Kinesiology Tape Slitting Machine

The edges of kinesology tape rolls are neat and free of burrs
  • Max unwinding width is 1400mm
  • 3-inch(φ76mm) air expanding shaft
  • Special pneumatic slitting blade for kt tape
  • Neat edge and no burrs
  • Slitting machine equips auto tail cutter and taping device
DescriptionKinesiology Tape Slitting Rewinding Machine
Max Unwinding Width1400mm
Max Unwinding Diameter1200mm
Loading MethodPneumatic Loading System
Unwinding Shaft3-Inch Air Expanding Shaft
Min Slitting Width30mm
Max Speed300m/Min
Slitting BladePneumatic Slitting Knife
Tension ControlConstant Tension Controller
Voltage380V/50HZ 3Phase



Unwinding Section

20kg/㎡ Electromagnetic Brake
Pneumatic Loading System
3-Inch Air Expanding Shaft
Auto EPC

Slitting Section

Pneumatic Slitting Blade
Rotary Meter Counter

Rewinding Section

Automatic Tucker For Quickly Rewinding
Banana Roller For Avoiding Overlapping Issue

Control System

Siemens PLC And HMI
Schneider Switcher
Japan YASKAWA Inverter
Safety SectionWhole Machine Surround By Safety Net

Kinesiology Tape Slitting Machine

Last Update Time:23/10/2023

Around April, our general manager Bruce received an order for slitting kinesology tape .

The kinesiology tape slitting machine is our JT-SLT-1400C slitting machine, but it has been improved and special designed for kt tape.

kinesology tape slitting machine

This kinesiology tape slitting machine, like most of our slitting rewinding machines ,all uses a 3-inch air expanding shaft, but the loading system uses pneumatic loading system.

Based on the texture characteristics and relative viscosity of the kt tape, we use a pneumatic slitting knife to replace the traditional round slitting knife.

Our large 2800mm slitting machine also uses this pneumatic slitting knife.

On Christmas Day, the customer came to our factory to kinesiology tape slitting machine.

The whole process is quite good while the customer is also very satisfied, and the final finishing touch is to ship the goods.

kt tape rolls

Kinesiology tape is widely used in sports and physiotherapies for its valuable outcomes.

Having a Kinesiology tape slitter rewinder is a good choice because these two industries cannot survive without k tape.

demo of kt tape

To be honest , there is one USA clienting now using our kinesiology tape slitting rewinding machine and coating machine in there facotory.

kinesiology tape slitting rewinding machine

Our kinesiology tape slitting machine in USA client’s factory

kinesiology tape coating machine

Kinesiology tape coating machine

Jota machinery has a lot of expertise with slitting machines for thermal paper rolls, fabrics, and other adhesive materials.

We’ve modernized all types of slitting rewinding equipment, and we’ve gained a greater understanding of the technology.

Study the following guide to know further about the features and benefits of kinesiology tape slitting machine.

What is kinesiology tape?

Kinesiology tape is a therapeutic tape that is carefully applied to the body to give support, relieve pain, and increase performance.

The synonyms of kinesiology tape : kt tape,athletic tape,elastic fabric tape,kinesiological tape etc.

Kinesiology tape is usually made of cotton or a cotton blend and is fine, breathable, and flexible.

structure of kt tape

Construction of kinesiology tape

Its flexibility doesn’t limit the region of application too much. It’s meant to offer just enough pressure and support to help muscles and tissues strengthen.

Kinesiology tape slitting machine has a medically approved, water- and sweat-proof adhesive that sticks to the skin.

For those who are allergic to latex, it is available in latex-free and hypoallergenic variants. Even while showering or exercising, the tape normally stays in place for three to four days.

Many users of kinesiology tape claim to notice positive improvements within 24 hours.

ref kinesiology tape roll

Figure 1: Kinesiology Tape

How does a Kinesiology Tape work?

The science behind kinesiology tape is to keep the body supported while enabling blood and other biological fluids to flow freely through and around the affected muscle.

