JT-SHT-1400F Dual Synchronize Rotary Blades Folio-size Sheeter

Dual Synchronize Rotary Blades Folio-size Sheeter
  • Full gear servo drive
  • Two knives cut simultaneously, low noise
  • Higher accuracy, ±0.1mm
  • The fastest speed can reach 350times/min
ItemJT-SLT-1400F dual synchronize rotary blades folio-size sheeter
Unwinding Width1400mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter1800mm
Cutting Length450mm-1600mm
Slitting Knives3 sets, for middle slitting and waste trimming
Applicable Paper Thickness60gsm-1000gsm
Cutting TypeDouble rotary cutting
Max. Cutting SpeedDepends on cutting length
Max. Stacking Height1500mm
Cutting Length>1000mm Precision±0.1%
Cutting Length<1000mm Precision±0.2mm
Air Compressor0.8Mpa
Power380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz
Gross Weight9500Kg


Reference Cutting Speed Based On Different Cutting Length
450mm100m/min, 210cut/min
500mm110m/min, 220cut/min
600mm155m/min, 260cut/min
700mm230m/min, 320cut/min
800mm300m/min, 380cut/min
900mm300m/min, 345cut/min
1000mm300m/min, 300cut/min
1100mm290m/min, 265cut/min
1200mm280m/min, 235cut/min
1300mm260m/min, 210cut/min
1400mm260m/min, 190cut/min
1500mm260m/min, 175cut/min
1600mm250m/min, 165cut/min

JT-SHT-1400F Dual Synchronize Rotary Blades Folio-size Sheeter


Last Update Time:18/11/2022

If you want a paper sheeting machine with high speed and output then you can have a review for our folio-size sheeter

Dual synchronize rotary blades JT-SHT-1400F A high-speed paper roll to sheet cutter is known as a folio-size sheeter. In contrast to a typical cut-size sheeter, it has a lot of distinctive selling points.

Full gear servo drive and the gear is immersed in oil, the operation is more stable;

Two knives cut simultaneously, low noise;


Higher accuracy, ±0.1mm;

No dust, reduce the dust pollution in the workshop, improve the quality of the finished sheet, save the guillotine process required by the simplex rotary sheeter, and finished sheet can be directly transported to the offset printing machine for printing;


The thickness range is greater, with a maximum thickness of up to 1000gsm, compared to an ordinary simplex rotary sheeter’s maximum thickness of 500gsm.

The fastest speed can reach 350times/min, and the cutting length range is larger, so after optimization, the folio-size sheeter can be used to cut 297mm length of A4 paper, increasing the output of A4 ream to 20 reams/min.

With the label inserter, you can preset counting sheet no., after reaching the preset no., the machine can insert a label to mark the sheet number.

Just because the folio-size sheeter has so many unique selling points, many customers are very interested in this machine.

Some of them are deeply attracted by these selling points and finally place an order for this machine.

Mexican customer Jose is one of the customers who finally placed an order to purchase folio-size sheeter.

Jose is a Hispanic Mexican. In 2016, we met in Mexico.



The boss of Jota, Bruce, took his iMac computer and used the computer to show Jose Jota’s factory, CNC center, folio-size sheeter parameters and demonstration videos, company presentation brochure, and video.


Jose also introduced his own business and many other situations. We built a very deep understanding of each other.

Jose’s company has always been in the paper converting business, and his paper parent roll materials come from Canada or the United States. Because of production needs, they found us and wanted to buy a folio-size sheeter with a width of 1450mm.

A 1450mm wide folio-size sheeter is not a conventional machine. After we met, we discussed his special requirement in detail, and finally, we agreed to customize this special width folio-size sheeter for Jose.

The machine was shipped to Mexico City in 2017. Our engineer went to Jose’s office to install the folio-size sheeter machine, instructed Jose’s employee on how to operate it, and ultimately the machine was operating normally. Jose is extremely pleased with this.

In 2018, when Jota boss Bruce visited Mexico again, he had in-depth communication with Jose again. Jose praised our equipment and asked to learn about the thermal paper roll slitting machine.


Jose has become our good friend, and he also introduced some of his industry peers to us. Because of his word of mouth, his industry peers sometimes buy machines from us. We thank him from the bottom of our hearts.

JT-SHT-1400F Dual Synchronize Rotary Blades Folio-size Sheeter FAQ Guide

What is dual rotary sheeter machine?

The sheeter is the most basic machine in the printing and packaging industry. It mainly uses a rotary knife to cross-cut large paper rolls into sheets for subsequent printing, die-cutting, or packaging.

The rotary sheeter uses a pair of rotating and rolling knives to cut paper.

This machine is high-speed, quiet, and high in cutting precision. It is an ideal equipment for various large paper mills and printing plants.

Compared with the simplex rotary knife sheeter, what are the advantages of dual rotary sheeter? Is it worth buying?

In the Simplex rotary knife sheeter, as the name suggests, the upper knife is a cross-cutting knife with a cylindrical knife holder, and the lower knife is a fixed knife.

