material from being pulled off during the winding process.

In the process of protecting materials, the big drum has two main functions:

1st, the thin material is in contact with a big drum surface, its force area is increased, the thin material undertakes much less pressure during the winding process, and the probability of being pulled off is greatly reduced;

feeding roller

2nd, the big drum is close to the rewinding shaft, it effectively prevents the deviation or swing of the material during the transmission process, ensuring that the finished roll edge is neat enough.

This working pattern has been widely used for narrow cigarette paper bobbins, tipping paper, plug wrap paper, electric insulation paper, etc.


Sometimes, in order to realize a better performance, our engineering team creatively utilizes one synchronized belt, enabling all the transmission rollers driven by the same motor to rotate synchronously.

The such a design effectively reduces all the surface strength during machine running, and paper bobbin’s safety could be guaranteed.

With such technology, it could be applied in some special electric sensitive film, foil film, PVC film as well as some optical coating films’ slitting and rewinding.

Slitting effect on SUR slitter rewinder

One of our dear Bulgaria clients purchased Jota’s JT-SUR-1600 duplex center-surface slitter rewinder in 2016.

Almost 4 years passed now, this Bulgaria client just contacted us several times in this period for parts replacement, JT-SUR-1600 slitting rewinding machine always works well in his factory.



Because this Bulgaria client needed a high-quality slitter rewinder for converting especially thin paper, so we Jota recommended the JT-SUR-1600 duplex surface slitting rewinding machine to him according to his requirements.

We recommended the JT-SUR-1600 paper slitting machine to Bulgarian customers because the surface rewinding slitter machine is excellent for cutting thin paper.

Besides, JT-SUR-1600 has many other attractive features, you might be interested in such attractive features.

For the unwinding section, the JT-SUR-1600 slitting machine equips with a fully automatic hydraulic mother roll loading system.

Your operators could load material jumbo roll easily and effortlessly with such a system, and their labor and time could be saved for other important tasks.

slitting machine backside

Fully Automatic Hydraulic Jumbo Roll Loading

If you have a strict requirement for accurate slitting position and precision, an optional web guiding system could be added to the JT-SUR-1600 paper slitting machine, then meet your strict requirements.

When it comes to the slitting section, slitting rotary knives are fixed by screws, slitting width could be easily adjusted.

What’s more, with the press roll’s existence, paper tailing could be held after 1 cycle, then you just need to stick tailings for new cycle running, which saves your time.

As for the rewinding section, the differential friction shaft could be embedded in a JT-SUR-1600 roll slitting machine, then you could use the JT-SUR-1600 slitting and rewinding machine to handle material with an uneven surfaces.

The JT-SUR-1600 paper slitter rewinder machine has a rewinding shaft connector that can rotate 360 degrees.

This makes it easy and convenient for the operator to automatically inflate and deflate the rewinding shaft when the job is done.


360-degree Rotation Rewinding Shaft Connector

If you value the quality of the slitter rewinder machine very much, the JT-SUR-1600 paper roll slitting machine is undoubtedly your first choice.

Because JT-SUR-1600’s configuration list includes Siemens motors, Yaskawa AC drive, Inovance PLC, etc.

All the high-quality components ensure you could enjoy a stable and highly efficient running machine.

You could watch the below presentation video to better understand the JT-SUR-1600 foil slitting machine working.

The whole Jota professional team is always ready to serve you if you have any requirements for converting your flexible packaging materials

You just need to move your finger to submit an inquiry to us, and then wait for our timely reply.

FAQS on Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinder Machines – What You Should Know

If you’re looking for an automatic paper slitter rewinder, you’ve come to the right place.

Jota Machineries provides a variety of slitter rewinders to meet your specific requirements.

Yes, we can tailor the machines to your specifications.

Other than our many years of experience in paper slitting and cutting, we have managed to win the trust of famous brands – Navigator, Kurz, Mondi, etc. We have clients from all over the world, from Mexico, Egypt, the United States, to China.

