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    10 Things You Need To Know For Doing Thermal Paper Business

    “What is thermal paper?” you ask. It’s the receipt you get at a POS (point of sale). In a cash register, a bus fare or an ATM, or the procedure of buying aircraft tickets.

    Thermal paper contains a layer that makes printing faster and cheaper than ink. That’s why most (if not all) firms that employ POS systems choose thermal paper.

    Better still, thermal papers are customizable in terms of size and appearance.

    From a B2B perspective, it’s critical to understand how thermal paper roll slitters work. That’s what this is about. So let’s go through the ten things you need to know about thermal paper and paper rolls.


    Q1: What’s the Using Field of Thermal Paper Roll?

    As we’ve already mentioned, thermal papers are applicable in any business that’s characterized by a POS (point of sale) where receipts are required. They are also used in other areas, most of which include:

    • Cash registers
    • Air ticketing
    • Medical reports
    • ATMs
    • Credit card slips
    • Pay-in slips
    • Fax machines
    • Packing tickets
    • Bus tickets etc.

    The list is endless. But those are the familiar places where thermal papers are applied. Thermal papers are preferred over alternative printing papers (e.g., ink papers) because of their unique coating feature.

    The paper is impregnated with a unique chemical that changes color when exposed to heat, hence “thermal paper.”

    What are some of the advantages of using thermal paper?

    Thermal printing is faster, easier, more convenient, and less expensive than printing with ink. Using thermal paper to print saves a lot of money. as a firm

    For starters, thermal papers don’t require cartridges or ink, so businesses don’t have to deal with that headache. This reduces the cost of new ink and cartridges for businesses.

    Thermal paper also works well. It’s also quiet, making it a wonderful spot to work. The tranquility pleases both customers and workers.

    Finally, thermal paper rolls can be customized to a business’s POS. They vary in size, width, and design. As a result, firms frequently hunt for suppliers who can customize products.


    Q2: What’s the Normal Used Width of Thermal Paper Roll?

    It’s essential to offer the recommended size for a thermal paper jumbo roll. As a thermal paper rolls supplier, you ought to satisfy every need of every customer.

    Nonetheless, most businesses’ average thermal paper width is 57mm to 80mm. Which translates to 2 ¼ to 3 ⅛ inches as is commonly measured in the United States.

    The mother rolls are normal in 795mm*8000mm sizes. And other sizes are optional like 565mm and 636mm.

    How’s thermal paper width measured? And how important is the width size?

    The thermal paper’s width is measured across the roll’s face from side to side.

    a)     Roll Length

    This measures how much thermal paper was wound onto the roll. It may not be as crucial as the width, For 80mm by 80mm paper, the roll length may vary from 50m to 90m. It depends on how much the customer needs.

    b)     Roll Diameter

    The best way to determine the roll diameter is by placing the paper roll flat on its back and then taking the measurement.

    c)     Core Size

    It’s the size of the roll’s core center, which holds the thermal paper. It’s either core I.D. (inside diameter) or core O.D. (outside diameter). The core I.D. is the more crucial measurement.  Most core I.D. sizes are 12.7mm (or 7/16″).


    Q3: How to Produce Thermal Paper Jumbo Roll?

    Jumbo rolls are made composed of a base paper and a coating layer. Its exterior has a precoat and a thermal layer.

    If you sell thermal paper rolls, you need a slitter that is both effective and productive.

    Our thermal slitting machines use ultrasonic edge controls and sensors. In addition to providing an accurate and clean cut of the thermal paper rolls, the great waste exit ensures that no paper is wasted.

    You need not be concerned about clogging the thermal paper slitting machine.

    Other options include Duplex surface slitter, Rewinder, and cantilever differential slitter. Just contact us and we’ll try our best to assist you with the thermal paper machines.


    Q4: What’s the Standard Width of Thermal Paper Jumbo Roll in the Market?

    Thermal paper is typically 80mm × 80mm and weighs around 55gsm (grams per square meter). This is the one most cash registers and ATMs use. But that’s not the norm.

    Standard jumbo roll sizes are 565mm, 636mm, 795mm, 844mm, and 875mm. Jota Machinery has them all. We ensure that the machines we provide can accommodate these sizes. Thermal paper must have a minimum incision width of 15mm to be used in ATMs and other POS systems.


