Single Paper Straw Wrapping Machine

Paper Straw Packaging
  • 300-400 pcs/minute
  • Max. straw length 240mm (can be customized)
  • Straw diameter ranges from 5mm-10mm
  • Single/double color printing is optional

JT-P300 single paper straw wrapping machine

Machine Speed

300-400 pcs/min

Straw Length

Max. 240mm (can be customized)

Straw Diameter


Packing Length

Fixed, can’t be adjusted

Packing Width

It can be adjusted according to the straw diameter

Sealing size



1900mm x 600mm x 1200mm





JT-P300 Single Paper Straw Wrapping Machine


Last Update Time:27/03/2022

The JT-P300 single paper straw wrapping machine can be applied to packing different diameters, length drinking straws. Automatic packing paper feeding, optional packing paper printing, straw packing, sealing, cutting are realized on 1 machine.

In a word, The JT-P300 single paper straw wrapping machine has a high degree of automation and packing speed. You can feel the automation grade by watching the following presentation video of JT-p300.

A South Korea client purchased two 6-7mm diameter single paper straw production line from Jota recently. These 2 production lines include 2 sets of JT-P300 single straw packing machine.



3 Piles Paper Infeeder

The single straw film/paper packaging machine is a device for automatically packaging beverage straws into bags. The machine is composed of driving motor, transmission system, film (paper) unwinding device, Straw filling device, printing device, automatic sealing device, finished transport device, etc. . The machine has superior automation and production technology, filling, printing and packaging all at once.


Paper Straw Making Machine

As a result of the ban on plastic packaging around the world, with the explosion of paper Straw products, the market for a single Straw packaging machine has also opened up and become an indispensable machine in the paper Straw industry, it also contributes its own small part to the cause of environmental protection.


Conveyor and Collector


Paper Straw Bending Machine



Single straw packing machine is suitable for packing paper Straw with different diameters. The diameter of the Common Straw is 4-12mm. For the different length of the straw packaging, if the straw length is longer than the standard length, can also be customized for the customer’s special size mold. But this machine not only can pack paper Straw but also can pack plastic Straw, PLA Straw, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and other cylindrical products.

The machine comes with 2 color flexographic printing, which is often used by customers to print company logos or simple product specifications. Printing using water-based ink, easy to operate, can be customized to meet different printing plate requirements.

Jota can also customize the automatic online conveyor belt to connect paper straws, dryers, slicers, single straw packers and multi Straw pillow packers, these machines together into a complete paper Straw automatic production line.


JT-P300 Single Straw Packing Machine

If you are also interested in the 6-7mm diameter single independent packaging paper straw production line, please send an inquiry on our website, and we will customize the production line for you according to your requirements.

Paper Straw Wrapping Machine FAQ Guide

If you are wondering that how can you expand or start you own paper straw wrapping business, this place is right for you.

Let me tell you why.

As a result of the worldwide prohibition on plastic packaging, and the expansion of paper straw products, the market for a paper straw wrapping machine has opened up.

It has become a vital machine in the paper straw sector, as well as contributing its part to environmental conservation.

In order to further grasp the idea of starting and expanding the business, let’s move towards the details of the straw packing machine.

First of all let’s see:

What Is a Paper Straw Wrapping Machine?

First of all, let me tell you what exactly is the paper straw wrapping machine?

A paper straw wrapping machine can pack drinking straws of various diameters and lengths.

One machine can handle:

  • Packing-paper feeding
  • Packing paper printing (optional)
  • Straw packing
  • Sealing
  • Cutting

In a nutshell, the paper straw wrapping machine is a highly automated machine and packs straws quickly.

How Does It Work?

Your paper straw wrapping machine works in the following way.

Paper Unwinding

Paper unwinding is the first process of straw wrapping machine. It unwinds the large roll of paper material and cuts into shorter pieces according the required length.

For cutting purposes, sharp cutters are pre-installed in the machine which automatically cut the paper in the required size.

Auto Filling

In the next step the machine auto-fills the tank with water-based glue. The winded paper sheets are now dipped into the glue tank for further process.

Auto Sealing

There is an auto-sealing system in your straw wrapping machine that seals the straw into the packaging.