By softly adhering to the skin and exerting pressure to the tissues the tape is wrapped around, kinesiology tape helps to stabilise the damaged area.

The connective tissue surrounding the damaged muscle or tendon can move with the body thanks to this tape.

kinesiology tape using field

Using field of kinesiology tape

Without the use of drugs or surgery, it gently permits the free flow of blood and lymphatic fluid to cleanse and heal the inflammation.

While still allowing motion, this unique tape helps to enhance circulation, support muscles, allow the internal injury to heal, and assist avoid additional muscular injury.

working on kt tape

Figure 2: Working of kinesiology Tape

What is kinesiology tape slitting machine?

Jota Machinery, as an original roll slitting machine manufacturer, can provide you with a variety of slitting rewinding machines.

Slitting rewinding machines are popular in the material conversion sector, and they are used to convert a variety of roll materials.

Kinesiology tape slitting machine may mainly process the following roll materials:

  • Paper or Film
  • Fabric that is not woven
  • CFRP, CFRTP, and FRP prepreg wire mesh
  • Foil made of aluminium
  • Label with adhesive
  • Textile

You may get small finished rolls from a material jumbo roll using a kinesiology tape slitting machine, which is widely utilised in many industries.

blue color kt tape

In addition, our automatic knife placement technology may help you save time, and all slitting widths are freely adjustable.

The main sections of kinesiology tape slitting rewinding include unwinding, web-feeding, slitting, rewinding, regulating, and trash collection.

It includes a PLC module, an AC drive, multiple motors, a digital camera sensor, and an automatic tension controller, among other components.

Our KT tape slitting rewinding machine may incorporate automatic loading and unloading functions.

Pneumatic loading system

It also accommodates a differential friction shaft, rotary encoder metre counter, automatic stop, and automatic waste edge cutting, to satisfy your various needs.

Normally, circular knives are used for paper cutting and slitting of the tape rolls. While razor blades are used for film slitting and rewinding, which is referred to as plastic film rewinding machines.

Jota Machinery will assist you in selecting the best slitting and rewinding machine for your K tape width and material type.

back side of kt tape slitting rewinding machine

Figure 3: Kinesiology Tape Slitting Rewinding

What is the working process of kinesiology tape slitter rewinder?

The K tape slitting rewinding unwinds the tape roll material, slices it with the blades, and then rotates the winding shaft to roll it up.

It is critical to maintain continuous tension throughout the operation of the high-speed slitting machine.

tension controller

The slitting and rewinding machine, as one of the most basic cutting and slitting equipment, has been widely employed in the slitting process in flexible packaging.

Kinesiology tape slitting machine are widely used in a variety of conversion applications.


The working idea of a roll slitting machine is simple.

  • It includes unwinding the mother paper roll – web guide for edge tracking – slitting cutting – rewinding on a pneumatic air shaft.
  • Unwinding – slitting – rewinding is the primary principle.
  • To unwind the enormous mother roll, place it on the unwinding stand. This unwinding is mostly supported by a double-layer floor.
  • A mobile journey for web guide tracking is provided by the movable unwinding stand.
  • The paper rolls will arrive at the slitting devices after passing via the unwinding stand.
  • We offer a variety of cutting processes for various material rolls. Round disc cutters are used to cut a variety of materials, including paper rolls, plastic sheet rolls, electric films, and new energy films.
  • The lower cutter shaft is active for running, and the round disc cutters are motorised. The upper knife shaft will also be occlusal because to the gear.

If you’re interested in roll to roll slitting machines, you should know which kind of cutting knife procedures are best and how to control the tension on your jumbo rolls.

If you don’t make the decision.

Please contact our expert sales team to send some jumbo roll samples so that we may perform a test for you and learn more about the material’s qualities so that we can make slitting machine recommendations.

rubber roller

Figure 4: Working of Kinesiology Tape Slitter Rewinder

What raw material is used in kinesiology tape slitting machine?