If you need to know more about our slitter rewinding machines, read on.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions regarding slitter rewinders.

What is a Paper Slitter Rewinder?

Slitting machines are common in the machinery industry.
For example, it is useful in printing businesses, packaging processes, and slitting film, foil, and fabric.
The cutting and slitting machine’s function is to convert large material rolls (both hard and soft) into narrow-width finished rolls.
The slitting machine is mainly used to unwind a large mother roll, cut and slit it with a knife (round disc knife or razor blade knife), and then rewind the narrow finished rolls or small diameter rolls.
Then the finished rolls will enter the next process: printing, die-cutting, or lamination.

The paper roll slitting rewinding machine has two functions, one is the slitting function which is used to slit the mother roll into narrow sizes.
The other one is the rewinding function which is used to rewind the big mother rolls into small-diameter paper rolls.

How Does the Roll Slitting Machine Work?

In summary, the slitter rewinder unwinds the jumbo roll material, cuts it through the blades, and then the motor drives the winding shaft rotating to roll the material up.
During the entire high-speed slitting machine’s operation, it is very important to keep the tension constant.
In length, the slitter rewinder’s working principle is simple. It involves the following steps:

  • Step 1: Mother paper roll unwinding
  • Step 2: Web guide for edge tracking
  • Step 3: Slitting cutting
  • Step 4: Rewinding on a pneumatic air shaft
STEP 1: Mother Paper Roll Unwinding

The unwinding means putting the big mother roll onto the unwinding stand.

This unwinding stands mainly with a double-layer floor.

The second floor is movable with the help of the leading way and ball linear.

The movable unwinding stand supplies a movable journey for web guide tracking.

STEP 2: Web Guide Tracking

When the web guide is working, there is an ultrasonic sensor to track the paper rolls, which are solid.

The mother rolls on the unwinding stand and will move left and right to align all the paper edges to the sensor. It could ensure all the paper edges are smooth.

If your mother rolls are not neat, the web guide will 100% resolve this problem.
unwinding stand SUR
NOTE: There is a magnetic brake or motor will be installed on the unwinding stand.

It is used for the tension control of the mother paper rolls.
The magnetic brake is primarily the technician’s choice.

Because of the simple control system and stable functions.

The magnetic brake is controlled by an Ampere meter.
When the A meter’s electric current rises, so does the tension force in the magnetic brake.

The tension of the magnetic brake will decrease as the electric current decreases.

It is sensitive and simple to use.

The servo motor is sometimes installed on the unwinding stand.

Our engineers will install servo motors on the unwinding stand if your material is sensitive.

The unwinding servo motor works in tandem with the NIP roller and rewinding motors. As a result, it includes a closed loop for tension control.

STEP 3: Slitting and Cutting

After the unwinding stand, the paper rolls will come to the slitting devices.

For different material rolls, we have different cutting methods for options.

These are mainly the round disc cutters.

Which are installed for different materials like paper rolls, plastic sheet rolls, electric films, and some new energy films.
surface slitting rewinding
The round disc cutters are motorized, and the lower cutter shaft is active for running.

And the upper knife shaft will be occlusal by the means of gear.

Since most roll-slitting machine suppliers simply focus on machine speed, they rarely focus on disc-cutting knives.

But that’s not Jota Machinery. With our slitter rewinder, there is a razor blade for some plastic film slitting.

This is simpler than the round disc cutters.

Better yet, the process becomes a passive working way.

Meaning that you only need to cut off the plastic film with a sharpening edge.

Then, razor blade slitting becomes one of the acceptable slitting ways.

Now, to guarantee a slitting width precision, Jota Machinery has a technician who makes a high-precision spacer for limiting your width.

This is a lower cutter shaft by assembling different widths of spacers, such as 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, etc. depending on your required width.

STEP 4: Rewinding the Pneumatic Air Shaft

After the disc slitting cutters, the jumbo rolls will be rewound by the rewinding shaft.