    Q5: What’s the Weight of a Thermal Paper Jumbo Roll?

    Take 795mm*8000m 55gsm jumbo roll, for example.

    For a jumbo roll like 795mm by 8000m, the weight of the thermal paper roll is 55gsm, which is grams per square meter. Other average weights are as follows:

    1. 80mm x 80mm, 55gsm, 0.350kg
    2. 80mm x 80mm, 60gsm, 0.285kg
    3. 80mm x 80mm, 65gsm, 0.286kg

    The roll width is the same, however, the gsm varies. This is due to the thickness of the thermal paper rolls. This is the same as the GSM, but in microns, where 1 micron = 1/1000 of a millimeter.

    The difference in 55gsm and 60gsm for the same 80mm by 80mm size is related to production parameters such as paper coating, raw material bulkiness, and thermal paper fiber count.


    Q6: Can I Slit Any Size Thermal Paper Roll from Your Slitting Machine

    Of course, you can. Jota Machinery offers a thermal paper machine that’s automatic and thus allows you to adjust the slit size as per your needs.

    You can check out the video below on how our slitter rewinder machines work and see how it offers different slit sizes.

    Specific slot sizes aren’t the only thing our machines are great at. They are fast too. The thermal paper slitter  rewinder machines offer a maximum speed of 300m/s.


    Q7: How to Get Different Diameters of Thermal Paper Roll?

    The diameter of the rolls varies greatly, ranging from 30mm to over 250mm. With a Jota slitter machine, you simply input the desired length on the touch screen.

    We may send our technicians to your location. Our factories in China welcome your technicians. This helps people learn how the thermal paper slitting machine works.

    The slitting machine for thermal paper is new from Jota Machinery. Complete thermal paper production from core feeding through roll packing.

    Our automatic thermal paper slitting machine is also working. This running procedure is critical to understanding a fully automatic thermal paper slitter.


    Q8: What Raw Material Do I Need for Thermal Paper?

    Thermal paper is made from wood pulp, often known as base paper. The foundation paper is covered with various compounds to make it thermal or reactive to heat, which is essential to be printable.

    The base paper is now precoated with a primer. The precoat absorbs the active dye mixture from the paper. This keeps the melted dye from clinging to the print head after printing.

    The thermal coating is made up of several chemical compounds designed to produce an image when heated. Among these are:

    • Leuco dyes (these are the primary source of the black coloring in receipts)
    • Developers
    • Sensitizers

    In terms of producing the thermal paper rolls, the required raw materials are plastic (and paperboard) cores, packaging materials, and cartons for shipping.


    Q9: What’s the Recommended Size for Each Raw Material?

    A 795mm x 8000mm jumbo roll’s plastic core should be D13/17mm.

    Also, raw material size is governed by your and your clients’ needs. You must know your clients’ paper coating and core diameter needs.

    In the case of thermal paper rolls, the options include standard, top-coated, and synthetic.

    It has three layers: base, substrate and active. Over the three conventional layers, top-coated rolls have a fourth. Anti-static fourth layer on synthetic-base rolls


    Q10: How Much Space I Need for Placing a Thermal Paper Slitting Machine?

    Prepare 3.7 m2 for the thermal paper slitter rewinder. It weighs around 4000kg (or approximately 8818 lbs).

    5500mm x 2200mm x 1880mm Jota Machinery’s fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine runs on 3 phase 380V 50Hz.

    Please specify voltage requirements for your country. 100NM torque thermal paper slitting machine Our fully automatic thermal paper slitting machine uses only 20Kw of power.


    Final Thoughts

    Thermal paper rolls industry is attractive since POS receipts are widely used in many businesses. It’s preferable to buy a slitter machine if you want to jump in and make large returns.

    And where can you obtain the best thermal paper machines? That’s Jota Machinery.

    Our thermal paper slitter rewinder machines are not only efficient but also versatile. Other slitter machine manufacturers do not offer this level of customisation. That is, we have engineers willing to go the extra mile to meet your clients’ needs.

    Regardless of the thermal paper width or core diameter, Jota Machinery can meet your needs. So contact us and let’s discuss your needs for a thermal paper roll slitter rewinder machine.

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