Auto Counting

For you ease, the machine counts the number of packed straws. This feature reduces the individual labor, human errors, and saves time.

Alarm System

The straw wrapping machine has an automatic alarm system that notifies you either if it is working adequately, or if there is some ill-functioning in the machine.

Adjustable Speed

Your straw packaging machine has an adjustable speed system. This system lets you set the speed of machine according to the number of straws you want to pack in a minute.


This machine has an easy-to-operate system. It has touch screen features which make the machine easier to operate. Moreover, Jota gives manual guides and assists properly in case of any emergencies. In this way, the whole process becomes easier.

Fully Automatic

Investing money in buying paper straw wrapping machine is worth it because of its automatic system. All of its features operate without manual aid which is both cost-effective and enhances the business growth.

Parts of Paper Straw Wrapping Machine

The straw packaging machine is a machine that packs beverage straws into bags automatically.

The machine is made up of the following components:

  • A driving motor
  • A transmission system
  • A film (paper) unwinding device
  • A straw filling device
  • A printing device
  • An automatic sealing device
  • And a finished transport device, among others.

The machine features advanced automation and manufacturing technology, and it can fill, print, and package at the same time.

Specifications of Paper Straw Wrapping Machine

A single straw packaging machine can pack paper straws of various sizes.

The Common Straw has a diameter of 4-12mm. However, this machine can pack not only paper straws, but also plastic straws, PLA straws, eyebrow pencils, eyeliners, and other cylindrical products if the straw length is longer than the standard length.

Customers commonly print business logos or brief product descriptions on the machine’s two-color flexographic printing.

Water-based ink printing is simple to use and can be tailored to meet the needs of various printing plates.

Its specifications include:

  • Machine can print 300-400 pcs/min
  • The maximum straw length is 240mm (can be customized)
  • Customizable straw diameter
  • Packing Length: Fixed, can’t be adjusted
  • Packing width – It can be adjusted according to the straw diameter
  • Sealing size up to 5mm
  • Machine dimension: 1900mm x 600mm x 1200mm
  • Machine weight: 500Kg
  • Machine voltage: 380V/50Hz/3Phase

The wrappers, on the other hand, are specifically designed with kraft paper so that it doesn’t do any harm to the straws.

Let’s move further towards some properties.


Yes, both the straws and the wrappers are eco-friendly. The raw material used in the manufacturing of the straw wrapping and the straws is biodegradable. It means that they can easily decompose without doing any arm to the environment.

Food Safe

Wrappers keep the straws from contaminating virus which in return keeps the food safe.

Raw Material You Need to Make Straw Wrappers

Raw material is an important step to consider after buying the straw wrapping machine because the outcome is highly based on the input.

A high-end manufacturer builds your equipment using high-quality raw materials, such as Jota machinery employs components from well-known manufacturers.

It is because your machines are capable of performing well and providing you with a speedy (ROI) Return on Investment.

Jota machinery uses premium quality kraft paper, glue, and auxiliary equipment for the manufacturing of the straw wrapping paper.

Benefits of Paper Straw Wrapping Machine

Your straw wrapping machine has the following advantages:

  • It is a high-speed working machine, thus saves time and grows output.
  • It is a fully automatic machine which means that it lessens the manual labor.
  • It has an automatic counting system that counts the straws.
  • It has an automatic gluing and packaging system.
  • You can also print with the help of your straw wrapping machine.
  • The fast changeover and easy installation make this machine easier to operate.

Why to Wrap the Paper Straws?

The sole purpose of the wrappers is to make sure that the wrapped product is safe.

It doesn’t let the product’s properties to retain. For example, in the case of paper straws, the wrappers act as a shield around them.

These wrappers protect the straws from getting any kind of dirt, damage, or deformation.

For example, in shops, hotels, or beverage manufacturing industries, the paper straws are piled up in the inventories.

Before reaching the consumer, the straw covers protect the straws from human touch, dirt, debris, and bugs.

Thus, the paper straws with wrappers are totally safe as compared to the ones without covers.

Have a look at the advantages of wrapped paper straws.

Advantages of Wrapped Straws

Along with the other details, it is important to know about the advantages of the wrappers.