The recommended rewinding method is the central surface rewinding type.

Here, the rewinding air shaft is motorized.

But there is a swing-type rubber roller to touch the rewinding jumbo rolls to ensure the rewinding edge neatly.
rewinding shaft
With this type of rewinding method, all jumbo rolls achieve good performances.

Therefore, the roll slitting machine working principle is unwinding – slitting – rewinding.

It is simple but not easy. It is full of experiences and knowledge.

If you are interested in the roll slitting machines, it is better you understand which kind of cutting knife methods are preferable and how about your jumbo rolls tension control.

Do You Have Video Demonstrations On How Slitter Rewinders Work?

Yes, of course, we do. Here’s a video demonstrating knife positioning on a slitter rewinder,

This process helps you reduce time in getting small finished rolls.

You can actually preset all slitting widths, which makes it easier and faster to complete your slitting tasks.

In essence, the slitter machine uses circular knives for paper cutting, then the razor blades are for slit-rewinding films.

What’s Paper Slitting Rewinder Machine Used For?

A slitting rewinder machine is mainly used in flexible packaging processes.

The keyword here is “flexible” meaning that it can be modified to suit different packaging needs.

Thus, it increases efficiency, productivity, and profits for a packaging company.

Also, paper slitting rewinders are majorly applicable in the field of the printing press.

Therefore, if you are in the printing business, you definitely need one or both of the above equipment.

What Are The Different Types of Slitter Rewinding Machines?

While there are several types of slitting rewinding machines, their functions are divided into two categories.

Some are used to slit hard materials such as steel and metals, while others are used to slit soft materials like paper, film, aluminum foil, and fabric.
Slitting machines are designed to cut materials from large rolls into small rolls, whereas cross-cutting sheeting machines are designed to cut materials from large rolls into sheets.

Sheet to sheet is for an offset printing machine, and roll to roll is for a flexographic printing machine and a rotogravure printing machine, etc.

Generally, slitting machinery includes unwinding, web-feeding, slitting, rewinding, controlling, and waste collecting sections.

It consists of a PLC module, an AC drive, several motors, a digital camera sensor, an automatic tension controller, etc.

Why Choose Paper Slitter Rewinder by Jota Machinery?

For starters, our rewinding machines are adaptable, with automatic loading and unloading capabilities.

Friction shafts, a rotary encoder, automatic stops, and waste edge trimmings are included in the paper rewinder machines.


Other features include:

  • Slitting width ranges from 3mm to 3800mm
  • Unwinding widths of 320mm to 3800mm
  • Maximum unwinding diameter of up to 1800mm
  • Boasts of the Transverse spooling technology
  • Shear slitting switch

Apart from the slitting machines’ amazing features, you can also go with Jota Machinery because:

  1. We’re not only an industry leader in automatic paper slitting machines but also a trade-integrated company. This is under the leadership of a proficient CEO and adept CTO, both with many years of experience in this field.
  2. We have a diligent team that consists of both male and female staff working as hard as supermen and superwomen.
  3. Jota Machinery works with top-notch engineers around the world. And we always consult and confer with other engineers from across the world. The intention is to come up with the best paper slitter machines.
  4. We also love that our products are applicable in all types of industries, from paper, foil, and Prepreg UD Tape, to the fabric industry.

Which Paper Slitter Rewinding Machine Should I Buy?

It depends on your needs. But here are the available slitter models.

  • Let’s start with the JT SLT-1400FA slitter machine. This is best for thermal paper rolls. It is 100% automatic hence no need of a dedicated operator. The machine also lets you choose to install an online printing function.
  • The second slitter is the JT SLT-1300C. If you’re working with regular paper or film materials, then this machine is exactly what you need.
  • The third machine is the JT SUR-1600, which works best for aluminum foil and cigarette paper.
  • The fourth slitting rewinder is the JT SLT-2500C. This machine matches the need of those working with jumbo rolls that are greater or equal to 2500mm in width.

