JT-SLT-550 Label Slitting Rewinding Machine

Supports Max. 550mm Width Label Jumbo Roll
  • Max. unwinding diameter 500mm
  • Max. rewinding diameter 450mm
  • Min. slitting length 13mm
  • Max. speed 50m/min



JT-SLT-550 Label Slitting Rewinding Machine

Max. Parent Web Width (Big Roll)


Max. Parent Web Diameter


Max. Rewinding Diameter (Finished Roll)


Min Slitting Width


Max. Slitting Speed


Unwinding and Rewinding Shafts

3” air expanding shafts (as your request)

Machine Weight


Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)

1000mm x 1000mm x 1300mm


Rotary encoder metering the length of finished rolls, when it reaches to the preset parameter, the machine will automatically stop.
Photocell for web guiding, ensures the die-cutting and slitting precision.
Disc blades for cutting adhesive labels from big roll to small rolls.

JT-SLT-550 Label Slitting Rewinding Machine

Last update time:15/11/2022

The JT-SLT-550 label slitting rewinding machine has a wide range of potential applications, including the slitting and rewinding of tape, self-adhesive labels, film, paper, aluminum foil, and so on.


JT-SLT-550 Roll to Roll Slitting Machine

Some of our customers contact us because they need a slitter rewinder with a width of 550 mm that can handle their unique materials in addition to the standard ones we normally handle.

For example, there was a Dutch customer, who wanted to order a 550mm width slitter rewinder for slitting and rewinding sandpaper, and abrasive paper materials.


Abrasive Paper Jumbo Roll

The NIP roller on the standard JT-SLT-550 slitter is composed of an aluminum roller and a rubber roller. This configuration is particularly suitable for protecting flexible materials, such as adhesive tape, self-adhesive labels, films, paper, and aluminum foil.

But for abrasive paper, the situation is different.

Sandpaper is usually produced from raw paper glued with various abrasive sand particles.


Sandpaper Sheet

If a rubber roller is utilized as a NIP roller, the friction between the sand surface and the rubber roller will impede material feeding, cause material deformation due to extrusion, and wear out the rubber roller.

Based on the characteristics of sandpaper, the engineers at Jota devised a solution: replacing rubber rollers with steel rollers as NIP rollers. Such a solution would not only ensure smooth material feeding, but it would also protect these two NIP rollers from wear and tear.


Steel Roller

Due to this little customization, the JT-SLT-550 slitter rewinder’s slitting and rewinding effect of sandpaper met the expectation of Dutch customers and won this Dutch customer’s trust and order.

Another South African customer also purchased a JT-SLT-550 slitter from Jota.

He mainly used JT-SLT-550 for slitting and rewinding small straw wrapping paper rolls.


Small Straw Wrapping Paper Roll

There are also some customers who use this JT-SLT-550 slitter to slit and wind adhesive tape, its slitting and rewinding effect is quite satisfying for customers.

So that these customers personally filmed some machine work videos in their factories, sharing their joy for owning Jota’s great performance adhesive label slitting rewinding machine.

Although JT-SLT-550 is a small slitting machine, small sparrow also has all the vital organs.

However, the essential components of the slitting machine, including the unwinding part, slitting part, rewinding part, dashboard panel control, and waste edge blowing device, are still housed within the JT-compact SLT-550’s body.

What’s more, this small JT-SLT-550 slitting machine is also equipped with 2 pcs photoelectric eye for edge position control, ensure that the position of the mother roll accurately enters the slitting section, so the slitting accuracy is guaranteed.


2 pcs photoelectric eye

If you also want to customize a small cutting machine you desire to have, welcome to call or email us for consultation, or you could submit your request on our website, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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