Paper cutting is realized by rotating the upper knife.

The rotary sheeter, the upper knife, and the lower knife are respectively installed on the circular knife holder, the upper knife and the lower knife rotate at the same time, and the cutting edges are synchronized to cut off the paper.

The rotary sheeter has more stable operation, higher cutting precision, and faster speed, and the edges of the cut paper sheets are very neat, free of dust or burrs, the terminal sheet is very beautiful.

As a professional supplier of paper sheeter machines, Jota provides a variety of sheeter machines to meet your different needs.

What is the maximum cutting thickness of the dual rotary sheeter?

The maximum cutting thickness of the sheeter is 1000gsm.

Generally, the thickness of copy paper, bond paper, and paper cardboard are all within 500gsm, for multi-layer cross-cutting, as long as the maximum thickness is less than 1000gsm, the rotary sheeter machine is able to handle it.

How many unwind stand can be placed on the dual rotary sheeter? (shaftless floor pick-up unwind stand)

The maximum cutting thickness of the rotary sheeter is 1000gsm, make sure the thickness of all layers does not exceed 1000gsm.

According to the number of layers you calculated, choose 2 rolls unwind stand, 4 rolls unwind stand, and 6 rolls unwind stand respectively.

How to ensure that all layers are stacked neatly?

If you have more than 2 layers, such as 4 or 6 layers, you may want to add a web guiding device to ensure that the paper of each layer is precisely positioned, and then stack them to enter the sheeting section of the sheeter so that all paper edges are neat.

What is the accuracy of the dual rotary sheeter? How to ensure accuracy?

The wall panels of our rotary sheeter are processed by gantry CNC high-precision processing, and the entire knife holder is finished by high-precision welding and then undergoes dynamic and static balance treatment.

The cutter station is controlled by a servo motor, and the transmission gear is also from a large Chinese automotive company’s supplier, ensuring the accuracy of the entire machine’s core mechanical parts.

Therefore, the accuracy of cutting paper is 0.1mm.

When working, all transmission gears are immersed in engine oil to ensure gear lubrication and reduce noise.

Can the dual rotary sheeter cut A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 paper?

The rotary sheeter adopts PLC and touch screen control, and the standard cross-cutting length ranges from 450mm-1650mm.

If it is A4 and A5 sizes, we need to customize a special knife holder to meet your requirements.

Is there any paper packaging machinery?

So far, we can provide an A4 paper packaging machine, it can be connected in series with rotary sheeter online, to form an A4 paper production line with an output of 15-20 reams per minute.

If you are interested, you can contact our sales to get more videos, specs, and quotations.

We are still in the research and development stage for other sizes of paper wrapping machines, and we will provide more information in the future.

Can the dual rotary sheeter cut stickers?

The middle layer of the self-adhesive label is made of sensitive pressure adhesive, hot melt adhesive glue, or water-based adhesive.

The glue sticks to the knife, so the rotary sheeter is not suitable for a cross-cutting stickers.

For sticker cutting, we recommend JT-SHT-1600 paper roll to sheeting machine.

Can dual rotary sheeter cut printed paper?

Rotary sheeter can cut single-roll printed materials, you need to install a photoelectric eye to track the color code (color code), and then cut the complete picture.


But it can only cut single rolls, and double rolls cannot be supported.

Can dual rotary sheeter cut plastic film or plastic sheet?

No, the plastic film is too soft to be transported, and the working type of the knife is not suitable for cutting plastic film.

In addition, the plastic sheet is too thick to be supported.

If you need a cross-cutting machine for plastic sheets, please click JT-SHT-1100 A3 A4 A5 paper sheeter.

Are there automatic slitting knives on the dual rotary knife sheeter?

Automatic slitting knives can be installed optionally to facilitate the need for splitting or trimming.

Can the dual rotary sheeter realize automatic length positioning and sheets number counting?

The machine has a PLC and a touch screen. The length and quantity of cross-cutting can be set directly on the touch screen. The PLC will work automatically.

When a certain number of sheets is reached, it will automatically alarm or insert a label (label tab inserter device) to facilitate subsequent counting.

If I want to cross-cut the sheet over 2000mm, can it be achieved?

If you want this customized length, the stacker is not good for stacking finished sheets.

So we recommend you consider Jota JT-SHT-1300 automatic paper roll the sheet cutting machine, it can cut max. 8000mm length sheet.

How about the technical service of dual rotary sheeter?

We have a professional research and development team and service staff.

After delivery, our mechanical and electrical engineers will install and debug the machine at the customer’s location.

The customer is responsible for the round-trip airfare, food, and lodging, as well as a daily wage of $100 USD.

In addition, we have a professional service team who can communicate fluently in English and is online 7×24.

What if I need accessories and after-sales service?

We will ship some usual accessories at random together with the machine.

If you need accessories in the future, we can send them by express.

At present, our accessories are handled in this way, and customers are generally satisfied.

Do you have an agent?

At present, we only have agents in a few countries.

Companies with professional teams and experience in mechanical services are welcome to communicate with us and create a better future together.

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