JT-50A Paper Core Making Winding Machine

Winding Small Size Paper Tubes
  • Paper Core Thickness 1mm-5mm
  • Paper Core Diameter 10mm-100mm
  • Paper Core Length 50mm-2000mm
  • HIGHTECH Touch Screen From Taiwan
ItemJT-50A Paper Core Making Winding Machine
Paper Layers3-12
Paper Core Thickness1mm-5mm
Paper Core Diameter10mm-100mm
Paper Core Length500mm-2000mm
Max. Machine Speed0-30m/min


Raw Material
Craft Paper
Delta PLC control and automatic meter counter, all the parameters can be set up on the control panel.
HIGHTECH touch screen from Taiwan, all the parameters can be displayed on the HMI interface, easy operation.
Imported frequency inverter drives the AC motor, the machine working is more stable.
Independent electrical control box equips with input plug, the after-sale troubleshooting and repairing will be much easier.
Dialogue monitor, automatic operation memory and store, automatic fault display.
Online Multi cutter for cutting the paper core, high precision, and more bearable.
Extreme quiet design transmission parts after special treatment, with high efficiency and low maintenance.
Double side glue coating devices, the paper core is more sticky and stronger.
2 photocells for the paper core length tracking, after reaching the preset length, the paper core will be cut off.
Circuit system with remote control function, if circuit or machine fail, the engineer can assist you in solving problems via machine communications tools and software.

JT-50A Paper Core Making Winding Machine


Last Update Time:22/11/2022

Mr. Tamir is an Egyptian who lives and works in Saudi Arabia. He is a client of the JT-50A Paper Core Making Winding Machine. He has been living in Dammam, a beautiful port city, for over ten years.


Mr. Tamir

Mr. Tamir used to work in a local paper tube factory, which used a historical Turkish paper tube making machine.


Historical Turkish Paper Tube Machine

As the local market in Saudi Arabia became more and more open, the new king encouraged more and more industrial policies.

Many Saudis began to invest in setting up printing factories, buying paper core making winding machines, kraft paper slitting machines, trademark printing machines, adhesive label die cutting machines, etc.

Because of this, the demand for small paper tubes is increasing all over Saudi Arabia.

After investigating this market repeatedly, Mr. Tamir felt that the small-size paper tube was still a blank market in the local area, and decided to enter the small-size paper tube industry, specializing in providing small kraft paper tube winding to local customers.

Therefore, Mr. Tamir came to China for the first time in 2017 and inspected a number of paper tube production equipment suppliers in China

jota's workshop
Jota’s workshop

When visiting our company, we discussed a detailed paper tube business plan for newcomers like Mr. Tamir and made a detailed schedule. We also showed him around our factory and CNC center.


The guests felt impressed by our Jota Machinery’s mechanical expertise and proficient English communication skills and decided to cooperate with us on the spot.

The solution we give to Mr. Tamir is a complete line of small paper tube production, including a slitting machine (JT-SLT-1300C), a kraft paper tube winding machine, and a tube cutting machine.

According to the actual situation of a newcomer into this industry, we also recommend Mr. Tamir purchase some auxiliary equipment such as air compressors and forklifts, as well as all the accessories required by the machine.


Air Compressor

After all the machines were shipped to Saudi Arabia, our engineers flew to Saudi Arabia to help customers start by laying out the power wires, turning the customer’s empty factory into a paper tube production line factory.



And then our engineers helped Mr. Tamir to debug these machines until all the machinery and equipment are operating normally.

Finally, the customer was badly pleased to see that the production line successfully produced 0.5″ small paper tubes.


Although Mr. Tamir is a newcomer to the small paper tube winding industry, he quickly occupied the local market in Saudi Arabia.

According to Mr. Tamir’s feedback, he moved the factory twice in two years, and each time he moved the factory because the area of the production workshop was insufficient.

With the successful experience of the first cooperation, Mr. Tamir is discussing more technical equipment with us in the follow-up.

What is Paper Core Making Winding Machine?

The paper core making winding machine is a new piece of equipment that can be used to make the paper core by spirally winding paper strips into a paper cylinder.

The size of the paper core is determined by the machine’s mandrel, around which all the paper strips are wound and formed. By changing the diameter of the mandrel, you can make the core a different size.

The number of layers in the paper strip determines how thick the core is. The more layers there are, the thicker the core is.

At Jota Machinery, we always value customer service. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran, we will give our constructive opinions based on our professional knowledge and our understanding of your local market.

Mr. Tamir is a good sample of the Dammam market. Let us wish Mr. Tamir’s business in Saudi Arabia better and better and boom Saudi Arabia’s economic development.

If you are also interested in the business of paper tubes, please don’t hesitate. Our professional sales can tailor a business plan for you so that you can avoid many risks and develop more smoothly on the road to starting a business.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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