JT-SHT-800 Automatic Hamburger Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

Automatic Hamburger Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine
  • Customized Cutter Head And NIP Roller
  • Compact In Structure And Small In Size
  • PLC And Touch Screen Control
  • Emergency switch
 Max. Unwinding width 750mm
 Max. Unwinding Diameter 700mm
 Sheeting Length 0-666mm
 Sheeting Width 50-700mm
 Max. Speed 100cuts/min
 Precision ±0.15mm
 Rated Frequency 50Hz and 60Hz
 Rated Voltage Three-phase, Four-wire System, 380V/220V
 Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft 3” (76mm) Pneumatic Air Expanding Shaft (or as your request)
 Dimension 2700mm x 1400mm x 1100mm
 Weight 1500Kg
JT-SHT-800 Automatic Hamburger Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine is suitable for cutting different kinds of paper, such as A3, A4, A5 office copy paper, plastic film (PVC, OPP, PET, CPP), hamburger paper, sandwich wrap paper, hotdog paper.
1. The programmed control system, all the parameters can be displayed on the control monitor, and the machine starts to work automatically.
2. Inverter motor controls material feeding.
3. Auto meter counter, when reaching the preset data, the machine stops automatically.
4. Semi-automatic tension controller.
5. All the transmission rollers are static/dynamic treatment.
6. Emergency switch.
7. Air blower to blow waste material off.

JT-SHT-800 Automatic Hamburger Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine


Last Update Time:17/11/2022

If you are currently looking for a machine to cut food wrapping paper into fixed-length sheets, our JT-SHT-800 automatic hamburger paper roll to sheeting machine is an excellent option.

Till Now JT-SHT-800 hamburger paper sheeting machine is the popular sheeting machine for freshman

JT-SHT-800 Automatic Hamburger Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine
JT-SHT-800 Automatic Hamburger Paper Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine

When you walk into any fast food restaurant, you can buy a Mexican chicken roll, turkey roll, or burger. You will notice that delicious food is wrapped in colorful paper, which is very appetizing. This kind of food wrapping paper is sandwich wrapping paper.

It is a kind of thin paper as the substrate, through PE coating, wax coating, or silicone oil coating, and then dried, with oil and moisture resistance function. It can also be printed with water-based ink to form a large packaging wrapping paper market.

If you currently have a water-based ink flexo printing machine, it is very easy to start this kind of business. You only need to buy a paper roll to the sheet cutting machine.

You can basically get the printed mother roll by slitting and then cross-cutting Sandwich wrapping paper.

As a professional automatic paper roll to sheet cutting machine supplier, the Jota Machinery team has specially optimized an automatic paper roll to sheet cutting machine for sandwich thin wrapping paper.

We optimized the structure of the machine’s sheeting device to allow for lightweight, high-speed movement while maintaining high accuracy; the speed can reach 150 cuts/min, and the accuracy is within 0.5mm.

In view of the very thin characteristics of hamburger paper, it is easy to fly up, we optimized the entire air circuit system, or a simple flattening device, to stable the conveying of the paper sheet.

This new structure won the favor of many customers once it was launched.

JT-SHT-800 hamburger paper roll to sheeting machine is compact in structure and small in size. Its main features are lightness, high speed, and high efficiency.


JT-SHT-800 Automatic burger, sandwich, hotdog paper roll to sheet cutting machine

It is generally used for cutting thin materials, such as hamburger paper, and newsprint.

Small companies with fewer production requirements will choose this sandwich paper roll to sheet cutter machine.

But there are also some big customers, who purchase this JT-SHT-800 small sandwich wrap paper sheet cutter machine cross-cutting hamburger paper, sandwich paper, and hot dog paper.


The Mexican customer Mr. Mario is such a big customer.

He bought Jota’s JT-SHT-800 hamburger paper sheeting machine. Mr. Mario’s company name is Dimsa, it is an old family business.


Leftmost is Mr. Mario

Diana has been focusing on paper and plastic products for more than 30 years, and Mr. Mario is the second generation helm of the family.

In 2017, when we visited Mr. Mario’s factory, there were various machines in their workshop, including old-fashioned second-hand European machines, and machines imported from Taiwan more than 20 years ago.


Mr. Mario’s Factory

However, more machines are imported from China’s mainland.

Take paper sheeter a, for example, there was a rotary sheeter machine for cutting paperboard; a scissor-type reel to a sheet cutting machine with a width of 1600mm for cutting newsprint.

And other industry-related machines, such as flexographic printing machines, and various width PE coating and lamination machines.

Judging by the machine, Dimsa began to buy machines from China mainland in about 10 years.

Although many people abroad have a prejudice against the products of China mainland, they feel that the quality of Chinese machines is unstable and the service is unreliable.

However, the number of Chinese machines in Dimsa is increasing every year.

In 2014, due to the increasing demand for sandwich paper in the Mexican market, Mr. Mario’s old paper reel to sheet cutting machine is not enough, and production capacity could not meet the growing demand.

After comparing multiple suppliers, Mr. Mario purchased a single-layer hamburger sheet cross-cutting machine from Jota.


Jota Hamburger Paper Sheeting Machine in Mr. Mario’s Factory

After Mr. Mario received our JT-SHT-800 paper reel cutting machine, he assigned their own engineers to debug and test the machine.

Without the engagement of Jota’s engineering team, they successfully operate the machine and start production smoothly according to their own experience.

This fully shows that Jota’s paper sheeting machine is easy to debug and easy to operate.

The Hamburg paper cross-cutting machine is different from the ordinary cardboard cross-cutting machine.

Our engineers have optimized the material feeding part (NIP roller) and the mechanical structure of the cutter head for thin paper, according to our rich industry experience for many years.

Jota’s cross-cutting machine is especially suitable for cross-cutting 20g-50g hamburger paper, which is fast and has a good cutting effect, after optimizing the mechanical structure of the NIP Roller and cutter head.

Dimsa used our Jota cross-cutting machine to cut out beautiful and dedicated printing sandwich wrappers and won an order from Cinemax, Mexico’s largest cinema, with genuine quality.

So, with excitement, Mr. Mario ordered the second double-layer cross-cutting machine with us in 2019.

Before shipping the 2nd double-layer sandwich paper cutting machine to Mr. Mario, Mr. Mario came to China to watch the machine test himself.

After Mr. Mario was satisfied with the results of the machine test, we invited him to help us shoot a promotional video, and he readily agreed.

The following video is Mr. Mario’s promotional video. In this video, Mr. Mario introduced our Jota company’s professionalism, the staff’s good service, and the advantages of the cross-cutting machine in fluent Spanish.

If you are familiar with the Spanish language, you could watch it for reference.

As the new double-layer cross-cutting machine has 2 unwinding sections, it can process two large rolls of A4 paper at the same time, and the output of A4 paper per unit of time is twice that of a single-layer machine.

double layer sheeting machine

Double-layer Hamburger Paper Sheet Cutter

With the new double-layer hamburger cross-cutting machine and the old single-layer hamburger cross-cutting machine together to produce hamburger wrap paper, Mr. Mario’s factory can produce the hamburger wrap paper faster for CINEMAX’s needs, and maintain the customer relationship.

What’s more, JT-SHT-800 can be customized to be a big poster trimmer, one of our domestic clients just purchased it for such an application.

He sent some actual working videos to us, please watch the following video for reference.

If you are interested in purchasing a double-layer A4 paper sheet cutting machine, please feel free to contact us by submitting an inquiry through this website.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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