Other than using Kinesiology tape roll as a raw material, the k tape slitter rewinder can do slitting on a variety of paper types, including:

  • Paper made of kraft
  • Tape that is triggered by water
  • Paper for plotters
  • Paper made with parchment
  • Paper for stickers
  • Paperboard/cardboard is a type of paper that is made from cardboard.
  • Paper for thermal receipts
  • Paper for sublimation

cores for kt tape

How much energy does a kinesiology tape slitting machine consume?

The k tape roll slitting machine manufactured at Jota consumes very less electricity.

This feature enhances your work rate and reduces the cost of electricity bills.

Normally, your Kinesiology tape slitting rewinder consumes 300 to 440W of energy. This is the ideal consumption of electricity by any machine.

What are the functions of a K tape slitting rewinding machine?

The slitting and rewinding functions of a K tape roll slitting rewinding machine are two.

  • The first is the slitting function, which is used to slit the mother tape rolls into narrow sizes.
  • The rewinding function, on the other hand, is employed to rewind large mother rolls into tiny diameter paper rolls.
  • The rewinding machine has a wide range of applications. It mostly converts tape rolls to a specific length for subsequent processing or rewinds large mother rolls into little tape cores for subsequent use.
  • There are two types of kinesiology tape rewinding machines: The centre rewinding gadget is one of them. A motorised air shaft is used to rewind the material from the large roll to the desired length.
  • The pressure sensitive acrylic is coated on the electric tapes or adhesive tapes, and the centre rewinding method has the advantage of protecting the material electric tapes.
  • For the turret rewinding devices, our engineers have devised a simple device. When one of the rolls is in use, the other is used for core loading and roll changing. It boosts productivity.
  • The surface rewinding method is the other. There are two bottom rollers, one of which is motorised, and a top pressure lay-up roller.
  • On the bottom, there are two drum rollers, and on the top, there is a pressure roller. It creates a tight loop for rewinding the paper.
  • Our expert employs two distinct types of bottom drum rollers: one is a steel drum roller, and the other is a rubber friction roller.

Tension control is the most critical component in rewind and rewind slitting machines since it assures the machine’s flawless operation.

If you need to buy a rewinding machine or a rewinding slitting machine, you should look into and test the tension control system first.

The quality of the tension management system has a direct impact on the winding effect of the rewinding machine and the rewind slitting machine.

For improved performance, two rollers have distinct friction coefficients.

auto tail cutter

Figure 5: Functions of K tape Slitter rewinder

What are the benefits of kinesiology tape?

The purposes of kinesiology tape are to increase circulation, support muscles, promote healing, and aid in the prevention of injury.

The following are some of the top advantages of employing this method

  • Kinesiology tape helps to disrupt and dissipate discomfort by gently applying pressure.
  • The tape can help relieve congestion while allowing oxygenated blood and lymphatic fluids to circulate freely.
  • Circulation removes irritants, minimising inflammation and chemical accumulation while also promoting a quick recovery.
  • Taping places that deviate from ideal posture might help to gently support it.
  • Taping also improves the efficiency of weak muscles, lowers discomfort and tiredness, and protects against cramping, over-extension, and over-contraction.
  • Taping can help you perform better by stabilising unstable joints and applying gentle pressure to “sleeping” muscles.
  • Unlike other assistive technologies, which might make the body reliant on them for stability and support, kinesiology tape teaches the body to be self-sufficient and efficient.
  • The tape aids in the rehabilitation process by allowing the body’s own healing mechanisms to function.

Can I get custom kinesiology tape slitting rewinding machine?

Customization is what enhances your customer’s interest in your company.

That’s why jota provides customization services so that you can fulfil your dream requirements about the Kinesiology tape slitting rewinding machine.

You can talk to our service providers about the type of design and features you want in your machine and we will deliver it on your door step.

Who is the best manufacturer of k tape slitting rewinding machine?

Kinesiology tape slitting machine manufacturers can be found all over the world.

