JT-JTH-2100 2 Colors Flexo Printing Machine

Competitive Price Ecomonical Model
  • Max. Printing Width 960mm
  • Printing Length Range 300mm-1000mm
  • Max. Unwinding Diameter 450mm
  • Printing Speed 5-60m/min
ItemJT-JTH-2100 2 Colors Flexo Printing Machine
Max. Unwinding Width1000mm
Max. Printing Width960mm
Printing Length Range300mm-1000mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter450mm
Printing Speed5-60m/min
Total Power4.5Kw
Overall Dimensions1800mm × 2300mm × 2200mm


1) JT-JTH-2100 2 colors flexo printing machine is suitable for printing many kinds of materials, such as thermal paper, polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bag, gloss paper, Kraft paper, office copy paper, composite paper, etc.
2) Iron casting structure with stable function, easy operation,  flexible starting, and high accuracy.
3) Programmed control system and meter counter. Once the working length is set up on the control panel, after reaching the preset data, the machine will automatically stop and alarm.
4) Famous brand frequency inverter drives the AC motor.
5) Pneumatic lifting system for plate cylinder. When the printing pauses, the fountain cylinder and anilox roller will continuously rotate at low speed, avoid ink being stuck on the roller.
6) All the gears are especially surface treated and polished, so as to get low noise, long duration and high accuracy for printing.
7) Ink transfer rubber roller (LPI is customizable), 360-degree continuous adjustment.
8) Hot air and cold air blower for fast ink drying simultaneously.
9) Each printing unit has a clutch and a separate registration system with easy operation.
10) EPC for material edge tracking to achieve a smooth rewinding.
11) Double unwinding/rewinding station to realize non-stop exchange.

JT-JTH-2100 2 Colors Flexo Printing Machine


Last Update Time: 24/11/2022

The JT-JTH-2100 two-color flexo printing machine is a cost-effective, highly competitively priced machine.

Consider this machine if you only wish to print simple patterns and your printing effect requirements are not particularly stringent.


The ink transfer roller used in this machine is a rubber roller.

It does not use the anilox roller and doctor blades as high-end machines. Although the ink transfer effect is acceptable, it is definitely not as good as a flexo machine equipped with anilox roller and doctor blades.


A Dominican customer purchased three thermal paper slitting machines from Jota, and the three machines worked very well. The customer trusts us Jota and later asked us to recommend him a flexographic printer.

Because the customer only needs to print some simple patterns and logos, we recommend the Dominican customer purchase the JT-JTH-2100 two-color printer, which can not only meet his printing requirements but also save his expenses.

Printing Roller


The customer followed our advice and placed an order for this flexo printer.


After the machine was produced, we took a video of the machine test:

And a picture of printed samples:


Then send the video and pictures to the Dominican customer for confirmation, and the customer said that the printing effect is acceptable.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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