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The original manufacturer in designing and manufacturing converting equipment, slitter rewinder machinery for flexible packaging related industry.

As a company whose target is always a win-win together with you, each professional staff of Jota Machinery Industrial (Kunshan) Co., Ltd stands by 24h a day to assist you to explore your deep requirements, based on our knowledge and experience.

After a deep discussion of your requirements, get a better and more comprehensive understanding of your scenario, then we will provide the most a suitable solution for clearing your long-standing pain point backs up you bravely taking the step of changing your current status.



Your Trustworthy Supplier – Jota Machinery

As you know, regarding machinery products, different clients have different requirements, and these requirements are always special.

In order torealize these requirements, machine customization is essential.

Customization is one of Jota’s core competitiveness, we can discuss it with you like workmates, figure out customization solution together, ensures

the final solution is perfectly suitable for your actual production.



Customize Your Own Machine

What’s more, Jota Machinery has a professional team, we are always ready to serve you with our heart, experience, and expertise.

In order to fully meet your needs, Jota Machinery’s  CEO Bruce could also chat with you in English, Jota CTO Jimmy could operate the thermal paper slitting machine himself to show you the real effect and ensure that you are satisfied with the machine’s working effectively.


Jota Whole Professional Team


Jota CEO Bruce


Jota CTO Jimmy

Of course, precision machine production couldn’t be finished without the assembler, electrician, and fitter’s efforts.

The Jota factory staffs are skilled craftsmen, with them assembling the machine for you, you have enough reasons to expect a dreamy machine.


Jota Factory


Jota CNC Center


Jota Skilled Craftsmen

Which Machines You Could Purchase from Jota Machinery

  1. Thermal Paper Slitting Machine
  2. CFRP, CFRTP, FRP Prepreg Slitter
  3. Slitting Rewinding Machine
  4. Paper Tube Making Machine
  5. Cardboard Tube Cutting Machine
  6. Paper Drinking Straws Machine
  7. Paper Sheeter
  8. Label Die Cutting Machine
  9. Flexo Printing Machine

The above machines are Jota’s main push items, we Jota welcome you to send us an inquiry to get a quote.

Of course, if you need any other related machine, we could also assist you to find the most suitable supplier in China.

As we have accumulated so many years of experience in this industry, we are able to help you save your most priceless time and energy.

Jota’s Iconic Clients around the World

  • Portugal: NAVIGATOR
  • Sri Lanka: SS LABELS
  • Thailand: MONDI GROUP

We Jota believe in delivering value through innovation, we believe in an open and honest relationship, we believe in speed-to-market, and WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN SHORTCUTS.

If you have the same core value, we are definitely YOUR TRUSTWORTHY SUPPLIER.

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