  • Wrappers contribute greatly in ensuring the health and safety of the products.
  • As in straws, the wrapping keeps them safe from catching dust particles and contagious germs.
  • It increases the durability of the wrapped straws.
  • With the help of wrappers, the straws do not decompose or get soggy due to environmental causes.
  • Moreover, wrappers are eye-catching and enhance the audience of your product by promoting your brand.

Applications of Wrapped Paper Straws

Wrapped straws have a lot of applications. Paper straws are, mainly, used for soda, iced coffee, and other soft drinks.

Straws of various lengths can be used in large, medium, and tiny cups.

The regular straw is acceptable for eight-to-sixteen-ounce cups, but you should use Jota’s standard length if you require a larger cup.

Customers can drink in moderation because the straw is thinner than the big straw. If you have any doubts regarding the size and cup, please contact Jota at any time.

Not only can we place the straw wrappers in different printings, but we can also print the straws in beautiful colors and patterns.

It puts all options at your fingertips, allowing you to customize your paper straws to meet your customer’s demands.

Furthermore, wrapped straws are greatly used by beverage and food industries to ensure health. For example:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Packed beverages
  • Coffee shops
  • Drink suppliers

Specifications of Paper Straws and Wrappers

Paper straws and their wrappers possess the following parameters:

  • Food grade paper, ink, and glue
  • Variable lengths (standard length is 7.75mm)
  • Variable diameters (standard diameter is 6mm)
  • Tasteless
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Anti-sogging
  • Bendable (on demand)
  • Biodegradable

Paper Boba Straws

Have you heard about paper boba straws?

Let’s see what have individually wrapped paper boba straws?

Individually wrapped paper boba straws are the ones used to drink boba pearls.


It is because tapioca pearls require a larger opening than a standard drinking straw.

These straws are broader than standard drinking straws. Otherwise, it will become stuck, preventing you from enjoying your delightful milk tea with boba pearls!

Most popular bubble tea cafes, such as Kung Fu Tea, Coco, Xing Fu Tang, and others, rarely have boba straws surrounding their barista counters.

Boba straws aren’t just for drinking tapioca pearls. They’re also ideal for sipping milk tea with extra ingredients. Grass jelly, egg pudding, sweet red beans, and other popular bubble tea add-ons include grass jelly, egg pudding, and sweet red beans, among others.

Difference between Paper and Plastic Straws

  • Paper straws are made with wood pulp or kraft paper, while plastic straws are made with plastic as a raw material.
  • Paper straws are biodegradable while plastic straws are not.
  • Plastic straws do not decompose, thus add pollution to the environment. Paper straws, on the other hand, are easily decomposed and cause no harm to the environment.

Due to the increased environmental hazards and health, several restaurants and health ministries have banned the use of plastic.

That’s why the business has shifted to paper straws. These paper straws are lightweight and cause no harm to the health as well as the environment.

Besides paper wrappers, you must have seen straws wrapped in plastic coverings. Let’s see what is the difference between them both?

Plastic Wrapping V.S. Paper Wrapping

Plastic wrapping and paper wrapping both are used by different industries for the packaging of their products.

But the world has taken a complete shift from plastic to the use of paper due to the increased hazards.

Like other industries, straw makers have also shifted from plastic to paper. Not only the straws but their packaging is also preferred with paper.

The reasons are:

  • Paper wrapping is easy to decompose while plastic wrapping is not.
  • Paper is safe is all weather conditions. On the other hand, plastic may produce chemicals when exposed to direct sunlight. These chemicals are hazardous for health.

Customize the Paper Straw Wrappers with Beautiful Prints

When it comes to the printing trends, Jota is second to none. Keeping in consideration the emerging trends in the printing world, JOTA has introduced the flexo printing system in its machine.

This flexographic system in pre-installed in the straw wrapping machine with the help of which you can print the packaging of your straws.

You can frequently utilize the machine’s two-color flexographic printing to print corporate logos or simple product descriptions.

Water-based flexographic ink printing is simple to use and can be adjusted to fit diverse printing plate needs.

With the help of these diverse features in a single straw wrapping machine, you can grow your business in new dimensions.

