JT-SLT-1300 Automatic Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine

Economical Model Exported to Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh
  • PLC control
  • Dashboard Panel
  • Saudi Arabia Big Client Dazaz Sugar
  • Bangladesh Big Client Res Group


 Model Type JT-SLT-1300
 Max. Parent Web Width 1300mm
 Max. Parent Web Diameter 600mm
 Max. Rewinding Diameter 600mm
 Min. Slit Width 20mm
 Thickness Range 50gsm-600gsm
 Max. Machine Speed 200m/min
 Unwinding/Rewinding Shaft 3” Pneumatic Air Expanding Shaft
 Slitting Precision ±0.15mm


Application Material
Sticker paper, regular paper, film, laminated flexible material, non-woven cloth, bond paper, aluminum foil.
Equipped with PLC and meter counter.
Equipped with Emerson frequency inverter motor.
All transmission rollers have been dynamically/statically balancing treated.
Equipped with emergency switch.
Unwinding Section
3” pneumatic air expanding shaft.
Equipped with 20Kg/m automatic braking device x 1.
Fully automatic tension controller.
Slitting Section
Two kinds of blades optional: razor type blade and disc type blade.
Equipped with automatic meter counter which will stop the machine when reaching the pre-set length.
Rewinding Section
3” air expanding rewinding shafts are available in this machine.
Equipped with 10Kg electromagnetic clutch x 2 for rewinding tension control.
Trimmed Waste
Equipped with air blower and expulsion tube.
Auto lift-up loading unwinding stand with max. 1500mm unwinding diameter.
Differential friction shaft optional for rewinding.

JT-SLT-1300 Automatic Paper Slitting Rewinding Machine


Last update time:15/11/2022

JT-SLT-1300 automatic paper slitting rewinding machine has been exported to many customers all over the world, with two typical clients: Mr. Ashraf from Saudi Arabia and Mr. Reza from Bangladesh.

The reason for taking these two typical customers out is that they both have used the JT-SLT-1300 paper slitting machine for more than 10 years, and they are still using this machine now.

Please enjoy Mr. Ashraf’s story first.


Joint Photo of Mr. Ashraf and Jota Boss Bruce

When Mr. Ashraf first contacted us, it was 2003. At that time, his business had just started, and he opened a sugar factory.

Because sugar needs to be packed with paper, Mr. Ashraf wanted to produce his own sugar wrapping paper, so he contacted us and wanted to purchase paper slitters and printing machines from us.

jota machinery company
Jota Machinery company

In the end, Mr. Ashraf purchased a miniature version of the JT-SLT-1300 model that year, he requested us to customize an 800mm width paper slitter rewinder machine.

Yeah, that’s right, customization is we Jota’s unique advantage, we could customize clients’ dreamy machines based on their special requirements.

Since then, this 800mm width paper roll slitter machine has been always working well.


Side View of Mr. Ashraf’s 800mm Width Sugar Wrapping Paper Slitter


Back View of Mr. Ashraf’s 800mm Width Sugar Wrapping Paper Slitter


Great Rewinding Effect with Neat and Smooth Edge


Sugar Wrapping Paper

After 14 years of working in Mr. Ashraf’s workshop, Jota boss Bruce went to visit him in 2017 and saw this JT-SLT-1300 paper roll slitting machine again.

He is still loyally serving Mr. Ashraf, but his serving frequency is very low because he is a little too old as a machine.

What’s more, Mr. Ashraf has grown into one of the largest sugar suppliers in Saudi Arabia, he has purchased more advanced paper slitter rewinder machines and flexo printing machines from Jota.

These more advanced Jota paper roll slitting machines and flexo printing machines will assist Mr. Ashraf’s sugar factory to grow much bigger and stronger.


Mr. Ashraf’s Current Flexo Printing Machine

After finishing Mr. Ashraf’s story, let’s turn our attention to Bangladesh customer Mr. Reza.

Mr. Reza first contacted Jota in 2005, he wanted to purchase an adhesive label slitting machine at that time. After a round of negotiations, he finally chose the JT-SLT-1300 slitter cutter machine.

JT-SLT-1300 roll-to-roll slitting machine has been serving Mr. Reza for 15 years now, and it continues to work with no difficulty.



JT-SLT-1300 Adhesive Label Slitting Machine of Mr. Reza

Mr. Reza’s company has grown into one of Bangladesh’s top label, sticker suppliers, and their label products reversely exported to China.

This is really really a remarkable achievement.

We are heartily happy about this, not only because our customers have grown up with us, but also because we see that Jota’s JT-SLT-1300 jumbo roll slitter rewinder machine quality is so good, beyond our expectations. These roll-slitter rewinder machines are like our babies.

Therefore, this also reflects from one aspect Jota paper roll slitter rewinder machines have stood the test of time, and we are definitely a reliable supplier that you could trust.

If you want to customize a slitter that you have been eager to own, please submit your requirements on the form of our website, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, then customize a tailor-made solution for you.

Or you also need a similar machine as the JT-SLT-1300 automatic paper slitting rewinding machine, just feel free to contact us, we could provide more information about this machine to you.
In order to let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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