JT-ADC-420 Industrial Die Cutting Machine

420mm Unwinding Width Flatbed Type
  • Max. Unwinding Diameter 500mm
  • Max. Unwinding Width 420mm
  • Max. Die Cutting Width 400mm
  • Max. Die Cutting Length 400mm
Cutting Speed


Max. Unwinding Diameter


Max. Unwinding Width

420 mm

Max. Die Cutting Width

400 mm

Max. Die Cutting Length

400 mm

Cutting Accuracy

±0.1 mm

Total Power


Power Voltage



About 2000Kg

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)

2.9m x 1.4m x 1.4m

JT-ADC-420 Industrial Die Cutting Machine


Last Update Time:24/11/2022

Most of the time, the JT-ADC-420 industrial die cutting machine is used to make stickers, labels, and price tags.

The set die cutting machine uses an accurate flatten-cutting system, computerized material feeding, two lateral registration sensors, and one longitudinal registration sensor, which ensures high die-cutting accuracy.

ADC-420 Industrial-Die-Cutting-Machine-4

Generally speaking, industrial JT-ADC-420 machine mainly has 2 types, 1 type is rotary, and the industrial cutting machine is suitable for making blank price tags, such price tag does not require high die-cutting accuracy.


Industrial Rotary Die Cutting Machine

JT-ADC-420  machine belongs to the flatbed type, flatbed type die cutting machine’s price is lower than the rotary type, cutting die’s cost is also lower, and cutting precision is relatively higher.

In addition to these advantages, the important sections of the JT-ADC-420 machine have some unique selling points, such unique selling points may attract your attention.

The unwinding section introduces a web guiding system, material feeding deviation can be effectively avoided. Web guiding system is composed of a drive motor, leading screw, and photocell sensors.

ADC-420 Industrial-Die-Cutting-Machine-9

Drive Motor

In order to meet the intermittent production requirements of the die-cutting machine, the unwinding shaft is connected with a dancer roller, which can play the role of material buffer.

ADC-420 Industrial-Die-Cutting-Machine-10

Dancer Roller

What’s more, JT-ADC-420 industrial die cut machine equips with a graphic interface touch control screen, your worker can operate it easily: just set up some important parameters on the touch screen, and Delta PLC takes care of the rest, and it will send commands to related components.

ADC-420 Industrial-Die-Cutting-Machine-7

Touch Control Screen

ADC-420 Industrial-Die-Cutting-Machine-8

Delta PLC

We can also customize it for you if you need to add a punching, laminating, or hot stamping unit.

We have our own engineering team, so if you want to customize your JT-ADC-420 machine, it can test our skills and make Jota better and more capable.

Please send us an inquiry on this website, describe your requirements for your dreamy industrial die cut machine, and leave the customization work for us.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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