How is a Slitter Rewinder Applied in the Film Industry?

After various films are produced from the film blowing machine or plastic film sheet extrusion machine, the width is very great, reaching more than 3000mm.
The function of the wide roll cutter slitter is to slit the film into narrow-width strips, and then enter the gravure printing or packaging process.
After printing the composite material, the composite material needs to be cut again to an appropriate width, and then placed on a three-edge sealing pouch bag machine to make a bag with the appropriate width.

How are Slitting Machines Applicable in the Self-Adhesive Paper Sticker Industry?

This industry has a strong demand for slitting cutter machines.

And there is a slew of applications, which include food packaging, daily chemicals, electronics, etc.

In addition to the most basic function of displaying information, the adhesive sticker label application also involves reposting and repeated use, anti-counterfeiting functions, etc.

Anyway, two types of toll slitters are used in the adhesive sticker labeling process:

(a) a 1300mm or 1600mm roll cutting and slitting machine

(b) a 320mm slitting and rewinding machine. It might also require an inspection rewinder.

A 1300mm (or 1600mm) cutting and slitting machine is required after self-adhesive compounding to cut the jumbo roll into 300mm or 400mm widths.

Then, the pattern is printed with water-based ink by a flexo printing machine, passes through the die cutter or mini slitter rewinder machine being cut into narrow strips.

The narrow rolls are usually 250mm or 300mm, which are meant to meet with the flex graphic printing machine size.

Here’s a video on JT SLT-320 Mini Slitting Machine

Are Your Slitting Machines Customizable?

Yes, Jota Machinery offers customization of slitting machines.

Due to our experience, and a team of professionals, we can design and customize a slitting machine based on your production scenario. We can also optimize existing equipment as per your requirement.

All you need to do is send us sample material or come to us to better explain your needs.

Once we understand what you want and require, our professional engineers will get to work designing the best slitting machine for you.

What Type of Blades Do You Use for the Slitting Machines?

The machines mainly use two types of blades: circular knives and razor blades.

While circular knives are used in slitting thick and tough materials like paper cardboard, razor blades are mainly applied in slitting thin materials such as film.

The good news is that we will design different-diameter circular knives to meet the requirements of different materials.

For example, for a blade that cuts adhesive, our design is to make the blade anti-adhesive, and the blade can handle the edge perfectly well.

What’s more, for slitting and winding machines with higher requirements, we will use a Taiwan-made pneumatic knife.

This kind of knife itself has high requirements, when the machine speed is up to 500m/min, the beating range is within 5mm.

How Much is the Slitting Machine?

When it comes to pricing slitter rewinder machines, there’s no one specific cost.

It varies based on material type, jumbo roll width, and winding (and unwinding) diameters.

Nonetheless, the 320mm width label slitting machine costs a few thousand dollars.

However, some slitting machines are customized for glass fiber and carbon fiber, which can cost more than 100,000 US dollars.

In order to better confirm your desired slitting machinery’s price, it’s best to contact us with your specifications.

We will then give you the best quote. Some of the things we need to know include:

  • Material type
  • Jumbo roll width
  • Jumbo roll diameter
  • Required slit width, and
  • Winding diameter

How Do I Choose the Right Slitting Machine?

First of all, we have a wide variety of automatic paper slitter rewinding machines.

Each of them is different and suited for a specific function. Some are even customized as per the requirements of a client.

This diversity is what makes Jota Machinery unique and special.

And it makes things easier for you to choose the right slitting machine. So, how do you pick the right machine?

Well, it depends on you. Maybe you are looking for a slitting rewinder to meet your needs.

Perhaps you need to have a machine that will suit your material’s thickness.

Or maybe that’s not enough. It doesn’t matter what your requirements are, we can sort you out. That’s our job!

