2021 Year Appreciation Banquet In Jota Machinery

On January 20th, we held a 2021 Year Appreciation Banquet In Jota Machinery.

In this increasingly strong Jota Machinery family, we thank the production team headed by Mr. Tian, ​​who provided us with stable delivery.

We thank Arno and his team for adjusting well each slitting machine before shipping. Whenever he encounters after-sales problems, he can assist our sales team to deal with every problem in time.

We thank Mr.Ren for his dedication to Jota Machinery. In addition to being a member of the production team, he is also responsible for the delivery of the equipment. When before shipping he will help us prepare the accessories needed for the equipment, making sure not to drop any accessories. He carefully secures every corner of the pallet when loading the container. Only by doing this then you can receive the part of the device that is not bumped.

We thank Jota Machinery General Manager Bruce and CTO Jimmy for the equipment and technology upgrades. For a company, if the product is single and the technology is fixed, then it cannot keep up with the pace of the market, and it must face the risk of being eliminated.

It is not the credit of one or two people that Jota Machinery’s market can be spread across various states. Without the support of the Jota Machinery team, there would be no Jota Machinery that everyone praises now. We would like to thank all the members who joined Jota Machinery at this special time, thank you for your dedication and contribution.

2021 Year Appreciation Banquet In Jota Machinery

Tina is honored as 2021 Sales Champion

2021 sales champion

In the new year, let us will work together again to achieve our goals for this year!

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