You might be wondering why printing is this much important in the business world. Let me tell you how helpful printing is to catch the customers.

Importance of Printing

Printing can help you in branding. It means to grow your client’s company name through printing.

Or, you can also publicize you business. Once you print the company logo onto the straw wrapping, people can reach out to you.

Moreover, printed straw packaging looks attractive and can help you garner the attention of a greater number of customers.

For better understanding, you can watch the following video.

All this can be done with the help of printed straw wrapping machine.

Are Wrappers Recyclable or Not?

Straw wrappers made of 100% recycled paper can be recycled. It does not, however, imply that all paper straws are recycled by recycling facilities.

The majority of straw wrappers are not recycled, and this is due to a variety of issues.

There are some reasons why straw wrappers cannot be recycled. Make sure you go through those because it’ll enhance your knowledge about which paper wrapper to recycle.

  • A plastic lining can be found inside the inner layer of some straw wrappers. It is intended to keep the straw from becoming soggy, but it also renders the straw non-recyclable.
  • In addition, some straw wrappers are too thick or condensed to be recycled. Another roadblock in the recycling process is that most recyclers will not accept products that have been contaminated with food.

Individual Packing V.S. Bulk Packing

You might ask, what is the reason behind packing each straw in a separate wrapper?

It consumes more raw material (paper and glue)!

What if we pack a specific amount of paper straws in one packet?

So, the answer is, bulk packaging is suitable if you open a pack and use all the paper straws inside the packaging at once.

Otherwise, it is recommended to individually pack each straw. Once the pack is unsealed, the straws are exposed to the dirt, germs, and pesticides.

Individual packaging gives you the flexibility to use as many paper straws as you want to leave your remaining stock of paper straws safe and germ-free.

Moreover, individually packed straws are easy-to-carry as compared to bulky boxes.

Get Your Customized Paper Straw Wrapping Machines from Jota

If you feel the need to customize your straw paper packaging machine according to your own choice, you can surely do that.

JOTA fully supports the customizations on-demand and manufactures the best working, fully automatic, customized straw packaging machines.

Whether the customization is regarding a machine component, dimensions, or production capacity, Jota’s highly qualified engineers can bring your dream machine into reality.

Jota can also modify the automatic online conveyor belt to connect paper straws, dryers, slicers, single straw packers, and multi-straw pillow packers into a complete paper straw automatic production line.

You can contact Jota for your customized straw packaging machines on demand.

An Ideal Solution for Customized Paper Straw Wrappers

Besides standard sized paper straw wrappers, you can manufacture customized wrappers with the help of Jota paper straw wrapping machine.
Depending on the size of the straw the width and length of the wrappers may also be customized.
Or, you can create beautiful patterns and designs with flexographic printers. You can satisfy your customer by printing their brand name on the wrappers.

It helps in promoting the brand. You can create customized straws and wrappers for a birthday party or to match a wedding theme.

OEM Services by Jota

Original equipment manufacturing (OEM) refers to a company that supplies goods or people to help a product reach the market.

OEMs frequently produce anything that is utilized as a component in a product, and they are usually coupled with OEM services.

All products introduced by Jota are fully genuine and original. It is one of the international brands that are original equipment manufacturers.

You can freely trust and contact jota for its services.

The Best Paper Straw Wrapping Machine Manufacturer

The biggest struggle lies in buying a right paper straw wrapping machine because once you buy it wrong, it can ruin your business budget.

An ideal paper straw wrapping machine manufacturer possesses the following qualities:

  • Strong relationships with national and international clients
  • Strong infrastructure
  • Efficient customer servicing team
  • Strong R&D and QA/QC teams
  • Latest equipment
  • Strong relationships with raw material suppliers and shipment service providers
  • Stable and happy customers
  • Reputed past and bright future
  • Provides you a strong support whenever needed

Jota machinery, one of the leading paper straw wrapping machines manufacturer in China, possess these qualities.

You can trust Jota and buy the high quality paper straw packing machine. You will surely marvel in your business.

Jota’s Separate CNC Center for Machine Production

Jota, like most of the professional industries, has a separate CNC center for machine production. Jota gives you the liberty to visit their CNC center so that you can have a satisfaction about the manufacturing of your machines.