These European and American firms create high-quality cutting and slitting machines, but they come at a considerable price.

If your budget allows, you can get your preferred kinesiology tape slitting machine from one of the above-mentioned suppliers.

If your budget is restricted, our Chinese manufacturer’s slitting rewinding machine is a viable option.

Many Chinese suppliers are now following the high-quality development path, and they are becoming more concerned about machine quality.

High-quality and competitive costs may be organically integrated when combined with the advantages of China’s whole industry chain.

Jota Machinery is one of these suppliers.

You are free to contact us for advice by calling or emailing us, or by submitting a question through this website.


Figure 6: Kt tape Manufacturers

Can I make coloured kinesiology tapes with kinesiology tape slitting rewinding?

Yes, you may use the stacking tape printing machine to print on k tape.

The machine was built with both printing and slitting capabilities in mind.

tape roll

Kraft paper has printing qualities; hence, it can be used for printing.

The k tape has one side that is glued and cannot be printed, but there is another side that is not glued.

Our stacking tape printing equipment can print up to eight different colours.

A printing plate is typically used for printing.

This allows you to create and print various designs on your gummed paper tape.

The water triggered tape slitting machine prints your company’s logo or the name of your customer right on the kraft paper tape’s surface.

The aesthetics of the water activated tape are improved as a result of this. It also works as a marketing tool for your business.

Is kinesiology tape slitting machine fully automatic?

From the unwinding to the winding divisions, the kinesiology tape slitting machine is entirely automatic.

The unwinding step consists of an unwind stand, which is used to load and secure the parent roll of paper. The roll is held in place by the stand, which allows it to spin around its central axis.

A shaftless unwind stand is also included with the Jota kt tape slitting machine.

The shaftless unwind stand eliminates the need for the unwinding shaft to be threaded into the jumbo roll. As a result, it reduces starting time.

A pneumatic automatic jumbo roll loading system is included with our kinesiology tape slitting machine.

pneumatic unwinding stand

It’s a crucial component of the kt tape machine.

This is because you will save money by not having to hire additional operators to load the jumbo paper rolls.

What is the price of kinesiology tape slitting machine?

The cost of slitting machinery varies significantly based on the type of material, tape roll width, unwinding, and winding diameter.

Some slitting machines tailored for glass fiber and carbon fiber prepreg cost more than 100,000 US dollars. The 320mm width label slitting machine costs only a few thousand dollars.

You can give us your material type, kinesiology tape roll width, diameter, needed slit width, and rewinding diameter to better check the price of your desired slitting machines.

We will recommend the suitable model to you.

price of kinesiology tape machine

Figure 7: Price of kinesiology tape slitting machine

Is Jota CE certified?

Keeping in view that people trust certified companies, the workers of Jota machinery worked day and night to grow above their competitors. As a result, Jota became a well-known company world-wide.

Jota machinery is a CE certified manufacturing industry and all of its machines are tested and proven for legal use.

You can visit the company working site and observe the products by yourself.

Our expert engineers also provide you free videos and testimonials so that you get better understanding of the machinery you are about to buy.

For any queries, you can contact us though our webpage. We will be there to assist you whenever you need us.


Figure 8: CE Certificate

Can I have automatic slitted kinesiology tape removal?

Yes, in a high-speed kinesiology tape slitting machine, we can provide automatic slitted kt tape roll removal.

The machine’s automatic slitted kt tape roll removal guarantees that the completed tape roll is safely discarded.

You can add a packaging section to your high-speed gummed paper slitting machine to package your slitted tape roll.

Normally, the master roll and wide in a way that is unsuitable for your needs. As a result, a high-speed gummed paper slitting machine comes in handy to assist in the roll’s automatic disintegration.

Jota Machineries has a wide variety of kinesiology tape slitting machine to satisfy your needs.

Our high-speed gummed paper slitting machine can slit and rewind any flexible material automatically.

We Jota could also supply following related machines, if you are also interested in any type, please feel free to send us an inquiry:

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