JT-800A Multi Cutter Paper Core Cutting Machine

Multi Cutter Paper Core Cutting Machine
  • Min. 10mm Diameter Core Cutting
  • Jumbo Tube Length 40-900mm
  • 10-76mm Diameter Range Tube Cutting
  • Tube Thickness 0.5-5mm
Core Inner Diameter


Cutting Type

Round Blades and Paper Tube Rotate Synchronously

Cutting Length


Cutting Type

Pneumatic Control Round Blades

Cutting Thickness


Jumbo Core Feeding


Cutting Speed

25 times/min

Terminal Core Unloading


Blades Quantity

10 sets






3 Phase, 4 Wires, 380V/50Hz

Overall Dimension



1. JT-800A paper tube cutting machine adopts pneumatic control round blades for cutting.
2. Easy to operate, economic model.
3. High speed and relatively high precision.
4. Suitable for cutting different length, inner diameter, thickness paper cores.
5. Round blades and paper tubes rotate synchronously to realize quick cutting.
6. Automatic terminal paper core discharging system, reduce manual workload.
7. Two motors, one drives mandrel rotating with paper core, the other drives blades rotating.

Why Jota JT-800A Multi-Cutter Paper Core Cutting Machine


Last update time:16/11/2022

Mr. Sultan, a client from Saudi Arabia, chose the  JT-800A multi-cutter paper core cutting machine because it is user-friendly and suitable for commercial use by people who do not have high cutting requirements.


Dear Client Mr. Sultan

In 2017, Mr. Sultan purchased a kraft paper slitting machine, a paper tube making winding machine, and this JT-800A paper tube cutting machine from us.

With these 3 machines, Mr. Sultan’s factory can convert 1300mm width craft paper jumbo roll to 56mm (2 1/4 inches) and 79mm (3 1/8 inches) width paper core.

Such small inner diameter paper cores could also be made and cut by a Jota paper tube winding machine and paper core cutter.

The output 56mm paper core’s inner diameter is only 13mm, the thickness is only 2.5mm, and the output 79mm width paper core’s inner diameter is only 14mm.


13mm Inner Diameter Paper Core

Mr. Sultan firstly visited Jota’s factory on 20 Oct 2017.

During his stay in China, he enjoyed deep and pleasant communication with Jota boss Bruce and sales manager Elyn.


Joint Photo

To let Mr. Sultan know more about Jota machinery, Bruce and Elyn guided him to visit the Jota factory and CNC center. Due to the existence of the factory and CNC center, Mr. Sultan could strongly feel that Jota machinery was an original paper core pipe cutting machine manufacturer.


Mr. Sultan was so taken aback by the work of the Jota Machinery Engineering Team that he even suggested we create a more effective website.

He hoped that more customers like him could find Jota Machinery because he believed it to be a legitimate China supplier deserving of more online exposure.

Thanks to Mr. Sultan’s constructive advice, now we Jota are putting our heart into developing a better website.

After Mr. Sultan visited us, he also went to other cities, such as Wenzhou. He researched many other Wenzhou machine suppliers and their cardboard tube cutters, and finally went back home.

In the following days, Jota machinery kept a close relationship with Mr. Sultan.

At the beginning of 2018, Jota boss Bruce went to Saudi Arabia for a business trip, and met with Mr. Sultan. Then Bruce took Mr. Sultan to meet with Jota’s thermal paper slitting machine clients in Saudi Arabia.

These thermal paper slitting machine clients are potential customers for Mr. Sultan because making thermal paper roll needs paper core. So one kraft paper tube cutting machine is necessary.

Mr. Sultan understood that Bruce and we Jota treated Bruce’s business as though it were our own.

Jota and Mr. Sultan wed following Bruce’s business trip. And Mr. Sultan’s business got better as a result of this union. Mr. Sultan is currently setting up the payment for a new paper tube winding and rolling machine.


Mr. Sultan’s JT-SLT-1300C Kraft Paper Slitting Machine


Mr. Sultan’s JT-50A Paper Tube Making Machine


Mr. Sultan’s JT-800A Paper Core Cutting Machine

What a happy ending for both our 2 sides. According to Mr. Sultan’s experience, Jota is definitely worthy of your trust.

Please contact us for more details about this cardboard tube cutting cutter machine JT-800A.

To let you know more about we Jota company, please watch the following video for reference.

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