CNC Machine
Our CNC Center

You can see the process of manufacturing, select your own desired machine and can learn the installation and operational process onsite.

Jota fully collaborates with you throughout the manufacturing and installation process.

Jota Paper Straw Wrapping Machines – A Cost-Effective Solutions

The price of your straw wrapping machine depends greatly on its features and the area you are buying from.

Different countries offer you various prices for the straw wrapping machine.

The price of straw wrapping machine fluctuates with market conditions. The current market price is roughly USD$7900 – $9700.

You should also consider the quality of the straw paper wrapper. Consistent quality will attract more end users.

The price is also dependent on the size of the machine. For example, if you are to buy a jumbo straw wrapping machine, the cost of its tiny till roll will be determined by the cost of a jumbo paper wrapping roll.

Moreover, the cost changes depending on market conditions.

To get a quote for a jumbo straw wrapping paper roll, you can either contact us directly or contact well-known straw packaging roll providers from your nearest location or the suppliers around the world.


The characteristics of the straw packaging machine are a major determinant of overall pricing.

Factors like unwinding breadth and diameter impact the total pricing. Your straw packaging machine will be less expensive if you have fewer parameters.

Some components, such as the rewinding and unwinding shafts, can be customized.

The rewinding shaft can be lengthened to do this.

A slight increase in the price of your straw packaging machine will result from a change in the components.

Jota Machinery is also a business-oriented firm. If you are a startup, you are welcome to come to see us.

Jota Exemplary After-Sales Services

Jota does not only provide and manufacture the machinery but also assists you after delivering the products at your door.

JOTA also provides its customers with a variety of sales services.

JOTA’s expert team of employees provides after-sales servicing for straw wrapping machines. You can read the services down below.


To ensure that output grows, Jota Machinery offers checking services. It can be accomplished either directly from the Jota Machinery team or by providing access to our suppliers’ considerable knowledge and skills.

To improve the operation of a straw wrapping machine, this after-sales service can be provided in a variety of methods. Consultancy can be used in a variety of situations.

  • Identifying the suitability of a straw wrapping machine for a customer’s needs.
  • Providing advice on the production efficiency of a fully automatic straw wrapping machine.
  • Identification of the most appropriate solutions for customer needs.
  • Recommending the required maintenance actions for the straw wrapping machine.
  • Straw wrapping machine manufacturing quality and productivity are being optimized and improved.

Staff Training

A highly productive staff is one that is empowered. As a result, your employees should be given a straw paper packaging machine that they can use confidently.

On-site training for straw paper packaging machines is always available from Jota Machinery. This can be done by our local team or with the assistance of one of our key suppliers.

We can customize your straw paper packaging machine to fit your company’s diverse skills and levels.

Testing and Estimation

As an industrial organization, you’ll need to know that your straw packaging machine is in good functioning order at all times. Straw packaging machine technology must provide efficiency, resulting in an increase in input.

However, determining whether a straw packaging machine is operating properly is difficult for everyday operators. As a result, you’ll need the advice of a professional.

Your straw packaging machine can be tested using Jota machinery. It can also assess your requirements to guarantee that you get the optimum straw packaging machine.

This after-sales service is available on-site by bringing a straw packaging machine for testing.


On demand, you’ll have access to a team of skilled technicians that can assist you with mechanical control and electrical issues.

The following are some of the maintenance after-sales services that the Jota Machinery support staff may assist with:

  • Provide straw packing machine breakdown and maintenance assistance.
  • Installing and commissioning a straw packing machine is required.
  • Complete the action of identifying and reducing parts.
  • Maintain the straw packing machine on-site.

As part of the preventative maintenance service, JOTA can conduct on-site audits and maintenance activities for the straw packing machine on a regular basis.

Fast Shipping

Jota provides you the facility of transportation. If you are not aware of the technicalities related to import, Jota may help you.

Once you have placed the order, now relax, and wait for your machine at your door step.

Jota delivers a paper straw wrapping machine within 15 – 30 days.

So, what are you waiting for?

Jota is the ultimate solution for your paper straw-making and wrapping business.

Take a step today, believing, Jota is always at your back to strengthen and support you!


In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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