Nonetheless, when choosing a slitting machine, you ought to accustom yourself to the following:

  • The jumbo roll width determines the unwinding width of your cutting and slitting machine;
  • The jumbo roll diameter determines the unwind stand type, shafted unwind stand or floor pickup shaftless unwind stand;
  • The jumbo roll material thickness determines the slitting knife types, circular knives or razor blades;
  • The finished roll diameter determines the winding frame height, as well as the height of your slitting rewinder machine and the power of the winding motor.

What is Razor Slitting?

The single-sided blade or double-sided blade is placed on a fixed blade holder, during the slitting rewinder machine’s running process.

The blade is then dropped so that the blade cuts the web material longitudinally to achieve a slitting purpose.
There are two ways of razor slitting:

  1. a) Razor-in-grooved-roll
  2. b) Razor-in-air slitting

The Razor-in-grooved-roll slitting means that when the material runs on the grooved roller, the cutting knife is dropped in the roller’s groove to cut the material longitudinally.

At this time, the material has a certain wrap angle in the grooved roll, which is not easy to drift. When slitting cast PP film, this slitting method is commonly used to improve slitting efficiency.

However, compared to the razor-in-air slitting, it is more inconvenient to set the knife.

On the other hand, Razor-in-air slitting means that when the material passes between nip rollers, the razor falls to cut the material longitudinally.

At this time, the material is in a relatively unstable state.

Therefore, the slitting accuracy is slightly worse than that of razor-in-grooved-roll slitting, but this slitting method is convenient for knife settings and easy to operate.

Razor slitting is mainly suitable for slitting thin plastic films and composite films.

What is Shear Slitting in Slitter Rewinder Machines?

Shear slitting usually introduces a male and a female circular blade, the rotating male and female circular blades are formed like a “scissor” to longitudinally cut the incoming web.

The female blades are usually mounted on a roller, and the male blade is either placed on an independent holder or installed on a shaft like the female blades.

Its slitting quality is fantastic even machine runs at high speeds, dust generation can be effectively reduced, both blades’ service life can also be extended.

Shear slitting is widely applicable to many kinds of materials, such as paper, laminates, films, foils, tapes, textiles, and more.

What is Score Slitting?

Score slitting is also referred to as crush cutting, it has always been the most popular slitting form, especially for the older slitting machine.

This technique adopts a rotating blade cutting material against an idler roller with a hardened surface, the idler roller is also called an anvil roll or crush roll.

Compared to razor slitting, changing from one slit width to the other is very simple.

Tapes, non-wovens, textiles, foams, rubber, and other types of material can be processed by score slitting.

What is Tension Control in Automatic Paper Slitter Rewinders?

This is divided into either manual or automatic.

Manual tension control means that when the roll diameter changes to a certain stage during the winding or unwinding process, the operator needs to adjust the tension manually.

Fully automatic tension control is to directly measure actual web tension by the sensor, and then convert the tension data into a tension signal and feed it back to the tension controller.

By comparing this signal with the tension value preset, the control signal is calculated to automatically command the execution unit, and finally, the actual tension value is equal to the preset tension value, and tension stabilizing is realized.

NOTE: Tension control must remain effective at any running speed of different statuses, including acceleration, deceleration, and uniform speed.

Even when emergently shut down, it should ensure that the material being cut is not scratched or damaged.

In essence, the tension control stability directly affects slitting quality.

Do You Have Any Certifications?

Yes, we’re certified to manufacture automatic paper slitter rewinder machines.

We have certifications for capacity, manufacturing, and quality control.
For Capacity:
Located in a high-precision machinery industry belt, mature supporting supply chain, and sufficient craftsman supply, producing 30 sets of slitter rewinder per month without any pressure.
For Manufacturing:
Based on extremely precise slitter rewinder design by our CTO, CNC control and assembly completion by a skilled operator, and electrical wire connection by an experienced electrician.
For Quality Control:
4 times inspection by the purchaser, assembler, CNC operator, and engineer, ensures the quality of the finished slitter rewinder.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

We Jota could also supply the following related machines, if you are also interested in any type, please feel free to send us an inquiry:

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